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Tamilprint: Download Tamil HD & Dubbed Movies on Tamilprint cc

In this article, we have discussed one amazing site where users can download Tamil & Telugu Movies in HD Quality i.e. Tamilprint. Also they have huge collection of Tamil Dubbed Movies. Apart from this users can also download songs from this site in tamil, telugu language which is a big deal.

Tamilprint – Tamil HD & Dubbed Movies

Tamilprint is one of those free movie downloading site which uploads movie without taking permission from owner. It’s one of the fastest growing and reputed site when it comes to tamil, telugu movies. Places where people mostly speak tamil and telugu language go through tamilprint cc website each day. They get millions of viewers each day just because of their content. Each day they upload all the latest movies and those movies which are trending in tamil cinema.

It provides download links from various sources so that user won’t face any issue while downloading. We have seen there is high demand of Tamil movies these days as they are rare to find these days. This is the main reason why we are writing this article. We have also discussed features and multiple guides which will surely help you out. Do go through the post till the very end so that all your doubts will be removed. In case if any issue occurs then you can contact our team anytime. In past we have seen various websites which serve pirated content which is very bad for our cinema.

Each day millions of dollars go into waste because of piracy issue. This is why we have seen that many countries have banned such type of sites. You must have seen many language oriented sites like kannadarockers, tamilrockers and hindimovie. Tamilprint cc also working on same model by providing tamil movies in HD Quality for free.

As of now india have introduced which makes movie piracy as illegal. There is no need to do registration or enter sensitive details on Tamilprint website. Because of various serious issues Tamilprint website is blocked in various countries. This is the reason why they change their link time to time. When you redirect your site to different domain then it’s quite difficult to block it.

Why Tamilprint CC?

No matter how smartly they play the game, their new domain will always have a risk of blockage. Apart from India it’s blocked in several other countries also which includes United States, Indonesia, United Kingdom. Apart from tamil and telugu movies, user can also download Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi and English Dubbed Movies.

Tamilprint CC Website
Tamilprint CC Website

There are hundreds of movies available in other languages also which is why tamilprint cc is giving tough competition to many sites. Also they have a great collection of HD Movies which is quite rare. User accessibility and search tool is quite effective and increase the attention time of users. It also allows users to change the video quality from 240p to 1080p with ease. User can also switch to auto quality which will change the quality of tamil movie based on internet speed.

Tamilprint Homepage

Their homepage is quite interactive and good-looking. Once go on Tamilprint, you will see lots of links and options which will help you out. On the homepage you will also see a chatbot which is quite helpful for those who have zero idea.

When it comes to tech side, they have great impact in the market as they have team of experts working on it. They have used movie impact theme which works great with Tamil movies. Tamilprint cc website is quite fast as it loads in less than 5 seconds.

This is why they have successfully attracted millions of users to their website which is a achievement in itself. List of all the active and non active links are also there to decrease the chances of fraud. On homepage of Tamilprint you will see lot of sections which is more than enough to fulfill need of users. So if you are one who love to download latest movies can go through homepage and look at Latest Movie section. Do scroll below and go through all the pages to absorb all the content available on Tamilprint cc website.

Download Tamil Movies from Tamilprint

In this section, we will learn how to download movie from Tamilprint website. Though the process is pretty simple consists very less step. Still many people are confused because they never dealt which such things. We have also uploaded few images so that user won’t face any issues.

Still if there is any issue then you can drop a comment below our team is ready to help you out. We recommend to not skip any step as it contains critical information in itself. Without any further delay lets move forward and understand everything stepwise.


  • First go to homepage of Tamilprint website
  • Now you will be redirected to homepage
  • After that links of various movies will appear
  • Now if you want to download latest movies then click on any of the movie
  • Otherwise, make use of search button
  • User will be taken to movies page
  • Go through all the details given on movie page
  • There you will see feedback, ratings and review of a movie


  • Once you have made up your mind then scroll down
  • Now you will see various links
  • Click on Download Tamil Movie button
  • After that New Page will appear with various server links
  • Now choose any of the server depending on download speed
  • If one link is not working then you can try another server
  • On next page click on verify identity
  • After that check I’m not a robot
  • Now wait for 5-10 seconds so that downloading can start

How to Stream Movies on Tamilprint

In this section we will learn in detail how to watch tamil movies on Tamilprint. If you want to learn the downloading process then head over to the above section. Tamilprint is one of the few sites which allow download as well as streaming of Tamil movies online.

