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MovieMad: Download Hollywood, Bollywood Movies Online

MovieMad – Hollywood & Bollywood Movies

MovieMad is the website platform that gives access to all types of movies. Even it offers you downloading service as well. The MovieMad was originally a movie that was released in 1931. But now the owners of the give the movie name to their website. The MovieMad offers you movies of different categories such as Hollywood, South Hindi Dubbed, etc. Even the website leaks the movies before they officially launch.

All of us are fond of watching movies. But in the current generation, people don’t want to spend their money on watching movies. These pirated sites are the only reason that people don’t want to pay for watching movies when they can stream movies for free. On the other hand, another reason is unlimited internet services. The internet service become very cheap and every person wants to utilize their mobile data. Downloading movies help them to use their internet.

There is an enormous number of platforms available that provide us with streaming content. Where some are legal and some others are illegal. But the legal ones come with the monthly or yearly packages which we have to take with payout. The legal service asks you to spend money and provides you with download and streaming services. On the other hand, the free service asks you nothing to pay for but to watch ads. So that they can earn. These free websites completely depend on ads and pop-ups for earning.

What is MovieMad ?

MovieMad is pirated website that works with torrents. It provides us with all types of movies that we can stream online or download for offline watch. However, the MovieMad website is illegal as it contains all the copyrighted material on its website. But still, all the people want to access the website and explore entertainment.

The MovieMad is a cartoon film originally but now the name has been taken for the website. There are two official domains available for MovieMad. The first is Moviemad.com and another one is Themoviemad.com and Themoviemad.org.

You can download or stream your favorite movies on the go by following only a few steps. Even it allows you to watch or download the movie according to your preference of quality. You can download or stream different types of movies in various resolutions as per your needs.

Features of MovieMad

As we told you that MovieMad permits you to watch free movies over their website. When you open the landing page of the MovieMad website you will be able to see such variants of options for Downloading movies according to your preferred size.

MovieMAD Website
MovieMAD Website
  • The MovieMad website platform has enormous amount of popularity as they are providing you free content. Because of the traffic they have, when you search for a streaming site on your search engine it will show you MovieMad URL on the ranked page.
  • There are two options available on the MovieMad. First one is for streaming, where you can stream content online. The other one is for Downloading, where you can download the content to watch offline. You can choose anyone according to your preference.
  • This site is not popular only in india. Even MovieMad has huge traffic from various counties. The reason of the having traffic is they are providing different types of contents that gets attention from everywhere around the world.
  • The MovieMad website contains different genres on their website such as Action, drama, Comedy, thriller, Horror, and many others.
  • This website allows you to download movies in dual audio so that one can watch movies according to their preferred language.
  • There are different sizes available with different resolutions. User can choose the size and quality on the basis of their internet connection. If someone has not much internet then they can choose the lowest ones that can help them to save their data.
  • You can access the website with ease. However if your country banned the website then you can apply VPN as well for getting the content.
  • If offers you great experience in streaming or warch the movie.
  • The best part of the MovieMad website is, it doesn’t consist of malware and bugs on their website platform. You can watch movies and TV Series.

MovieMad Categories List

MovieMad’s website has a vast collection of different movies with high quality and various formats. As if we compare the MovieMad Website platform to other pirated websites then MovieMad is the very best alternative of those websites.

Qualities and size available on MovieMad

You can download Movie or stream movies in different resolutions with sizes such as 450p with the size of 300 MB, 720p with the size of 400 MB, 1080p with the size of 600 MB, 1980p with the size of 1 GB, HDRIP with the size of 1.5 – 1.6 GB, BluRay with the size of 1.5GB – 2 GB, DVDScr / DVDrip with the size of 2GB – 2.5 GB.

You can choose the quality you want in your picture. The higher resolution you select the excellence in pictures you take. You are absolutely free to choose whatever resolution you want.

Categories on MovieMAD
Categories on MovieMAD

Categories available on MovieMad

  • Hollywood Hindi Dubbed – You can watch all the Hollywood TV series and Movuies in Hindi Language.
  • South Indian Hindi Dubbed – The movies available in south indian languages can be dowload or stream into hindi language as well.
  • Hindi short Films and Web Series – All the movie that are available as single piece of the film or TV shows and Web Series are also available on the platfrom.

How to Download Movies from MovieMad ?

As we discuss above, Moviemad is one of the best movie downloading websites. You can utilize the website in different ways where you can search the content and choose the option to download the movie stream the movie. It completely depends on a person how they want to use the website. when we use these websites there’s always a question that remains that they are providing content to download but “what are the steps to follow for downloading the movies”. Here we come up with a solution to your question.

