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SnapTik: Download Tiktok Videos Online

Why to use Snaptik?

SnapTik helps to download TikTok videos without a watermark. Firstly We need to discuss TikTok in terms of getting information about SnapTik. TikTok is a well-known social media platform around the world. You can create a short video from 15 seconds to 1 minute. You can make short videos for different categories such as Dancing, Makeup Tutorials, educational, etc.

TikTok works on an algorithm that decides which video will play next on the basis of your interest. So let’s talk about SnapTik. SnapTik is a website platform that allows you to download a video from TikTok. You can generally download videos directly from TikTok but SnapTik helps you to download watermark-free videos. The SnapTik also comes as an Application platform. Where you can download and install the application to use it with more ease.

As it comes without any subscription so you don’t need to pay any charges to use the facility of the SnapTik platform. Even you won’t need to log in for using the application. All the people love the way this application can be this much easy-to-use. However, there are ads that will be shown on your screen but it doesn’t a big problem. We can watch ads for the facility they are providing.

SnapTik: Download Tiktok Video

SnapTik is able to download videos from TikTok without the watermark or logo of the company. Clearing the watermark of the TikTok brand would be helpful for you as you can use the video on different platforms. Some other people love to create videos with TikTok and want to use those videos on different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

For an instance, if the logo or watermark is placed in the video then it wouldn’t be able to make a good impression. On the other hand, if you remove the logo from the video and then upload it to different platforms. Above all, It shows that the video doesn’t belong to a different platform. By using this way of using the content on different platforms without telling the viewers that the video was created from TikTok. You can access all the features of the TikTok app to create a video.

SnapTik Video Downloader

Moreover, you download the videos from TikTok allows you to create your own Backup of the video and have your database in your internal storage. If you want to use the videos in the future and you are not able to access your social media platform then it will help you a lot by giving you a database. Videos will be ready to use anytime at anywhere as they’re not having a watermark or TikTok logo.

Premium Version of SnapTik

In addition to saying, fortunately, there are two versions available for SnapTik. In the meantime first is the premium version of SnapTik where you have to pay and the second one is without any payable charges. As you know when we use the application of a website for free there’s always a 95% chance that you have to watch ads for exploring the content. Because the ads help the creators of websites to earn money.

When we watch ads they earn. The free version is sponsored by companies and gives the bulk of ads while using the program. On the other hand, the premium version comes with ads-free facilities. When you take a subscription for the program then it removes all the ads from your account where you can use the program without any interruption.

SnapTik Mod Apk

If you are frustrated in the first place by watching ads continuously and want to get the premium version of SnapTik and don’t want to pay. Then you can download the SnapTik Mod Apk. The Modded version of SnapTik offers you to download watermark-free videos without watching ads. The ads won’t interrupt you during downloading the videos. However, it is not legit to use the modded application and we are not suggesting you use it as well. But if you are looking for the method that somehow you remove ads. It is the best option for the choice you have made.

To download the modded version of SnapTik. Firstly you need to go to your browser can be Google Chrome, Opera, etc. Search for the keyword “SnapTik mod application Download”. The current running version of the latest Apk is v4.12. You can find the latest one. The result will show on your screen as per the keyword you’ve entered. Go to the Top-ranked website from your search page. After that, you can download the Modded version of the SnapTik application.

Benefits of SnapTik

The main and highlighted feature of the website is offering a user to download the TikTok video without a watermark. this program is available for your smartphone, Tablet, and you can use the program o your PC with the help of your browser as well.

It won’t ask you for Login or Registration and doesn’t ask you for payment. but the free version of the software asks you to watch ads only and the people who really appreciate the facility won’t complain about watching ads.

Here are the major features of the SnapTik

  • You can remove the watermark from the video of TikTok. Even you can store videos after downloading. removing watermark from TikTok videos enable you to use it on different platforms.
  • The videos on TikTok created by artists need them as members of the platform. after being a member they create their videos and publish the content on other social handles. but on the other hand, SnapTik allows you to explore all the features of TikTok without even being a member of the platform.
  • You can save all the videos from tiktok in your internal storage. you can create your database of these videos without even posting them on any social media. this is beneficial for you to use in future as they don’t have any branding label of TikTok.

How to install SnapTik ?

