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Lottery Sambad Today’s Result by Nagaland State Lottery

In this article we will discuss Lottery Sambad Result which is announced today. Millions of people each month search for it on Nagaland Lottery website. Don’t worry you will get complete information about lottery sambad here. We have discussed basics, history and how nagaland lottery evolved in india.

Lottery Sambad – Nagaland Lottery Result

Those users who have bought sambad lottery of 1 PM, 6 PM, 8 PM can check live result here. We have published all the important details exclusively in this article. We have published multiple sambad lottery results along with various time slots. User have to choose the given time and simply click on view lottery result button. In interest of our audience, we have also uploaded pdf files.

Simply download PDF file to view latest lottery sambad result. We take results and other essential data directly from official sites like www.nagalandlotteries.com to give accurate results.

Now no need to wait as everything important already updated here.

We have assigned a separate team just to update lottery sambad result on daily basis.

If you are checking results from third party websites then don’t forget to verify data from other sites. As one mistake can do lot of damage.

Some people call lottery sambad as Lottery Sambad 8 PM and AajTak Lottery Sambad. This type of lottery is played at night @ 8PM on daily basis. Lottery Sambad is played three times in a day. Starting from 1 PM and ending at 8 PM. First lottery sambad is played at 1 PM, After that at 6 PM in evening then at 8 PM Night last lottery takes place. Below, we have listed some details about lottery sambad in tabular form. Go through to get basic idea about it.

Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Result

Lottery NameLottery Sambad Nagaland State Lottery
StateNagaland,  Sikkim, West Bengal
Draw NameDear Morning (1 PM)
Evening Dear (6 PM)
Dear Night (8 PM)
Draw Time1 PM
Prize Money₹1 crore
Lottery Sambad ResultOnline
Result StatusAnnounced
Official websitewww.nagalandlotteries.com

Lottery Sambad 1 PM Result

Lottery Sambad 1 PM Result

Lottery Sambad 6 PM Result

Lottery Sambad 6 PM Result

Lottery Sambad 8 PM Result

Lottery Sambad 8 PM Result

Legal Status of Lottery Sambad

Lottery Sambad in Nagaland has gained huge number of fans when supreme court of india ruled out to allow to state governments to manage lotteries in respective state. After that 13 states decided to run lotteries in their states.

Those 13 states where lottery sambad has gained legal status are Nagaland, Kerala, Maharashtra, Goa, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab,  Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Manipur, Sikkim, and Mizoram. We update our nagaland results after 15 to 20 minutes so that fresh information is served to users.

Though lottery sambad is played 3 times in a day. Most of the users participate in morning lottery which takes place at 1 PM.

Around 50 to 70% of total traffic come only at morning time. No one exactly know the reason behind it but people think that their chances of winning is quite high in morning, maybe because of good luck of something like it.

Check Dear Lottery Result Live

Morning Lottery Sambad of Nagaland

Nagaland Morning Lottery has 11 Weekly Games, which are as follows:

  • Dear Loving Morning – This is held on Monday morning and its results are released at 1 PM. In this, 26 lakhs are given to the winner.
  • Dear Sincere Morning- This is held on Tuesday morning and its results are released at 1 PM. In this, 50 lakhs are given to the winner.
  • Dear Faithful Morning- This is held on Wednesday morning and its results are released at 1 PM. In this, 50 lakhs are given to the winner.
  • Dear Kind Morning- This is held on Thursday morning and its results are released at 1 PM. In this, Rs. 50 lakhs are given to the winner.
  • Dear Tender Morning- This is organized on Friday morning and its results are released at 1 PM. 50 lakhs are given to the winner.
  • Dear Gentle Morning- This is held on Saturday morning and its results are released at 1 PM. In this, 50 lakhs are given to the winner.
  • Dear Affectionate Morning – This is held on Sunday morning and its results are released at 1 PM. In this, the winner gets Rs 50 lakhs.