There is no need of additional software or plugin to watch movies online. We have discussed all the steps which will help you out. All you have to do is simply follow all the direction given below.

  • First go to Tamilprint website
  • Now homepage of Tamil Movie Website will appear
  • There you will see lot of tamil movies
  • All you have to do is go to the streaming section
  • User will be redirected to new page now
  • List of all the tamil movies will appear which are streamable on tamilprint
  • Click on any of the movie of your choice
  • After that scroll down and look for Watch on Tamilprint
  • Do click on that link and movie forward by solving the captcha
  • Now you are ready to stream movie by clicking on Play button

Movie player on Tamilprint is quite good. It’s simple looks and amazing design is loved by many movie lovers. It has tons of built-in features which is why it’s one of the best in market. Users can speed up the movie like we do in youtube. It allows users to change the speed by 20x and also change subtitles anytime. You can also upload subtitles manually on tamilprint video player. You can also opt to change the video quality from 240p to 1080p. There is also auto option which will change the movie quality based on your internet speed. Tamilprint movie player is quite lightweight which works with ease and there is no bug in it.

List of All Movie Download Websites

Popular Tamil Movies on Tamilprint

In past few months we have seen some of the great tamil movies on tamilprint website. In this section we will discuss about all the famous movies which are available on this website. Most of the movies are uploaded here is in theater quality which is pretty impressive.

They have got huge popularity because of the movie they uploaded on servers. Recently they have uploades some of the tamil blockbusters which are Rocky, Maanaadu, Karnan, Doctor, Kayami Kadakka, Jai Bhim and Thalaivi. In 2020 they have planned to do something big and it can be uploading of 4K Content on website. Though it’s impossible to upload all the tamil movies on server but it’s possible to upload all the blockbusters. Alone from bahubali they have got more than 10 Million downloads, which is huge.

Expired Links of Tamilprint

There are various links which are existing in public domain of Tamilprint. We have seen that in past they have changed their domain several times. In result what happen is fraudsters do various kind of frauds using old expired domains.

In the name of Tamilprint they cheat people by charging for each download. Recently we have found many frauds of same type. This is why we are warning people through this section. One should always stay away from old expired domains. Below we have listed all expired links of Tamilprint which are not in use now.

List of Expired Links

tamil print.nettamilprint mob.net
Tamilprint ccTamilprint.ae
tamilprint1.cctamil print mob.com 2021

Download Tamilprint Mobile App

Recently tamilprint guys have launched their mobile app. Now there is no need to buy expensive devices just to watch or download movies online. Their app is well-designed, loaded with tons of features. Though they have applied for listing Google Play Store but it’s not listed there as it’s in pending.

Don’t worry as you can download it directly. We have discussed in detail that how anyone can download tamilprint mobile app easily without following complex procedure.

Tamilprint Mobile App
Tamilprint Mobile App

The experience which we got while using their mobile app is of next level. If you can download the app without any issues then you should go for it as it’s the best in the market. Tamilprint app consists of various features which are not available on it’s website. So without any delay do follow below given steps.

  • First go to any search engine which can be Google or Bing
  • After that search for Tamilprint Apk
  • Now various results will appear on your screen
  • Go to TamilApk website and wait for 5 seconds
  • After that go through the description and check all the features
  • Once you are ready then scroll down and click on Download button
  • App size is around 10 MB which is quite small
  • For fast download speed use Internet Download Manager
  • After downloading install the app and you are good to go

Features of Tamilprint App

Those who love to watch movies on Tamilprint website can try their mobile app. We can guarantee you that the experience which you are going to get on mobile app will be unmatchable. It is full of features and well-designed. They have chosen simplistic UI which is amazing.

