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Afdah: Watch TV Series, HD Movies & Best Alternatives

These days we all have plenty of options for entertainment. On our site we have covered some of the top free movie sites where one can watch movies and web series. This is an undeniable fact that now we have hundreds of options to fulfill our entertainment needs. If you are the one who love to watch TV Series and HD Movies then Afdah can be a good option.

Afdah Movies Website

It has one of the vast collection of TV Series and HD Movies. In our article we have also top alternatives of Afdah. Each day millions of TV Series are watched by people and if we talk about HD Movies then there is no comparison. As we already said that there are plenty of options for people to fulfill their entertainment needs but at the same time it’s quite difficult to find the best one.

Here we have discussed in detail about Afdah website which is very important for all movie lovers. Afdah attracts visitors from the world. It has got huge name and fame in countries like the United States, India and United Kingdom.

What makes them different from their competitors is that they have 4K Movies & TV Series collection. All this is available for free which is a big deal in itself. Gone are the days when people purchase DVD’s / CD’s. Now various streaming sites like Afdah are available where thousands of videos are available to watch by not spending a single penny. Currently, their complete focus is on adding new feature and TV Series in next few weeks. It’s one of those site where one can stream animated movies, tv series and movies.

Why Afdah is Best

Afdah contains huge collection of TV Series but they also have good amount of HD Movies. Apart from this they have started expanding as per the demand by working on episodes, seasons and web series. One can find animated movies also but don’t expect too much from them.

It would not be wrong to call it all in one streaming website as you can stream almost all kind of videos on Afdah. Don’t get disappointed if you are unable to download movie from there as it may get overloaded during peak time.

Afdah Website Screenshot
Afdah Website Screenshot

We all know that each server has it’s own limit. If millions of people download a file at single point of time then no server can handle it. They got pretty decent traffic because of sudden popularity during lockdown. If you talk about online streaming then it’s not possible that one won’t talk about Afdah as it’s leader in free online streaming. People have shown complete faith in it which is why they get millions of page views each day.

Growth of Afdah

As we already said there are plenty of options available out there but there is no comparison with Afdah. They are leading brand when it comes to online streaming as they have tons of features which are rare to see on free website. Their clean look having multiple themes along with great accessibility is more than enough to win hearts of people.

The best part is that it supports all kind of devices, no matter how small of big it is. One can find multiple categories which are enhanced to fulfill need of user. This includes Action, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Comedy, Crime, Fantasy, Romance and so on.

Their vast list of category is quite helpful as through which one can easily find their desired movie or discover some new TV Series. HD Movies available on Afdah are not limited to certain countries as one can find movies of several countries. It helps them in getting some traffic from each country. Afdah is totally different from other websites as they don’t allow upload of any movie on their server. All the movies and tv series are available on third party sites, afdah simply act as a search engine for such type of content.

Most of the movies are available on afdah which are ready to be streamed. Users can also request movie of their choice to admin team if it’s unavailable.

Afdah is well moderated site free from virus and trojans. Also their search button works very well. If you type a single word of movie then also it will show relevant results. More than 30 types of categories are available on there homepage and each of them is updated on daily basis.

Afdah Homepage

Homepage of Afdah is quite beautiful as it contains only important links and other information. Their main target is to fulfill the need of users and make movie discoverability better than ever. If you are the one who is in love with Latest Movies then you can find it on homepage itself. Apart from this they have provided all english letter links from A to Z so if you click on it then movie start from that word will appear.

Homepage View
Homepage View

Someone wants to download Ghostbusters Afterlife 2021 then he have to click on G letter. Now all the movies start from G letter will appear on the screen. On the right side of the homepage, user can see links of each year starting from 2010 to 2022. You can click any of the year and it will show the movie released in that particular year.

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Watch Movies on Afdah

In this section we will learn how to watch movies from Afdah website. Remember below given guide will work for all type of content which includes HD Movies, TV Series, Web Series and Animated Shows.

Watching movies on Afdah is quite easy as you don’t have to follow tons of steps to do that. Whole process is worth following. On various other free movie streaming sites we have noticed that there are multiple links and steps which one have to go through to start watching movie, but afdah is quite different from it. So without any further delay do follow all the steps given below.