As we all know that TikTok has become the most popular platform around the world. People are crazy for creating videos and getting loads of fame. It has billions of users worldwide. For this reason, a very positive thing is the application platform is absolutely safe. Every day from everywhere new people join TikTok even Sportsmen, Politicians, Celebrities, and others with already have a lot of popularity. for the most part, They use the application to influence people. With the help of SnapTik, the popular video was downloaded for reuse on other platforms.

The application is absolutely fabulous in that it stores the TikTok videos. People are ultimately crazy for the site and wait for the new clip every day so they can download or watch as soon as possible. An enormous amount of people post TikTok videos on their social handles like Instagram and Facebook. And at the end of the day, you need an Application that provides you downloading service by removing the watermark.

There are two ways you can download the SnapTik application

Directly Download from Google Play Store

The SnapTik application is Officially available on Google. So You can download SnapTik directly from Google Play Store. You just need an Android device from where you can go to the Google Play Store. Search for the SnapTik by entering the name into the search bar of the Play Store. In the meantime, The result will be shown on your screen on the basis of your search.

SnapTik on Google Play Store
SnapTik on Google Play Store

You will find the one application with having the company name as “SnapTik Video Downloader”. Click on the application and Tap on the Install button. Wait for the completion of the download. After that, you will be able to access the application from the My Application area on your android device.

Download from any browser

Firstly you need to go to your device browser. Search for the SnapTik Apk Download. The result will be shown on your screen as per your search. Find the website where you can possibly get the application file to download. You can use online websites such as Apkpure, Apkdone, etc. After downloading the app file go to your settings and find the option of “Install from Unknown Sources”. You need to enable the option so that you can install an application from your internal storage. After enabling the option. Go to the file manager and install the SnapTik Apk. Now you can access the application from the My application area.

How to Download SnapTik on PC

In addition, People have different needs. As some people want to use the SnapTik on their PC. We all know that the SnapTik application is available for Android devices. But we can also use it on our computer. The question is How can we do that?. There’s always a solution for every problem. You can switch your PC into an Android device in a few minutes. You just need an Emulator to do that.

What is an Emulator ?

The emulator is a software-based program that helps you to use Android OS on your PC. As we know SnapTik is available for Android. When we need to use these Android applications on our PC then we can use the emulator to explore Android experience. What you need to do is only download an Emulator on your computer and install it. After that, you can use it as an Android OS.

Best Emulators for PC

  • Nox Emulator – Nox player is one of the most known android emulators on pc. It is fully compatible with gaming and applications and works smoothly. Users will experience the same gaming environment as a system. It is supportive of the gamepad. keyboard, etc. Nox player is highly recognized by gamers and users around the world. More than 150 million people are using it currently. The company is planning to release upgrades with many premium features for the user. It is also open-source software that supports Windows, Android, Mac OS, etc. It is also supportive for Android 7 and gives super performance to the user
Nox Player
Nox Player
  • BlueStacks – It is an American company made emulator. It was built to a push all mobile boundaries. It allows users to run applications and HD games on the desktop. To maximize their capacity they made a unique platform that is a combination of digital advertising and traditional channels which has never been done previously. BlueStacks raise around $30 million in funds from Samsung, Qualcom Ventures l, intel, Andreessen Horowitz and others. It doesn’t take a lot of RAM and has a user-friendly installation facility. It can be customizable for gaming controls having a clean interface and multitasking at a time. Supportive for Android, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS and cost is $24 per month and annual available as open source.
  • Remix OS Player Emulator – Remis OS player is an Android Emulator for the windows system and know to offer the most proficient android experience. The user only needs a .exe file to run this Emulator. It is built for Android PC and provide very good usability for android applications. It is open-source software and works on Android and Microsoft Windows. It supports multi-functions.

How to Use SnapTik on PC

  • Firstly you have to go to your browser and search for BlueStacks .com.
  • The user interface of BlueStacks will open on your PC screen. Now you just have to click on the “download” button and wait for the completion of the download.
  • When the download will complete. You can install the BlueStacks app player on your PC.
  • Tap on the downloaded file for the installation process. And click on “Install now”.
  • After installation, it asks you to click on the “Complete” button.
  • Setup the downloaded application by entering your email address.
  • Your android device is ready on your PC. Now you need to open Google Play Store. And search for the keyword “SnapTik” and click to install the application the same as you do on your android.

Download Tiktok Videos From Snaptik?

