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HRMS Haryana Login @ hrmshry.nic.in

HRMS Haryana is one of the most used and busiest portal across the state. You can go to official website by following this link: http://hrmshry.nic.in.

It serves very important purpose and made by government specially for employees and working class. It is the hardwork of engineers and creativity of staff which made it a reality.

HRMS Haryana
HRMS Haryana

If you are working for haryan government then HRMS Haryana will be very beneficial for you. HRMS Haryana stands for Human Resource Management System which is working to serve information to nearly 30,000 employees of the department and 66,000 of corporation. Undoubtedly they are big numbers and getting this feat at this pace is no joke. Through this portal you can do various work related to transfers, promotion, Billing, Pension, Ledger and so on. Various important forms are also available so there is no need to waste your precious time by going to government offices as most of the stuff is possible through HRMS Portal.

HRMS Haryana Login

To access this portal and take full advantage of it’s features one must learn to do HRMS Haryana Login. You can only do login after completing registration process. Those users who have not completed the registration are not allowed to do login. We tried to keep this guide sweet and short. I hope you like it.

  • To do HRMS Login first of all you have to go to this link: http://hrmshry.nic.in
  • Now homepage of HRMS Haryana will come on your screen
  • After that look at left side of the page
  • There you will see login options
  • First of all select nature of user: Level Admin User or Checker or Maker or Department Admin User
  • Then enter user id and password
HRMS Login
  • In the end enter security captcha to verify that you are not robot
  • At last click on Log In button
  • Now your profile will appear on HRMS Page
  • There you will get access to several features which are about transfers, promotions, mapping etc

HRMS Haryana Services

  • Basic Details of Haryana Employee 
  • Service book 
  • Transfer Orders
  • Mapping / Updation of Information
  • ACR Received/Missing/Pending 
  • Employee age (for extension purpose) 
  • Leave submission and Approval System (Implement)
  • Online submission of ACR in Excise and Tax, PHE, Treasury and Account Department (To be Implemented)
  • Order generation for Pay fixation

HRMS Haryana Super / Report Admin

Procedure to do HRMS Haryana Login is little bit different than Normal login. Here you will learn hoow one can do HRMS Super admin login. If you are looking for Report admin login then guide of that is also same.

  • First of all you have to go to HRMS Official website
  • Now scrolllittle bit and look for Super Admin Login link
  • After that you have to select user type from super / report admin
  • Do enter User ID and Password
  • Remember you can only enter Minimum 0 and maximum 20 characters
  • After that enter image captcha as given in image
  • Then you have to click on Log In button
  • Finally HRMS Haryana account will appear on your screen

If you are facing any trouble logging your account the do contact your administrator.

HRMS Haryana Relieving Process

  • First of all you have to do HRMS Login and it’s guide is given above
  • After logging in you have to click on Options link then you will get to see various links
  • From thes list of options you have to click on Transactions then click on Future Transactions
  • Now again few links will appear which says : Search by Unique code & Search by Group Rules/Designation
  • Use these filters and click on search button according to your need
  • After that various details will be displayed on screen
  • Now click on posting transfer and click on green color add which is present there
  • Now a small form will load on your browser
  • There you have to fill details about Posting Transfer, Pay Scale and working class
  • Now fill details about relieving, Working level. Accord Capacity and Service Book
  • Once all the details are filled do check once again
  • If all details are correct then click on Lock button and if anything is wrong then make changes accordingly

HRMS IFMS Helpdesk Login

IFMS is part of HRMS Portal which is resposible for improvement in work system, tracing errors and bugs along with lot of infrastructure issues. If any user have problem with HRMS portal then they can go to IFMS for solution. Once you have registered a issue then it will be sent to the staff for quick solution and department will work on it for improvement.

  • First of all you have to go to this link IFMS-HRMS
  • Then helpdesk page will appear on your device
  • Now enter username, password
  • Enter image captcha and click on Log In button
  • You can also click on Reset button to refresh login form

HRMS Haryana Important Links

  • Now Employee can view Service book, Bio Data, GPF statement, Salary statment, Salary Slips, Apply for Leave and tour on new web portal http://intrahry.gov.in 
  • Apply Leave and Tour on web portal http://intrahry.gov.in 

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