Lottery Sambad Draw Schedule

11:55 AM Draw Schedule & Names

DaysDraw Names
FridayDear Valuable Morning
ThursdayDear Love Morning
WednesdayDear Respect Morning
TuesdayDear Admire Morning
MondayDear Cherished Morning
SundayDear Precious Morning
SaturdayDear Treasure Morning

04:00 PM Draw Schedule & Names

DaysDraw Names
FridayDear Bangashree Damodar
ThursdayDear Bangashree Ichamati
WednesdayDear Bangalakshmi Teesta
TuesdayDear Bangalakshmi Torsha
MondayDear Bangalakshmi Raidak
SundayDear Bangabhumi Bhagirathi
SaturdayDear Bangabhumi Ajay

08:00 PM Draw Schedule & Names

DaysDraw Names
FridayDear Ostrich Evening
ThursdayDear Hawk Evening
WednesdayDear Flamingo Evening
TuesdayDear Parrot Evening
MondayDear Eagle Evening
SundayDear Falcon Evening
SaturdayDear Vulture Evening

Nagaland Lottery Sambad Winning Amount

Lottery Sambad has changed winning amount several times. Few years back the first winner used to get Rs. 10 Lakh. As participation increased, the amount is also increased to whopping Rs. 25 Lakh. In 2020 the winning amount was doubled which was Rs. 50 lakh. You will be glad to know that now first winner get Rs. 1 Crore on winning Nagaland Sambad Lottery.

We all know the value of Rs 1 Crore in this time. It can change life of anyone which is why people buy lottery tickets. One should understand that addiction towards it can give negative results.

Many people have lost everything because of such things. Nagaland Lottery Sambad have complete rights to make changes in winning amount anytime. Face value of lottery sambad is Rs 6.

  • The first winner will be given Rs 1 Crore
  • The second winner will get 9000 rupees.
  • The third winner will be given 450 rupees.
  • The prize money for the fourth winner will be 250 rupees.
  • The fifth winner will get Rs 120.
  • The consolidation prize is also kept which is 9000 rupees.

Why Lottery Sambad Nagaland?

If lottery sambad seems interesting to you then give a try to test your luck. Who knows if you can win Rs. 1 Crore. Do buy Nagaland Sambad Lottery ticket for future chances. Ticket cost is as low as Rs. 11 which is not a big deal for anyone. We invest such amount on daily basis just for fun.

Do check live sambad result on our website only. If you are big fan of video content then do check out lottery sambad youtube channels. Few channels are authentic and have genuine fan following for nagaland lottery. Please ignore rubbish channels which uploads incorrect information on internet.

Nagaland Lottery is Trusted or Risky?

Participant need not worry about the authenticity of the nagaland lottery as it’s run by state government. If something wrong happens during Lottery Sambad then state government will solve the issue.

Don’t worry if you are not nagaland resident, you can buy tickets in other states also which includes Sikkim, West Bengal, Mizoram and Manipur etc. Stay away from private lotteries as it’s not allowed by the government. If you lose money in any kind of lottery fraud, then no one will help you out.

Rates of private lotteries are also very high which many people can’t afford. Always remember that it’s totally based on luck and skills have nothing to do your winning chances.

Never ever get addicted to it, otherwise it will destroy your life. In past many people did suicide because of lottery sambad as they have invested everything to buy lottery tickets which is wrong practice.

You are here to earn some money, not to lose it. If you are resident of any such state where lottery sambad is not allowed, then you can’t participate in it. Once you win lottery, all the details of winning participant will be checked thoroughly to credit money into your account.

In this article, we have listed all the names of past year winners. Look at them just to get some motivation in your life. Such type of lotteries are most famous in kerala and nagaland. In some states it’s being regulated by state government for more than 52 years. People generally see it as a way to remove all life problems because money plays major in our day to day life.

History of Nagaland Lottery Sambad

In this section, we will talk about how lottery sambad has started. Majorly it came from china and egypt. People used to play it for fun and random prize is given to winners to motivate them.

This is how lottery sambad first introduced to the world. It’s modernization happened in 20th century.

Lots of people gave their suggestion and things have improved drastically. Do you know that after the end of World War II it’s declared as illegal in many countries because of lack of regulation and fraud activities. As time passed on, people acknowledged the importance of Lottery sambad. Lotteries were first legalized in Netherlands, Germany, Italy, England, and France during the 15th century. 

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