We are mentioning a few steps below down to start the download.

  • Firstly you need to go to your device that can be IOS, Android, or your PC and open the any browser.
  • Search for the MovieMad keyword in the search bar or you can directly go to the website by entering the name MovieMad.org.
  • The website will open where you will be able to see the different categories of the movies such as Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Action, Sci Fi TV Series, South Indian Blockbuster Hindi Dubbed Movies, Hindi Web Series, and Hindi Short Films. Under the search bar there’s list that containing all the latest movies. You can choose according to your preference.
  • You can search the novie for streaming or download by entering the name in the search bar.
  • After selecting the movie. Click to open it. The page will redirect you to information of the movie page.
  • There’s all the information available about the movies. There the Option Available to download the movie under the movie information area. Click to open the downloading page.
Download Link of Movie
Download Link of Movie
  • After that there are few options available of different qualities such as 480p, 720p, and the other external links sre also available. You can choose any one according to your need. And click to download.
  • It will redirect your page to another page where you can stream the content and by clicking on “play” button pop up. Your downloading will start instantly. You can stream online or watch offline the movie you want

List of All Movie Download Websites

Latest Links of MovieMad

In the year 2022, these pirated websites take another place in everyone’s heart as they entertain them. On the MovieMad website, you can watch or stream Bollywood Movies, Tamil Movies, Hindi Dubbed Movies, Telugu Movies, Hollywood Movies, and South Movies. You can download the movie according to your requirement whether you want pictures in 480p, 720p, or 1080p. Even you can download the most latest releases.

Working Links of MovieMad

  • Themoviemad,com / Themoviemad.org
  • Movimad.in
  • MovieMad.link
  • MovieMad.guru
  • MovieMad.site
  • MovieMad.con
  • MovieMad.store

Although the “MovieMad .com” website domain has been blocked because of the pirated Contents. You can easily find the MovieMad website by entering its keyword in your search engine.

Best Alternatives of MovieMad

MovieMad is a good source where you can stream or download movies online. As we Discussed that this website works with piracy therefore domains of the website getting blocked as per legal law. A user wants to visit the website and explore the movies and series content on a different website.

When an old website gets blocked the user switches on another one and the cycle never ends. Here we are with a list of alternatives to MovieMad so that if the sites may block or banned for some reason you can access another one as well. Below down are several similar replacements of the MovieMad website.


Movierulz is the best option that can be replaced with MovieMad. This website has different types of movies available on their websites such as Bollywood Movies, Hollywood Movies, Telugu Movies, and Tamil Movies. It provides your pictures in different resolutions from 480p to 1080p. You can have the most latest movies on the website as well.

Movierulz is a popular website around the world. It has millions of users as they provide the facility to stream and download movies like Bollywood Movies, Hollywood Movies, Dubbed Movies, Malayalam movies, etc. You can download by direct links that have options of 480p, 720p, 1080p in Dual audio.

However, the website is completely free to access but it works with piracy that is not safe to use. They upload the leaks of movies also. When the latest movies come they are uploaded even before the official release. Just because of this the production house of the content sees a huge loss as all the people love to watch these movies for free.


Thecinemavilla is the best alternative to the MovieMad website. It is a well-known website that gives you all the content for free. The website offers you to download different movies at a time such as Telugu Movies, Malayalam movies, south Indian movies, etc. Cinemavilla contains different genres that you will love. No matter what your mood is you can download different categories of movies.

Thecinemavilla Homepage
Thecinemavilla Homepage

You can visit the website of Cinemavilla and the current working domain is “Thecinemavilla. in” while the old domain as “Cinemavilla. in” has been blocked. There are different categories available as Hot News, Films where you can have the types of movies as Bollywood, Mollywood, Pollywood, Tollywood, and Kollywood. The website offers various qualities such as 360p and 720p.

However, the website of Cinemavilla was taken down due to some illegal content they contain. The site was blocked because it works with torrents that give you all the copyrighted material illegally. On the other hand, the website contains quality content with different variants in shows, Tv Series, Movies. It also offers you various language content that you can watch according to your language preference.


Z-Movies is an online website platform that allows you to stream and download movie materials. You can watch movies online for free with the best quality. The website is made for people who love to watch or download movies of HD quality. There are many types of TV shows available as well. You can say that this website is the absolute source of entertainment that you can enjoy.

When you visit the landing page of the website. You come to know that the website’s user interface is very nice and clean that you can use with ease. There is trending content available on the front page of the website.

