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MP Aspire Portal: Login & Registration Steps

Madhya Pradesh Government has launched MP Aspire Portal which will help students in their career guidance. It comes under the education department of the state. On a Facebook Live event, information regarding this portal have been given by the government.

Through this article you will get to know how you can take benefits from the portal and do login on website along with registration steps. Each year a test has been taken through MP Career Mitra App for class 10th students.

That test helps the students in choosing their field of interest. Madhya Pradesh government has also built career guidance portal with the help of UNICEF to improve the education system in the state. You can access the portal by going to mpaspire.com in your laptop.

MP Aspire Portal

MP Government is doing great job in education field as they have launched many schemes and portals for common people. MP Aspire Portal is one such milestone in education journey. This portal will help students in deciding their career as most of the students remain clueless at very crucial stage of their life. On the portal students will get to know about the field of their choice and various exams which they can give to get admission.

After successful registration students will get information about various colleges and courses offered. As of now 600 courses, 21,000 colleges and 11,000 scholarships are there in the portal for the students. From each school at least 2 teachers are trained for the aspired portal in the state. These teachers will help the students if they have any question or doubt. They will also guide you in doing registration and login.

MP Aspire Portal
MP Aspire Portal

Eligibility Criteria for MP Career Guidance Portal

  • Only those students who are from Madhya Pradesh can do register on the portal
  • This portal is only for those students who are studying in class 9th to 12th
  • Those students who will get login details from their respective school can do registration on MP Aspire
  • Private school students can’t take benefit of this scheme as it’s only for government schools
  • Some important documents are required for registration on the portal which will verify student’s identity like Aadhaar Card, Academic certificates, Marksheet etc

Benefits of MP Aspire Portal

  • It will help students in making right choice by choosing their field of interest after completion of 12th class. There are various features and tests which will help you to analyze yourself
  • At least two teachers from each school will be trained for MP Aspire portal which will help you. If you face any difficulty while registering or logging in to the portal then these teachers will be there to guide you
  • Vast choice is available on the portal. Around 550 career options are there which will help in making right and informed decision
  • Schools are responsible for regisetring their students on the online portal which will decrease the workload of students
  • Information of around 21000 colleges is given in the portal which is big achievement itself. Students can check each college, their work culture and courses offered. This will enhance the career of student
  • Also details about scholarship is given time to time. If you have financial issues then this will surely help in so many ways.

MP Aspire Portal Login Steps

To take full advantage of MP Aspire Career Portal it’s must that you should have registered on it. Do follow below steps to learn how you can register yourself

  • First of all open MP Aspire Portal website in your device: https://mpaspire.com
  • Now you will get to see homepage on screen
  • There you can see login box where you have to enter Login ID and Password
  • Remember Samgra ID is of 9 digits
  • You will get login details through your school only
  • Now enter Samgra ID and Password in it and click on Log In button
  • Fially you can see your account on the screen
  • There you will get to see various career options like vocational courses, college details and so on
  • Click on Scholarship section to check updates about scholarships
  • Now go through the various options to make right career choice

This portal can also be accessed by teachers of the school. All they have to enter is their Dice code and password, default password for teachers is 123456. Once logged in to the portal it’s recommended that they change the password to avoid any suspicious activity. After login they can get various options of their students and school details in it.

Login Steps

Update Profile in MP Aspire Portal

It’s must that you fill entries and provide data to the portal so that it will help you in choosing your field of interest. To do that one must know how to update profile and fill entries. Follow our below guide and learn about updation of data.

  • First of all open MP Aspire webiste
  • Now do login using login credentials given by your teacher
  • Now scroll little bit and look at right side of the page and click on menu
  • Now do select My Career Choice link from the list and click on it
  • Now it will ask some details like college where you wish to study
  • Do select country and state of your wish
  • Please note that you can choose only two countries for further studies
  • Select the course which is of your interest from the huge list availale on portal
  • After that do select career of your choice which excites you and select language
  • When done click on Save button to submit data and update profile

You can easily view your profile anytime and the entries filled by you by clicking on My Career Link from menu.

Download Madhya Pradesh Career Mobile App

No need of computer or laptop to take advantage of the portal. As government has launched the android app, users can access their account in mobile only. As of now app is not available for apple users, maybe in future we can see it on app store. Follow below steps to download mp aspire mobile app in your android phone.

  • First of all go to MP Aspire website: https://mpaspire.com
  • Look at top of the page
  • There you will get to see a banner which says: Download the Career App today!
  • Just click on it and it will redirect you to Google Play Store
  • You can also directly go to google play store in your mobile phone
  • Do search for Madhya Pradesh Career App
  • Now you will get list of results
  • Do click on the app which is developed by Aasman Foundation
  • Click on green color install button
  • Download will begin now and app will be installed automatically

Direct Link to Download Madhya Pradesh Career App

MP Career Android App

Career Details on MP Aspire Portal

Now let’s understand how you can make use of Aspire portal to select the career of your wish. Before that make sure that you have access to your account. Follow all the steps given and make the right career choice

  • First you have to go to MP Aspire Portal and login your account
  • Now after succesfull login click on My Career option from menu
  • Now new page will be displayed on screen
  • There you will get to see various options for your career
  • Career, College selection, entrance exams and scholarship related link will be there
  • You can click on any of them as per your need and knowledge
  • You will get complete information related to the link you are clicking on
  • This will improve your knowledge about various topics and help you in making informed decision
  • If you are not accessing the portal from personal device then do logout your account after completion

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