User can watch or download any tamil movie directly through it. The best part of tamilprint is that it will show which server is busy and which one is free. Also you must have seen many times that their site goes down because of overload but mobile app servers are capable to handle huge traffic without any issues.

  • Tamilprint App is easy to use. They have published various guides which will help users. Apart from this there is a bot which can answer most of the basic questions.
  • Movie Player on tamilprint is quite effective. It uses very less resources and works quite fast. Loaded with tons of options like fast-forward, searching subtitle and changing video quality.
  • As the app size is small it’s quite easy to install which takes very less time. These days it’s hard to find such small apps having lots of amazing features in it. Admin team is trying to make it more smaller and we can see a new version of it soon.
  • No need to search whole internet for it. It’s easily available on third party sites, complete download guide is given in the article. In coming days we can see it listed on Google Play Store. After that things will become easier and flexible.
  • Very limited ads are placed on tamilprint app. Their main priority is users and after that comes earning. Such thinking of app owners is quite rare to find. Moreover, the ad placed on app are not creepy at all. User can dismiss them easily just by click on close button.
  • As of now there is no virus or malware reported in tamilprint app. We have analyzed recent reports and incidences in which it is very clear that there is no harmful stuff present in it.
  • Time to time developer team update it’s app so that it remains feature packed and bug free. In last 6 months we have seen more than 10 updates which make sure that app remains safe.

How to Access Tamilprint Using VPN / Proxy

As we said in our article that tamilprint is blocked in various countries because of multiple reasons. The biggest one is the allegation of uploading pirated content on their website and app. Many users are looking for various ways to unblock Tamilprint. In this section you will learn how to access Tamilprint website without any issues. All you have to do is be ready with the given vpn or proxy so that you can bypass blockage. So without any delay let’s come to the main steps.

  • First of all search for Cloudflare Warp on search engine
  • It’s kind of combination of VPN and Proxy
  • Now after that go to it’s official website and start downloading
  • Once it’s downloaded, all you have to do is simple install it into your device
  • Now give all the permissions to it
  • Then wait for sometime so it can work properly
  • After that open Cloudflare Warp and click on Connect button
  • Wait for 10 seconds so it can change your ip location
  • That’s it. Now you are ready to Download Tamil Movies from Tamilprint

Is it Safe to Use Tamilprint?

Many users have asked this question not only for tamilprint but for other sites also. We want to clear the air through this section. Tamilprint is a famous website when it comes to downloading Tamil and Telugu Movies. They are in tamil movie download market from years. Our research have found that they upload tamil movies without taking permission from owner which is unethical and banned in several countries. In India we have law to stop such kind of things.

If you are downloading content from such sites and caught in between then it may create trouble for you. In past we have seen many cases where site owners were arrested because of movie piracy. It not only affects the earning of a movie but also of struggling artists. One should think about the cinema fraternity who works hard day and night to provide such amazing movies.

We and our team don’t encourage anyone to go to such websites which promotes movie piracy and it should be stopped immediately. Through this article, we are just helping our audience by awaring them through the information. As of now government have taken concrete steps but they ae not enough to stop movie piracy in our country. It’s need of hour to make various amendments an to introduce strict punishments if caught. If you are real movie fanatic then always buy premium plans of movie sites like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and Disney+ Hotstar.

Best Tamilprint Alternatives

Here we have discussed tamilprint alternatives which are best in market. As we said many times that not all site are made for all type of people. Each site have it’s own pros and cons depending on many factors. Most of the sites are those which upload pirated movie which is why we don’t recommend our users to download content from here.

Download Tamil Movies

Some sites have huge collection of tamil movies whereas some have tremendous amount of experience in Hindi Movies niche. We have seen some of the sites which are doing very well in all the aspects whereas others are struggling little bit. Our team have analyzed various websites and doing their best in listing top performing websites which can be alternative of Tamilprint website. Head over to below list and click on their to read detailed article on them. It will help you in taking the right decision.

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