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FilmyHit: Download Bollywood, Punjabi Movies Online

FilmyHit – Overview

FilmyHit website is well known as a movie downloading and streaming website where you can watch or download movies free of cost. As we all know nowadays people love to watch movies without paying off. These websites like FilmyHit help a user to stream pr download movies freely. It doesn’t cost anything. The website has taken a lot of fame and popularity as it has a vast amount of audience. Therefore the FilmyHit website is one of the best streaming platforms.

The youth love to watch movies. All-day working hard as an individual they find something in which they can spend their time and have fun. The movie and series content helps people to fall back from tiredness and anxiety. So people watch movies. When we talk about movies. There are different era’s content available such as Old movies and latest movies. Some of us love to watch old movies or black and white movies and others love to watch the newest movies.

On the other hand, FilmyHit is providing all the entertainment content but that is copyrighted. They are providing copyrighted content. As the FilmyHit website is on the torrent protocol therefore this website can be called a Pirated website. A user can visit and watch all the contents that are available on OTT platforms or officially released in theatres.

FilmyHit – History

Everything single thing in this universe has a history just like that FilmyHit also has its history. According to the reports, FilmyHit started its work as a torrent protocol. We all the current usage of internet and it has been known all over the world. While some people use the internet to do something in a positive way on the other hand some people misuse the internet and its facilities. These pirated sites do the same as working negatively by stealing the content.

Pirated sites stole the content and upload it on the internet server so that people all around the world can access it. Filmyhit provides movies based on competition to other pirated websites. This website attracts people by leaking the movies before the official release. The competition remains very tough as all the website wants to uploads the leaked movies as soon as possible. Filmyhit did the same. This website didn’t get the traffic when they uploaded the legal content. As they were expecting the audience but therefore later they changed the whole program. And turn their business into the illegal business of leaking movies.

Filmyhit Website
Filmyhit Website

FilmyHit 2022: Bollywood & Punjabi Movies

Even though FilmyHit supports torrent websites where users can download Bollywood & Punjabi movies. This website provides various types of language-based movies such as Hollywood Movies, Hindi Movies, Punjabi Movies, Famous OTT web series, and so on. Even the website usage is unlawful it still gets huge traffic and many people visit the website from everywhere around the globe for the content they are leaking.

However the official domain of FilmyHit as FilmyHit .com has been blocked by Indian legal agencies so they launch their different domains of the website. They facilitate a user to use different domains so the users won’t lose access to their website. The website has different types of movies on its server such as Bollywood, Punjabi Movies, Hollywood Movies, Animation Movies, Punjabi Movies, South Indian Movies, OTT Movies, TV Shows, Adult Content.

Movies Leaked by FilmyHit

The FilmyHit is known for leaking content which means they theft the content and sells that on the online server. The website has a vast collection of Films, Internet Series, and different shows available on their website platform. They even have various types of genres. All the people like to watch movies according to the basis of their mood. The genres help them to select the movie that they’d love to watch. The website leaks the movies in enormous numbers and languages as well. Some of the recent leaked movies by FilmyHit are

  • Charmsukh
  • Yaarian Dildariyan
  • Jhalle pai gaye palle
  • Teeja Punjab
  • Gehraiyaan

As our current generation, people love to watch movies. Day by day. Week by week a new movie comes on the theatre screen where a person has to pay at least 300rs per ticket for himself. On the other hand daily new movies or series launch on the OTT platform where a person has to pay at least 300rs per month in Indian currency. But these pirated sites provide all the OTT platform series completely free of cost.

Filmyhit Movies Category
Filmyhit Movies Category

All the people want to watch new movies to spend their time. But they wouldn’t be able to pay much amount of money. Then they find something that is free and they can enjoy it there. This pirated content on websites plays a big role to offers a user an free service. Loads of people start to attract to pirated websites just because of the reason for free service.

FilmyHit is also a pirated website that works as same as other pirated websites are doing. This is the only reason FilmyHit is so much popular around the world and has a different fanbase. They offer user movies and series with different languages and even they offer them various types of genres. The users won’t get bored as they access the FilmyHit website daily they always see something new to watch or download and therefore they are fond of their content and services.

FilmyHit Movie Categories

There are enormous things available on the internet with absolutely free access. A user can have anything for free just like the movies and series. There are thousands of websites available on the internet server where you can stream or download the content for free. You just have to pick up a movie and go to the internet to download content. Even you can access them on your PC and Mobile as well. No matter what device you have. You just have a good internet connection so that you can download the content as soon as possible with the fastest speed.

We all love watching movies on PC or Television with OTT platform subscriptions. But if a person doesn’t have subscriptions what will he do. There are websites available for them where they can easily have content without any subscription even without having login or sign up. Filmyhit is available a user facility to watch a huge collection of movies where they can watch various genres or categories of movies with ease of access.

