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RNFI Login, Relipay & Services

In this article we have explained about RNFI Login, Relipay and Services which can be accessed on www.rnfi.in. We have seen how the evolvement of digitalization has improved life of many.

Now no user has to go to government offices or stand in long queue as everything is published on websites. To emove the problem of tax evasion and corruption government is trying to push digital transactions. As it also brings transparency, anonymous money transfer is not possible these days which has lot of impact on society.

RNFI Login

RNFI Login is also contributing and making business holders aware about the ease of doing business through digital transactions. Most of the vendors are taking keen interest in it and their involvement is at peak level. If you are thinking to setup own business by doing little hardwork then RNFI can be a good option. RNFI provides franchise in various states where user can do their business.

RNFI Login

It’s sad to see the state of villages as many of the people still have to travel and invest so much time for finance-related stuff. To solve this issue RNFI has came to the rescue. Now no need to waste your precious time by standing in never ending queue as it creates panic in customer mind.

RNFI Relipay aims to provide banking facilities even at remote areas. You can take benefit of this opportunity and serve basic services in your area. In this article we will discuss in detail how you can apply for rnfi franchise and do rnfl login. Gone are the days when sending money to another person was quite complicated and time taking. We must applaud the work done by National Payments Corporation of India by creating UPI and changing everything in this domain. RNFI is also trying to simplify stuff and equal rights to everyone living in any part of india. These days it’s hard to see companies gaining lot of trust in very little and RNFI is one such platform. Basically what they provide is B2B and B2C Financial Services and anyone having very little capital can start their franchise. Apart from money transfer there are lot of services which they provide and in good demand among public of remote area.

Some of these services are mobile recharge, bill payment, dth – movie booking and various other investment services. To become part of RNFI there is no need of expensive devices.

Almost all of us have smartphones and it’s enough to start working with RNFI. We have seen ao many positive feedbacks from customers and business partner about this platform. Some people loved it’s robust interface while many said that their payment cycles and commssion credit system is amazing and noone can beat it currently. Currently team at RNFI is working to add up some more features along with increasing their staff for better handling of customers.

RNFI Requirements

Anyone can take RNFI Relipay and login to start their earning journey. To maintain fairness and abide by laws they have mentioned certain conditions which should be met by individual. If any individual fails to meet their criteria then he/she can’t register for their services. Legal action will be taken if found in any kind of fraud or wrongdoing. Below is the list of terms and conditions of RNFI Relipay.

  • Those who are applying for RNFI Relipay should be indian national
  • Must have basic knowledge of technical stuffs and know how to handle computer
  • Must have some basic idea of banking related works
  • Must have passed 10th or 12th Class from recognized Board
  • Must have a shop which gets some customers on daily basis
  • Should not be included in criminal cases or frauds otherwise they will be deemed as not allowed

RNFI Relipay Features

After registering for RNFI user will get access to vast features and facilities. Your way to see banking in country will completely change after that. As told above, they serve b2b and b2c services to customers. Below we have listed all the features which are available on RNFI Portal.

RNFI AEPS: This is one of the most used and loved feature of RNFI. In this service you can have MicroATM with lowest cost possible. Through AEPS you can check your account balance and do cash withdrawal just by your fingerprint. The machine will verify your aadhar identity through aadhar card.

Cash Deposit: Yes, cash deposit is also possible with RNFI. If you have some spare cash with you and want to invest it in RNFI then you can do that by going to ICICI Branch. As of now only icici bank is allowed for this but soon you will get to see more banks in the list.

Money Transfer: We all know that how much pace online transactions has gained and getting lot of traction in developed areas. The situation in remote areas is still critical and need to be changed. Those people who don’t have much knowledge about online stuffs don’t want to do money transfer because of lack of trust and increase in financial frauds. To help such people RNFI provide money transfer facility to everyone.

Bill Payment: Other than money transfer there is more to add in RNFI Services list. Now no need to go to offices for bill payment as it takes lot of time of the customer. Best part is that you can make payment of your dth, electricity, gas and mobile recharges. As per the officials they are working day – night to add fastag pay feature also. It is definitely a life saver for those who don’t have all these services near their locality.

RNFI Registration Requirements

There are some requirements which must be met only then you will be ready for the relipay registration. To provide service to customers you need some stuff which serve them.

  • Fingerprint Reader
  • Pan Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Mobile Number
  • Photograph of applicant
  • Bank Passbook

RNFI Relipay & Services

So if you are thinking to be part of Relipay then you have to follow some measures to be part of their franchise. Those who are opting for RNFI Relipay have to pay a minimal amount as registration fee. Once that amount is paid you will get Login ID and Password from Relipay.

You can do login using those details and have access to all the online features. To start registration process you must have to go to the official website of RNFI Relipay. After that check contact us section, there you will get address and contact details.

Do contact your sales manager and tell them to do your registration so that you can take advantage of RNFI. If you are thinking to earn some commission through portal without paying any amount then it’s not possible. You will get login details only after paying registration fee. Sky is the limit when it comes to earning money as you will get profit on each refer. So a person having good communication skills and contacts can do very well.

RNFI Registration

In this section you will learn how to register yourself on RNFI and act as distributor in your area. Follow below given steps and you are done.

  • To register yourself first go to RNFI Services page: https://rnfiservices.com
  • Now homepage will appear and there you will get to see the introduction of the company
  • Look at top of the page, there are lot of options available there
  • Now click on Contact link
  • After that you will get to see a form on your screen
  • There enter your name, mobile number and email address
  • After that select your state from dropdown menu and work type
  • Now in the message section tell them that you want to register yourself on RNFI
  • In the end click on submit button

Now RNFI Staff will contact you via mobile or mail. If they feel legit then they will come to your address for document verification and other formalities will take place. Once that’s done you will get login details by him.

RNFI Login Steps

  • To login on RNFI Portal you have to go to their homepage: https://rnfiservices.com
  • After that scroll little bit on that page and click on Login link
  • Now new page will appear where you will be asked to enter Username and password
  • Do enter those details and tick on terms of conditions
  • After that click on Login button
  • Finally RNFI Relipay account will be opened and now you are ready to access the portal

RNFI Commision & Profit

RNFI AEPS Commission

TransactionRetailer Commission
501-1000RS. 1
1001-1500RS. 2
1501-2000RS. 3
2001-2500RS. 5
2501-3000RS. 6
3001-3500RS. 7
3501-MoreRS. 8

RNFI MINI ATM Commission

TransactionRetailer Commission
200-999RS .82
1000-1499RS  2
1500-1999RS  3
2000-2499RS  4.5
2500-2999RS 5.5
3000-3499RS 10
3500-MoreRS 7.5

RNFI Relipay Mobile App

Hardly we see anyone these days not using their smartphone. We all have our mobile phone which we can take anywhere unlike laptop or computer. To reach mass audience they have launched Relipay Mobile App. In this section we will tell you how to download the app in your phone.

  • First of all you have to go to Google Play Store in your phone
  • Now search for RELIPAY there
  • On your screen lot of apps will be listed
  • Click o the app which is developed by Web Streaks
  • After that click on Install button
  • Now app will be installed in your phone and you can use it anytime

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