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Movie Rulz: Watch & Download Telugu Movies

You can watch and download telugu movies on Movie Rulz website. It offers several features and services to users at no cost

We all have seen hundreds of sites which allows users to watch telugu or tamil movies online. Only few sites are there which serves content in multiple languages. Movie Rulz is one such website which uploads content on their servers in multiple languages. Movies are one of the best way to get some rest from boring schedule. After all we work hard each day to earn bread and butter. We deserve to enjoy little bit by which we can refresh our mind.

Movie Rulz Telugu Movies

In the digital era, it’s quite easy to get whatever you want on internet. Millions of site serve content on daily basis. We must understand that not all sites are useful. Huge increase in data has created lot of confusion among users as most of them simply push junk content to users.

Now it’s very hard or almost impossible to find out those sites which genuinely work for the audience. Movie Rulz is one of those telugu movie sites which provides amazing movies constantly to the users.

It gives freedom to download telugu movie in various HD Formats including 480p, 720p and 1080p. Their team is working very hard to push update which will serve 4K Telugu movies.

We and our team don’t support movie piracy in any manner. To help small artists and cinema workers, we all should contribute some amount. After all, releasing epic movies in cinema halls need big amount of investment. If you watch for free then how will these people do their business.

Movie Rulz Website
Movie Rulz Website

Currently multiple duplicate sites of Movie Rulz are active on internet which are doing fraud activities directly or indirectly. This is why we thought to create a separate post on Movie Rulz to aware our audience.

Movie Rulz Website – Overview

On movie rulz, users can download telugu, Hollywood dubbed, telugu dubbed, tamil, Malayalam, tamil dubbed, English Movies and Web Series. Most of the people think that correct website link of Movie Rulz is movie rulz. com. This fact is totally correct and far from reality.

From time to time the site owner keep on changing domains so that user won’t face any inaccessibility issue. As they provide content for free, telecom operators hate this thing which is why they block their domain time to time.

It rarely happens that you see not found error on Movie Rulz website because most of the trending movies are available on the portal. It doesn’t matter which type of movie you want to watch, it should be there on site. In case if it’s not there then don’t get disappointed, make use of request movie feature and connect directly with admin team. Mostly you will be able to watch or download telugu movie next day of release. Those who want to watch HD copy of that movie, do wait for at least 5 to 7 days. Content is not limited to movies only, those who love to watch tv shows or documentaries can also check this site for timely updates.

Movie Rulz Homepage

They designed the homepage after receiving thousands of user submissions. Homepage which you see today is made after making several changes. What makes movie rulz different from other site is their developer team, they really listen to the audience suggestion. At top of the homepage there is a search button, which is a lifesaver.

When nothing works, search tool helps. Many times user don’t see their favorite movie on the website. In this case they can use search tool. If still getting not found error that means movie is not available on server. We can use request movie feature so that admin team will upload that movie as per user request.

On Movie rulz website, featured movies category is there. Under featured movie category you can see all the super hit blockbuster movies. It’s one of the most used category available on website. Below that there is Latest Movies category available on homepage.

Telugu Movies Category
Telugu Movies Category

This is browsed by those who love to watch latest movies. Usually, people want to watch telugu movies as soon as possible after release. At right side of the page there is a alphabetical widget. All you have to do is click on Alphabets to watch movies accordingly.

If movie name is Jai Bhim then user should click on C, for Sridevi Soda Center click on S and for Madhura Wines click on M and so on. Another useful widget is there on Movie rulz, Links of various years are given on this widget. Simply click on any of the year and movies will appear which were released on that year.

Watch Telugu Movies by Year – Movie Rulz

Using Movie Rulz website, users can download movies on the basis of released year. Suppose you know about a telugu movie which is released in 2016 but forgot the name. In such case year wise comes into place.

All you have to do is just go to Movie Rulz website and click on Telugu Movies in 2016 Link. Now hundreds of movies will appear on device screen which are released in 2016 year. Look for your movie and start downloading. Several year wise categories are available at menu bar. Best part is that it’s not limited to only telugu movies. Currently dubbed movies are not available in year wise category. Their team is working hard day and night to push this in next update.

You can download tamil, hindi, Kannada and hollywood movies on the basis of year. To learn how to download movies from Movie rulz, do follow our below guide.

Download Telugu Movies from Movie Rulz

This is the most important guide which is available on whole article of Movie Rulz. All the other guides and photos are useless if you don’t know how to download telugu movies. We all have seen that great content is key of this movie download website.

Download Telugu Movies

Recently they have uploaded so many blockbuster movies including Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya, Game Over, George Reddy, Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy, Mathu Vadalara and Dear Comrade. If you are unsure about the quality of the movies. There ar two ways by which you can download movies.

If you are the one who have good technical knowledge and know basics of torrents then go ahead with torrents guide otherwise direct download is best option for novice users.