Filmyhit divided the website platform into various parts that help a user experience something better. A user can sort the categories or genres according to their needs. Not this but also a user can search the movie to download with much ease. The major categories of the pirated website FilmyHit are given below such as:

  • Bollywood Movies.
  • Punjabi Movies
  • Hollywood Movies.
  • South Indian motion Pictures
  • Hollywood Dubbed Movies.
  • OTT Collection.
  • Web Series in Hindi.
  • Movies by Parts.
  • New Hindi Films.
  • TV Exhibition.
  • Animation Motion Pictures.
  • Grown-up Motion Pictures.
  • Punjabi Motion Pictures.
  • 18+ Adult Movies.

View List of All Movie Websites

Genres available on FilmyHit

If you have a taste to choose a movie based on it. Then the genres area would help you a lot to choose one according to your mood. There are thousands of movies available on the FilmyHit website platform. It is very tough for a user to choose one movie from thousands. Genres will provide you with a list of categories of movies. Where you can choose a genre from you want to watch or download a movie. You just have to pick a genre depending on your mood. Here are some genres listed below that are available on the FilmyHit website such as:

  • Animation
  • Sci–Fi
  • Adventure
  • Action
  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Horror
  • Fantasy
  • Romace
  • Thriller
  • Documentaries
  • Crime
  • Action–Comedy
  • Historical

Movie Formats Available on FilmyHit

All people like us have a different choice between choosing the quality of the picture. To overcome this situation. Filmyhit offers a user with various formats in picture quality. It allows anyone to download or stream in any format they want. Some people have limited internet connection or mobile data and they use it by maintaining their internet limit.

If a user wants to download the picture in great HD quality. Then they choose the highest video format that consumes loads of internet connection as they are having an unlimited broadband connection. But on the other hand, some others have limited internet usage per day and they want to spend the least internet connection.

Then this choosing format would help a user to choose a better option according to their needs and capacity of the internet. Here are formats available on the FilmyHit website listed below down:

  • 360p
  • 480p
  • 720p
  • 1080p
  • HDRip
  • BluRay
  • DVDScr
  • DVDrip

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What are the Features available on FilmyHit ?

The FilmyHit website allows a user with different facilities so that they wouldn’t complain about the services they are providing. If a person giving their time on the online platform for watching movies. They always expect a better experience just as they have on the official OTT platform. There are some high highlighted features available on the website that allows a user to have a great experience. It becomes very interesting when a user comes to know that they can stream the movie or download the movies online for free of cost. Here are some helpful features available we are mentioning below down:

  • Large Stock – the FilmyHit website platform has a large collection of movies and series in the website’s library. You can pick one movie from the stock to download.
  • Speedy Search Bar – if a user doesn’t find a movie from the given lists on the website then they can use the search bar to find the movie. The search bar has a good speed where you can search any movie by entering the exact keyword of the movie you want to search.
  • Offline Usage – Some people love to watch movies without enabling the internet connection so that they won’t have interruption by notifications from being online. Users can download the movie to watch them offline if they don’t want to watch it online.
  • Content Quality – All of us download or stream the movie according to their internet connection limit. So there are different qualities available such as 720p, 1080p, HDRip, BluRay, or DVDrip, and others. The lower quality you pick, the more internet it takes. The same goes for the higher quality you choose the most internet it takes.
  • Quick Server – All the content available on the website are quickly accessible because of the quick server they have. FilmyHit has uploaded and stored the content of the movie on a faster speed server that a user can easily access with a low-quality internet connection.
  • User Interface – A beginner user of these pirated websites can easily access this FilmyHit website just because of their user-friendly interface of the platform. Users can have a great experience during downloading or streaming the movie even by using their Smartphone device as a PC as well.
  • Organized Design – You won’t face any problems while visiting the website. Users can easily explore all the websites as they maintained their website design in a well-organised manner.
  • No Registration Required – The login or registration on the website is optional. If a user wants to sign up they can or they want to download or stream the movie content they even can do that without any conditions to follow.
  • Regular Update Content – The official team of FilmyHit updates their website with most latest content so that they can get the much traffic they want. They upload the movie as soon as the new movie releases.
  • Adding Favorites – As the FilmyHit library has a huge collection of movies the user hav3 to face confusion about what they want to watch. To avoid these types of circumstances the FilmyHit has a feature where a user can add the favourite movie to the watch list area. It will create more ease to create your collection of watch lists that you are going to stream next.
  • Unlimited Permission for Use – A user can download and stream movies without any limit. They can stream or download movies even daily without being losing access to the content. The FilmyHit doesn’t set any limit to watching movies. You can do this the more you want as infinitely for free.

How to Download / Stream Movie from FilmyHit?

When we are visiting pirated websites. There are more complications for Downloading the movies. But you’ll be happy to hear that you won’t have to face any complications during watching the movies and downloading the contents. The website gives the simplest experience you have ever seen. It allows a user to stream or download movies more quickly. Here are both criteria are given below down for Downloading or streaming movies on FilmyHit.