A user can sign up or register to create their watch list. However the websites pop-up loads of ads but you can exit them off. There are different lists available that you can access such as Trending, What’s popular, Latest Movie, Latest TV Shows and you can search your favorite movie by entering the name in the search box of the website.


MovieTube is one of the best alternatives to MovieMad as this site is legal as well. It provides you with all the latest content of movies, TV series, and News as well. You can get all the legal streaming services available for Movies and TV Series. You can download the movies but you have to use third-party downloading applications like IDM (internet download Manager) or you can apply for downloading extensions as well then enjoy watching offline movies.

When you open the official website page (the current official domain is Movietube .online) you would be able to see the service on the front page and come to know that the UI of the website is user-friendly. You can easily access movies by entering the movie name into the search bar. There’s an option available to log in or register a new account as well.

But login will be optional. Various genres are available on the website such as Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, and other options. You can watch TV series with different qualities. There is a filtered list available like TV series, Featured, Most Viewed, Most Favorite and you can sort the list by Alphabetical order and year. You can utilize the website in different ways where a user can read News and get information.


MegaShare is another pirated website that is working with the torrent protocol. You can watch TV shows and movies in HD quality for free of cost.

As there is a huge collection of different genres available on the MegaShare website therefore you can choose the one to watch according to your mood and taste. The website offers you to select better quality content for your device. However, the website is pirated so some countries banned the MegaShare website but you can access it by using a VPN where you don’t have to pay a single penny. The drawback of the website is the website will redirect you with every click but you won’t have an issue if you remain patient and calm.

Go to the website page and there you’ll see there are a lot of options available for Movies and TV shows over 10,000. You can download and watch them offline as well. On the left area, there’s a menu available from where you can go to genre sections that are available such as Action, Adventure, Biography, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Science Fiction, Mystery, Reality, etc. There will be a download option on the MegaShare video player with different languages substile and feature of Customization while streaming.

Is MovieMad Safe to use ?

To answer the question it is compulsory to know about how and what content movie-mad is offering to a user. as we all know Moviemad is a pirated site that works with piracy. what does piracy mean? It means to have the content without the consent of the owner is known as stealing the content and the website is having that copyrighted material and selling them on the website and they can earn by applying Google AdSense.

If someone captures having the copyrighted content without the consent of the owner is absolutely unlawful and does have to face the punishments for their actions. so we are suggesting you stay safe before accessing the website.

however other pirated websites are more dangerous as they show you tons of pop-ups. Those pop-ups might be harmful to your device because they can directly download the malicious files and malware to your device without your permission. Those files could be the reason to hack your device by hackers easily. but on the other hand, the Moviemad website is free from those harmful malicious files that can be the reason to break your privacy wall.

Is MovieMad legal?

According to the legalities of various countries, the one who stole the content and sell them to earn money is known as a thief. if you are theft something then it comes under the law to give you punishment and help the victim to have their material legally. these pirated sites are known as theft sites that contain all the stolen material from their original owner. if one is caught using the copyrighted material they may have to face punishments such as their website will be blocked permanently, they have to pay a fine that is around 50,000 to 3,00,000 in Indian currency, and they might face imprisonment for 6 months to 3 years.

Even if you watch or stream content from these websites then you have to face punishment as well because it shows that you are appreciating the illegal downloads. This is so shameful to face imprisonment just to save a small amount of money. we are not suggesting you watch or download copyrighted material.

It is completely up to you whether you want to use these websites or not. however, you can protect yourself by using VPN services that help you to change your location by changing the IP address of the device you are using.


In the final analysis, we have come to know that MovieMad is an online website platform that allows a user to download or stream movies online. There are different types of movies available on the MovieMad with selective qualities. You can choose anyone from the given options according to your preference. The website has various languages movies in Hindi Dubbed. You can utilize the website by watching or downloading movies.

On the other hand, there are many different alternatives available that can be replaced with MovieMad. And the thing to remember is these free steaming websites are pirated website that is illegal to run or use. We are not advising you to use the Website as they are selling copyrighted material. All the contents contained on the website are theft which is taken without the consent of its owner.

However, it is completely up to a user whether they want to use the Website or not but if you are using the website don’t forget to take precautions as well.

To protect yourself from being caught in you can use different types of VPN such as Nord VPN, Turbo VPN, are there are many others available on the server that you can use. If you are visiting these types of pirated pages you should always have to be aware of malware and malicious files. If you have any queries you can ask in the comment section. Our team will contact you as soon as possible with a liable solution. Don’t forget to leave feedback for us as well.

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