SnapTik is the simplest application with a bulk of features. You just need to download the application from Google Play Store or from Web Browser. After installing the application just click to open and you come to the platform interface is absolutely user friendly.

  • You just need to Open TikTok and choose the video you want to download.
  • After choosing that click on the Share button and Copy the link to Clipboard.
  • Go to the Application menu where you find SnapTik and click to launch the application.
  • There will be a search bar placed on the Top middle area where you have to paste the link which you have copied from TikTok or either you can direct click on the “Paste Link” button so that the link will paste in the search bar.
Download Tiktok Videos
Download Tiktok Videos
  • The result will be shown under the search bar area. You can download the video by Clicking on the “Download” button.
  • After downloading the video it will show a text saying “Your video has been downloaded”. You will be able to the video result. It shows you video duration in seconds or minutes.
  • There are other options available such as Play Button. By tapping of play button the video will start playing. Another button as “Send” is for sharing where you can share the video directly. The third button is “Delete” which you can use to Delete the video. It will create a library of downloaded videos for you so that you can access them in future.

Major Features of SnapTik

The SnapTik application comes as a tool for Tiktok. It is not affiliated with the TikTok company. The SnapTik platform helps a user to download their watermark-free videos.

  • You don’t need to log in or create an account to use the application. You can access it without a login.
  • It offers you a service to remove watermarks from your TikTok video.
  • You can download your videos without a watermark with just one click.
  • It doesn’t ask you to pay and able you to download videos without any charges anywhere.
  • The downloading process will remain in the background. If you want to exit the application you can leave as it won’t interrupt your download.
  • It has a Built library where you can store your videos.
  • The application is not too heavy. You can easily use it if you don’t have much storage.

Alternatives of SnapTik


MusicallyDown is one of the best alternatives for SnapTik. This is an online tool. From the help of this application you will be able to download TikTok videos without Watermark. Not only this but also you can download Mp3 music from TikTok Videos free of cost.

It allows you to download unlimited TikTok videos that will be watermark free. You can download TikTok videos enormously. The video your download from MusicallyDown will be in HD quality and you can extract the Mp3 music from the videos. So that means you can download both Mp3 and Mp4 at a sam3 time.


TTDownloader is the online tool available for downloading TikTok videos. The tool is completely comes with free access. You can download unlimited TikTok video with the help of TTDownloader. It is up to you whether you want to download your video with watermark or without watermark. TTDownloader offers you to download Mp3 music that is extracted from Mp4A format.

You just have to open your TikTok application and tap on “Share” button. It will show you “Copy Link” option. Simply click on the option to copy the link to the clipboard. go to the browser of your device and search for the official website of TTDownloader .com, The interface of the website will show on your screen. There is a search bar located on the front page of the website where you have to paste the link in the search box. After that click on the “Get Video” button. When it will be ready it shows you if you want to download the video with watermark or without a watermark.


ExpertsPHP is the one of the best replacement of SnapTik. This is the online tool that offers you to download TikTok videos, Pinterest videos, and Pinterest photos. You can remove the watermark from videos you want to download. After that can download videos in different qualities also you can download the music from the videos.

A user needs to go to you Android or Ios device and open the TikTok application. Simply copy the link of video to the clipboard. After copying the link. You need to open Your browser that can be Google Chrome, internet explorer or any other. Now go to the official link of the ExpertsPHP .Com and it will show you interface of the tool.

There is a search box available in the middle area in which you have to paste the link that you have copied from TikTok. After that simply click on “download” button. After clicking on the download button user need to wait for the option turn into “download link” to “download video”. You just have to click on “Download Video” button and the video will be downloaded into your device.


In the final analysis, we have come to know that the SnapTik application offers a user facility to download their TikTok videos without watermark. The user can even store the downloaded videos in the Application built-in library. SnapTik platform is absolutely user-friendly and does not ask you to log in.

However, it shows a lot of pop-up advertisements but this is not as big a problem. On the other hand, if you don’t want to watch the ads that continuously annoy you. You can download the Modded version of SnapTik. Where you don’t have to watch ads. It comes with an ads-free service. You can download the mod version by following the steps that we have given above.

There are many alternatives available that can be replaced with SnapTik. But all the other platforms have different qualities and drawbacks. You can download as per your needs. If you have queries regarding this article. You can ask us in the comment section. Our team will contact you with a solution as soon as possible. Don’t forget to leave feedback for us.

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