Download Movie from FilmyHit

  • Firstly you have to go to the browser on your mobile or PC device. You can choose any search engine such as Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Default Browser of your device and others.
  • Search for the FilmyHit in the search bar area by entering the relevant keywords of the website.
  • After searching the keyword it will show you all the results on the front page of your search engine.
  • Then have a look on the page and you will find a link as ” FilmyHit. (Any official domain)”. Currently,y FilmyHit’s official domain is FilmyHit .io.
  • Open the official page of the website and you will see the UI of the page.
  • Try to find the movie you want to stream or download or you can search the movie by entering the name in the search bar area.
Download Link of Movie
Download Link of Movie
  • The page will show you all the results according to your search. You have to pick the one you were looking for and click to open the new page.
  • After that, it will show you a page where you get the option to download the movie.
  • You have to click on the download button and it will redirect you to another page where you get the formats options.
  • Users need to choose the downloading format according to their choice by clicking on the preferred one link from the several servers are given there.
  • There will be a video player open on the new page. You have to right click and save the movie in your files. After that, it will start the downloading process.

Stream Movie from FilmyHit

  • You need to open the browser on your PC or mobile phone. You can choose any one browser such as Google Chrome, internet explorer etc.
  • Search the name of the FilmyHit website into the search box available in your search engine. After that, all the available results on the server will be shown on your screen.
  • Choose the right domain of FilmyHit that is working. And click to open the official URL.
  • The interface of the FilmyHit website will show on your screen with features available on the front page. There are lots of sections available where you can choose the list to watch such as OTT area, TV shows, Hollywood Movies, Dubbed Movies etc.
  • Now search the movie you want to stream from the lists that are given on the page as genre or categories. you can choose the one from the lists and genres area according to your taste or you can find the movie by entering the movie keyword into the search bar and clicking to search. It will show you the movie result according to the keyword you have entered.
  • After searching or choosing the right movie. You need to click on the movie which you want to stream and it will open the new page.
  • On the page, you would see the picture area. On the picture, there’s a play button available.
  • By clicking on the play button. It will redirect you to another page where you will see the option of the video player. You can stream on that video player and customize the format or visuals according to your preference.

Is FilmyHit Safe to Use ?

When it comes to the security of those things that you’re accessing on an internet server without being aware of its disadvantages. Then it would be harmful to a user to use a website without protecting themselves. If we Discuss pirated sites then it will become harmful for your device. You even could lose access to your system. In addition to saying your device can be hacked by anonymous hackers and you can’t even do a thing to save yourself.

FilmyHit is one of those websites that work as a piracy program. It gives you access to the content that is officially payable. But FilmyHit offers you free access to paid content. Which means they are selling the content illegally. The question is if a person doesn’t need to pay for the content. Then how they are earning in such a huge amount.

To answer the question, the FilmyHit website works with affiliations companies and they advertise or promote the company’s name. After that, the companies pay them for advertisements. There are most pop-up shows as well. When you click on the pop-up. It will install and download the .exe file or malicious files and malware into your system that can be the reason for your privacy concern. Those files may corrupt your system or it can even delete all the data permanently from your computer. We are suggesting you beware and stay protected from those files. That could even steal the data from your system and hackers can see every single thing you are doing on your device.

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Why Streaming or downloading Movies from FilmyHit is illegal ?

As we discussed above that FilmyHit is a Torrent based pirated site that works with offering paid content for free. To elaborate on the legitimacy of the site. Let’s talk about how they work and what criteria do they follow. These pirated websites stole content from their official owner and resell (reupload) it on the online server so that all the people can access it freely. If we explain this point in a general way. Suppose you have made a product by your investment and you have an expectation that you will earn a minimum on a triple profit. On the other hand, someone stole your product without your consent and sell that of their name. They would have made a huge profit but you won’t. Exactly the same as this condition happens to the owner of the movies and series content.

If someone is caught using copyrighted material then they might face imprisonment for approximately 6 months to 3 years. This would be shameful to get caught in prison for saving such a low amount of money.

Even a person who is caught watching or encouraging these websites might have to give a fine for approximately 50,000 (in Indian currency) to 3,00,000 (in Indian currency). If you’re using these pirated sites then you should always be aware of how to protect yourselves first. There are various methods available to avoid being caught in such as using the VPN.


In the final analysis, we get to know that the FilmyHit website offers a user to download all types of movies for free. A user doesn’t have to take a subscription to use the Website or there is no condition that you have to login or signup for using the website. A user would have a huge library of Movie collections even in different languages. You can choose the movies on the basis of the genres. The user even can have the movie just by searching the right keywords into the search bar area and it will show you all the result that is available on the FilmyHit website’s server.

In addition, there are many options available on the website to explore but you love the one thing most about the FilmyHit website that it doesn’t have loads or tons of ads.

There are many alternatives available like FilmyHit but they all have the drawback of having so many ads that irritate users a lot. But FilmyHit doesn’t contain so much of ads but they are having pop-ups. But still, the FilmyHit website doesn’t have as much as other pirated sites have.

However, the FilmyHit offers you free facilities but it is not safe as we think. This website works with piracy websites that are completely illegal and if a person gets caught using or watching the content would be punishable. If you want to use the Website desperately, don’t forget to have privacy protection tools that protect you from being caught. If you have any queries regarding the article then ask us below in the comment area. Our team will contact you as soon as possible. Don’t forget to leave feedback for us.

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