Steps to watch movies on Afdah

  • First you have to go to Afdah website
  • Now homepage will appear on the screen
  • There you will find various movies on homepage
  • After that click on any of the movie to start streaming
  • Now movie page will load in few seconds
Download Movies
Download Movies
  • In the process some ad popup may appear
  • Cancel all the ads and go through movies page
  • Go through the important details of movie
  • After that scroll down and Click on Watch Movie Link
  • Wait for 5-10 seconds so that stream can open properly
  • Now Afdah movie player will load in your browser
  • Click on play button and start watching TV Series & HD Movies

If you are not satisfied with movie quality then click on settings icon given on movie player and change the quality to highest. It allows user to change quality from 240p to 2160p.

Don’t expect too much as most of the movies are available in low quality which means 4K is rare. We can’t deny that few 4K movies are available on Afdah which is a sign that they will work on it in future. By the way it’s very hard to maintain such high quality content as their costs are quite high. We should appreciate the admin team who is making it into a reality.

Afdah Movies Website is Down?

Afdah website is going down or crashing continuously? Don’t worry, that’s pretty normal and you are not alone in this. Generally data of movie websites is store in premium servers but then also they get crashed because of unexpected traffic. Best part is that it’s temporary so if you are experiencing a outage then chill and be patient. Generally, such issues are solved automatically in next 5 to 10 minutes.

If you are unable to open Afdah for even once then most probably it’s because of blockage. In some cases, ISP block such sites when they find them breaking the rules. As per reports Afdah got blocked in 15 countries as of now because of serious allegations against them.

They claim that copyrighted content is uploaded on their site without permission of owner. If you are running a movie download website like Afdah then it’s important to take permission from original owner of the content. Though people access such blocked sites using various proxies and vpn softwares. We and our team don’t recommend anyone to do such things as it may create problems in future. If a site is blocked it means there is a valid reason behind it and one should understand it.

Most of the time issue occurs because of traffic overload and it can be addressed in few minutes so it’s not a big deal. We have seen cases where big sites like facebook and twitter goes down. Generally people try multiple VPN which includes strongvpn, alwaysvpn, nordvpn, expressvpn and purevpn.

Expired Links of Afdah

Owner of afdah have worked on several domains so that it remains accessible in most of the countries. They shift their website to new domain so that old blocked domain blockage won’t create any issue. In this section we are covering all the links of afdah which are not working now. You must be wondering that what’s the use of knowing about expired links. Main purpose behind it is to protect users from fraud.

Generally what happen is fraudsters buy these domains when they get expired and do frauds of various types. Last year frauds worth around $100 million happened because of expired domains.Without any delay below we are listing complete list of expired domains of Afdah website.

  • afdah3.com
  • afdah.live
  • afdah.video
  • afdah.space
  • afdah.co
  • afdah.ca
  • afdah.xyz
  • afda1.com
  • afdah.in
  • afdah.top
  • afdah.pw

Top Afdah Alternatives

In this article we have extensively discussed about various sites which can be better alternatives of Afdah. They also allow users to watch free movies, tv show and web series. Do remember that there is nothing like perfect site. Each movie download website have it’s own pros and cons. We tried to discuss honestly about all the features and negatives of all the alternative sites. There are sveral sites which are focused on single country while there are many which focuses only on movies and web series.

Do read about each site in detail and take decision carefully. Our team will update this section from time to time if any need comes. List of Afdah Alternatives is quite big but we discussed only top movies and tv series website which really deserver to be here.


If you are big fan of HD Movies of all type including anime, cartoons and hollywood movies then putlocker will be the best choice. It’s already pretty famous site which gets millions of clicks each day. Most of their user comes from the United States, India and United Kingdom. Putlocker is quite old site as it’s started by a guy named as Paul Richardman in 2011.

Putlocker Website

Due to its age and type of content people trust putlocker a lot. Due to it’s high popularity and trust we can see lot of site which are impersonating putlocker. One shoul stay away from such sites as they charge hefty amount for each movie download. Best part is that they provide top notch content and service without any charge


123Movies support all devices which means it’s accessible on iPad, PC, Laptop, Mobile phone and so on. It’s theme is responsive, which helps in setting up automatically. Best part is that there is no need of registration or entering important details on it.

All you have to do is go to 123Movies website and start movie streaming anytime. Many people claim that 123Movies has the largest repository of Movies and everything is available for free which is a big deal. One can go through various categories of 123Movies to take it’s full benefit. As of now they are working on adding new tv shows and latest movies. Best part of 123Movies is that it allows users to request for a movie. They really listen to users which is big deal in itself.

