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Save From Net: Download Online Videos

In this article, we have discussed Save From Net Website. Chances are high that you must have already heard about it before. It’s a famous site which is used to download videos online. Famous websites like YouTube Vimeo, Facebook, etc. serve videos on regular basis.

Save From Net – Video Download Tool

Users can download videos from these sites easily using Save From Net. On Save From Net website, they have inbuilt video downloader which works automatically once you enter the video URL in it. It allows users to download the content and save it in your device for further usage.

No extra charge will be levied as everything available on Save From Net is free of cost. Once the user enters the video link, it will show multiple download formats. It’s all up to you in which quality you want to download the video. If having high speed internet then we recommend download it in HD Format as it’s better and more clear.

Those who are on a limited data connection should compromise with the quality of video so that it can be downloaded quickly. It works very well with almost all the well known browsers, like Google Chrome, Brave, Microsoft Edge and so on.

No need to download any software or use third party website to download video from internet. Various types of formats in which video can be downloaded are 4k, 2k, 1080p, 720p, 360p and so on. The best part of Save From Net is that it supports HD Format, which is rare these days. One can also download and convert mp3 files if needed. Its reach is just not limited to some popular video websites. User can also download video from any website on it, and it works like charm.

Why only Save From Net?

Many times what happen is we come across a video on these platforms and want to download so that it can be shared with friends. These platforms like youtube, facebook don’t allow anyone to download video directly from there. Now it’s possible because of Save From Net website. What makes them great is that there is no need to download any software or app. All work can be done directly from their website.

Though there are tons of video downloading websites but it’s rare to find one like Save From Net. Most of the video downloaders have privacy issues, and they don’t support HD Downloading. If you are a heavy pc users then we recommend you to download Chrome Browser extension of Save From Net.

Save From Net Website
Save From Net Website

It’s lightweight, easy to use, and biggest benefit is it removes the usage of website. Everything can be handled direct through their extension via drag and drop manner. It supports direct download of videos, images and GIF files. All the work will be done automatically through a secure and private route which ensures safety of all. If you are interested in trying save from net extension, then go to app store of browsers and search for it.

Usage of SaveFromNet

We have covered it in more detailed manner if you scroll down little. All the steps and guides are also added accordingly. In case if you are Opera user then it doesn’t allow adding any extension directly. In such cases, we have to download Chameleon opera extension.

With the help of it one can easily add save from net extension. Apart from save from net it also supports other extensions also which will work with the browser.

Even though website don’t allow download of file, user can download it using save from net extension. It works like charm. Those who are big fan of youtube playlist feature can attach it with save from net. After that, it will show various video formats in which file can be downloaded.

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How to Download Videos from Save From Net

In this section, users will learn how exactly they can download video using Save From Net tool. We have listed all the steps, images which will help you out. Here we have taken simplistic approach so that users won’t face any issue in understanding the guide. We expect that all our viewers will follow all the given steps. If there is any issue or doubt then drop a comment below for our team.

  • First go to Save From Net website
  • The Link which you have to follow is https://en.savefrom.net
  • Now homepage of Save From Net website will appear
  • Now go to any site like facebook, youtube, twitter, instagram
Download Online Video
Download Online Video
  • Copy the link of that particular video which you want to download
  • Now after that paste that link on Save From Net website
  • Click on Download button
  • Now wait for few seconds and let it do their work
  • List of all the video formats will appear
Video Formats
Video Formats
  • Click on dropdown menu and then click on More to see list of all the formats
  • All you have to do is choose any of the format and wait for few seconds
  • After a moment, downloading will start

To get the best download speeds, we recommend using Internet Download Manager. It uses various types of technology to provide the best possible speed. Sometimes page gets crashed because of overload. In such cases, either wait for a while or refresh the page and follow all the steps again.

Download Save From Net Extension for Chrome

Using chrome extension, users can download online videos with a single click. Their extension is heavy, clean interface and good-looking. In this section we have also covered Save From Net extension for other browsers also which includes Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Yandex and Safari. Without any delay, do follow below given steps to start using their browser extension.

  • First go to Save From Net Website
  • Now look at top menu bar
  • Click on Install Link
  • After that new page will appear on your screen
  • Go through the details of browser extension and read all the features
  • After that click on Download button
  • Wthin 2-5 seconds, download of chrome extension will complete
  • Now install the extension and reopen the browser

Open any of the video in your browser and a download button will appear in front of it. This is how you can download save from net extension for web browser. If you want to install Save From Net extension in other browsers, then go to install page. Complete guide to go to that page is already given above. After that go through the features list and scroll down. Now list of all the browsers will appear. All you have to do is choose browser of your wish and click on install the extension link.

Features of Save From Net

In this section, we have listed some salient features of Save From Net. Only because of amazing features it’s loved by millions of people. In past few year’s growth of Save From Net is mind-boggling. We tried to cover all the useful features so that users can make informed decision.

  • As it uses very less resources, it’s fast and secure at the same time.
  • It supports most of the famous website for download of video, while others have very limited option
  • It works like charm even though multiple videos are present on single webpage
  • In cases of multiple videos, it shows download links of all videos in available formats
  • The best part of Save From Net is it supports HD Downloading whereas other competitor support low quality
  • No need of registration or to buy trial. It’s a direct to-do website which works at ground level
  • Those who have their own website or app can embed Save From Net into it to benefit their users
  • Use add-on or extension of Save From Net in your browser, which is very rare these days

Must Know About Save From Net

Once you have installed Save From Net extension. Things will change all of a sudden. Now open any site which serves video to users publicly. Do make sure that video should not be private otherwise save from net won’t work on it. Now when you play the video, download button will appear at top right corner.

Using that download button choose the quality of video in which you want to download the file. Save From Net supports various video formats like mp4, avi, flv, Full HD, HD and so on.

As of now we don’t see any other alternative better than this. The future potential in Save From Net is massive and can reach to more millions of users in coming months. Their developer team has built an epic pdf tool. Using it you can edit, rotate, compress and compress. Also, it supports conversion of files. All these features are available at single place which is great thing.

How Save From Net Earns?

So many people are interested in knowing the earning of save from net tool. Things were ot same since the start. They struggled for years to get a decent amount of viewership. As we all know, one has to be patient to get the result. This is what happened with this website.

Now each month, millions of people visit this tool to download videos from famous social media portal. High paying sponsors are working closely with them along with some famous agencies. Whenever you go to save from net, few ads will appear at right side of the page. This is one of the major earning source of this website, using which they are paying their expenses.

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