Take help of IMDb, check movie ratings there before downloading that particular telugu Movie. Because of huge success of Movie rulz site, many people copied the idea and launched their pirated site. Beware of such sites and don’t encourage movie piracy in any way.

It do more harm to the society than doing good. Always avoid duplicate sites as they may affect performance of your device.

Now coming back to the point, use Internet Download Managers for PC/Laptop and Advanced Download Manger for Android Mobile. Please follow all the steps carefully to successfully download telugu movies online.

Direct way to Download Movie

  • First go to official site of Movie Rulz
  • User will land to the homepage
  • After that look for your movie there
  • If it’s not available then use search tool given at the top
Movie Details
  • Click on Movie page to go to that particular page
  • Now on movie page various details will be given
  • Go through movie plot, cast, review rating and so on
  • This will help in making accurate decision
Download Links
  • Now scroll down and click on Download Now button
  • After that a 5 second timer will appear
  • Do wait and click on Verify Download button
  • Now choose movie quality and size to start download

Download Telugu Movie using Torrents

  • First go to Movie Rulz website
  • After that find out the movie for which you are looking
  • Now on movie page, go through all the images and other details
  • Then scroll down below
  • You will see Get this Torrent link below Download Now button
Download Torrent Movies
  • Simply hover your mouse of that link and copy magnet URL
  • Now paste that magnet URL in any torrent software

Use utorrent or bitcomet for torrent downloads. They are the best of their own world and have years of expertise. Several technologies are needed like data compression, cache engine, host apache to give fastest speed. You will be amazed to know that both of the software work on these tech.

Download Movie Rulz Apk for Mobile

More than 90% of visitors use Movie Rulz each day through mobile phones. Big screen devices like laptop nand tablets are quite expensive. People can’t invest huge chunk of their earning on these devices just for entertainment. Affordability and user-friendliness is one of the main reason why people visit these sites from mobile phones.

To address this issue, their team have launched Movie Rulz apk for android phones. As of now their app is not available for apple devices like iPhones and iPad.

Very soon you will see an update from their team in which they will launch iOS apps too.

There are two ways through which you can download their app. First is by going to Google Play Store and other is of downloading Movie Rulz apk directly from fullapk website. Don’t get disappointed after seeing lots of steps involved in downloading the apk file. Their admin team has created year wise category from where users can download Tamil Movie on the basis of release date. If you follow each steps then it won’t take more than 2-3 minute of time. You can choose any one of the process to download movie rulz apk.

Download Movie Rulz Apk – Fullapk

  • First go to any search engine and search for Movie Rulz Apk
  • Now various results will appear
  • All you have to do is go to fullapk link
  • Now scroll little bit, go through all the details of app
  • After that click on Download APK button
Download Apk
  • Do wait for 5 seconds so that links will generate
  • Now various links will appear
Movie Rulz Apk
  • Choose any of the server as per wish
  • Afer a moment apk download will start

Download Movie Rulz Apk – Google Play Store

  • In your mobile, launch Google Play Store
  • Search for Movie Rulz app
  • Now various apps will appear
  • Only click on that app which is developed by teluguapk team
Install Movie Rulz Apk
  • After that click on Install button to start installation process
  • Installation time of app depend on your internet connection speed
  • After successful installation, open movie rulz app

All the functions are same like website in mobile app. In fact the speed and server handling is much better than the website. This is why most of the people use app rather than going to site. It offers lots of features like pause download, HD Screens, Double Login, 2FA Security and Push Notification which takes user experience to next level.

Sites Like Movie Rulz

There are several sites available on internet through which one can watch or stream telugu movies. It’s quite obvious that not every site is made for everybody.

Still, if anyone is not satisfied with their performance and work culture, then you can try other alternatives. Movie Rulz works like lifesaver when suddenly main site stops working for some unknown reasons.

In that case user can easily go to those alternative sites to watch or download their desired films. If you come across spammy or suspicious links on movie rulz alternative sites, then don’t move further and close your browser immediately. Don’t allow telugu downloads until and unless you have requested from their server.

Movie Rulz alternatives are as follows: Vegamovies, Desiremovies, Moviepapa, Movieflix, Moviesverse, Airtel Rockers, Uwatchfree, HDhub4u and Prmovies.

If you are the one who is earning handsome money and want top-notch service without any compromise, then go with Premium Sites. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee5, Disney+ Hotstar, Discovery Plus are all Premium Movie Sites.

Cancel your subscription anytime if not satisfied with the service.

Their customer support works 24×7 on facebook and twitter. In case if any issue occurs their team is ready to help you out. Payment can be done through credit, debit card, net banking and UPI.

We don’t recommend our user to go to those sites which are serving copyrighted content. In case if you come to any such site then please stay away as they cause huge losses to the telugu movie industry. Multiple cases have been reported in the country where their device got infected or data stolen by such malicious websites.

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