If users put a valid request then it will be fulfilled in 2-3 days. Their appearance is quite good which makes it easy to use and understand. Also, they have activated a bot which answer your query in few seconds, it works on AI. Incase if you are clueless and don’t know anything then make use of search button. There are two versions of 123movies. If you are on fast internet then you can go with standard version otherwise lite version is great choice. Apart from movies and tv shows user can also get asian shows, western documentaries and so on.


Most of us already know about FMovies as it’s one of the most prominent and successful name in Movie Download World, particularly in United States and India. Movie lovers can easily stream their content through various servers on FMovies. They have beaten many top sites to become great in their field. Some of their competitors are Solar Movies, Putlocker, iBomma and 9xmovies. Fmovies was started in 2016, continuously they are providing HD Movies and Shows on their platform. Apart from this users can also download or stream TV Shows on it which means there is no need of TV now. Multiple copies of FMovies are there in the market which is quite disturbing.


We advise all our viewers to stay vigilant. Though most of the copies are not harmful but few of them are full of viruses and trojans. FMovies provide wide range of movies to fulfill the needs of all users. It’s great to see that there is a site which provides HD Movies without charging a single penny. You can also take help of various filters which will filter out the shows and movies on the basis of released date, IMDb Rating, Duration of Movie and it’s Language. It’s quite clear that no movies is stored on FMovies server and everything is on third party which is why you must have seen very less outage. All these features make FMovies a serious competitor of Afdah.


GoMovies is also another website where users can stream TV Shows, Anime and HD Movies. Each day they upload tons of movies on their server which is huge. It’s one of those rare site which allows download as well as streaming of HD Content.

In many cases we have observed that if Afdah goes down then traffic on Gomovies sees huge increase. It shows how much people love Gomovies and it’s features. Our team has also found that it’s a decent competitor of Afdah in all the departments.

Their search feature is feature loaded and works on the bases of AI Technology. So if you are feeling bore or clueless about what to do then make use of their search feature. Looks of Gomovies are killer and minimalistic at the same time. You can also turn on dark mode in it which is quite helpful for eyes of movie lovers. As of now they’re working on creating their own ecosystem which includes lot of features. In coming weeks users will be able to socialize with each other, request movies and earn points on their platform. If we summarize, all they want do is provide premium experience to users at no extra charge. If any update comes regarding it then we will make changes in this section.


As their name is A to Z Movies, it shows that their main focus is on providing all the movies on their server. Hollywood, Bollywood, Dubbed Movies in HD are available on Azmovies. They are doing a great job as most of the movies are already available there. Once you go to their homepage, it will give a very positive look to the user. They have worked on their appearance which we can see in their theme, layout and background.

They have thousands of movies and tv shows which is pretty good number in itself. It’s one of the prominent name when it comes to video hosting which is a big deal in itself. It also allows users to create account. Using which we can save files and movies in it. It also allows users to drop feedback and ratings. They are working more on user’s part then on anything. It will help movie lovers in making correct decision before watching a movie. In future Azmovies can be a great alternative of IMDb and Afdah. As of now they are investing heavily on their team and collection of movies. Recently they have hired more than 15 people to take their site to next level.


There is another name which have got huge popularity because of the premium content. As of now their name is at top when it comes to beating sites like Afdah. It’s not joke to come in this list as it takes lot of time and hard work. Though there are limited movies on Popcornflix but all of them are of high quality which meets all the standards of cinema world. All the content available on it is totally legal including movies, tv shows, web series and so on.

Almost all the movies and shows are available in 4K Quality which is great. It’s funy if you compare it with other sites because of top-notch quality of content. No matter what the situation is they never provide wrong files or data to users. If they have proper rights then they upload it on their servers which is rare to see these days.

Apart from this, their documentaries are of another level. Team of Popcornflix totally focuses on providing latest releases to the users. ALso it allows users to filter out content on the basis of release date, actor, actress, genre and so on. As of now they are ot blocked in any country which shows how genuine they are. This is why there is no need to buy VPN or Proxies for it as it’s usable for all the users around the globe. Their marketing is pretty good which is helping in getting thousands of new users each day. Currentvirus has reported that there is no virus or adware in their system and they have rated Popcornflix 8/10 which is pretty good rating.

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