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Y2mate com: Download Video and Audio from YouTube

Y2mate com is the website which is very popular when it comes to downloading youtube videos online. Many times we love a video or song on YouTube but unable to download it as they don’t allow such feature as of now.

Why to Use Y2mate com ?

We all know that how famous this site is. It contains lots of amazing videos which people watch on daily basis. There are very few sites which allow download of audio and videos from YouTube. No doubt it’s a great way of entertainment whenever one is feeling down or happy. Each day millions of people across the world use YouTube for entertainment as they have billions of videos on their database. It’s part of top most viewed sites in the world. You might be wondering that how y2mate com can help you out when you have youtube. There are many instances where user is trying to watch a video but they are on low connectivity area. To address such issues we have published this article.

Now all you have to do is download YouTube videos using Y2mate and then play it whenever you want no matter if you have internet or not. You can download videos in various formats, starting from 144p to 1080p HD Quality. It’s very helpful site as you can download any YouTube video you want which is a big deal. Do make sure that there is plenty of free space in your device.

So if you are interested in y2mate com then this article will surely help a lot. Keep this in mind that if you want to download good quality videos then it will take lot of storage and internet data. Once you downloaded the file you are free from everywhere.

Download YouTube Video & Audio by Y2mate

Now play it anywhere without any restrictions as file is in internal storage of your device. The growth of y2mate com is amazing, each day they are adding lakhs of users which is great. Few years no one would have thought of such tool but now we all are using YouTube Downloader. As they use lightweight theme, site loads in a second. Developer team have used vibrant colors and the appearance looks fantastic which makes it beautiful.

Everything is clear and crisp so that user won’t face any issues in understanding things in much better way. Still if anyone is facing issue then their support system is always there to help you out. Best part of y2mate com is that it’s available in multi languages, so you can choose that accordingly. As we said it attracts viewers from various countries which is why it’s very important to keep y2mate com in multi languages.

As of now there are more than 15 languages available including English, Hindi, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Italian and so on. Though the most used language on site is English. Unlike other Youtube Downloading sites here you don’t have to pay a penny for it. Each and every service available on this site is free of cost. No matter how big or small a video is, y2mate com will surely help out is downloading it online. Also there is no limit on how much time one spend on website.

Whereas on other sites session got expired after a certain period of time. As of now we didi various security checks of y2mate and got to know that it’s free from malware and viruses. We have no hesitation in saying that this downloader site is safe to use as it passed many checks. You need not worry if it’s throwing error ow having issues while downloading youtube videos as it happens when there is high traffic. Do wait for a while so that traffic may go down and then try again. Apart from this they also support famous video formats including mp4, SD, HD, 3gp, AVI and many more. You migh have seen that most of the famous sites which serve videos don’t allow video download. Mainly it happens to keep the rights of owner.

Why Y2mate com is Better ?

Generally what people do is download the content and upload it here and there which is unethical. To stop such practices, site owners don’t allow download of videos. Don’t worry if you are mobile user as you can go through our download guide and it work for all mobiles also. Basically there is no need to download additional app in your phone which is a kind of relaxation for all of us.

Though tons of mobile apps are available which claim to download YouTube video but we don’t recommend it to our audience. You will be shocked to know that some people use paid downloaders, which is wastage of money.

Why to pay when you can do same work for free. Apart from youtube, y2mate com also support other video sites so you can give a try to it. Yes, you will see ads on their homepage as it’s their only source of income and we must support them.

These are clean banner ads and they won’t affect your browsing experience at all. We have various other competitive sites which do the same thing but they got failed because of multiple ads which gives bad experience.

Personally, we don’t advise any of our viewer to try other downloader as it may fill your device with viruses. So all you have to do is copy the link of YouTube which you want to download after that it will do it’s work. Do wait for a while and it will do all the conversion process in seconds which is epic. Now simply click on Download button, and you are good to go. It’s the most easisest and covenient way to download videos from Y2Mate website.

Features of Y2mate com Downloader

By now you must have understand that why Y2mate com is most preferable website when it comes to downloading youtube videos. It’s only because of it’s features, it’s loved worldwide by masses. Other sites have no comparison with it as they lack whatever y2mate offers. In this section we will get to know about all the features which are offered by y2mate com. Some which are added recently and only few users know about it, this post will make them aware.

  • Process of downloading youtube video is pretty simple and easy. All you have to do is copy and paste youtube video link
  • Apart from youtube it also supports thousands of other video serving sites including twtter, facebook, vimeo, dailymotion and so on
  • It allows user to download video in all the available formats, starting from 144p to 4k video quality. Poor quality videos will be downloaded quickly but one have to do compromise with video quality. If you want to download HD Quality video then it will take longer to download if Internet speed is poor.
  • It also allows to download subtitles from any video and then convert it into mp3. Converted mp3 file can be downloaded later on.
  • The best part of y2mate com is that it allows video downloading from famous ott websites also. User will never find anything like this on any other website.
  • It’s compatible with all advanced browsers because of that user won’t face any issue of compliance.
  • Types of video formats which are supported by y2mate com is MP4, M4V, 3GP, WMV, FLV, MO, MP3, WEBM, etc. Basically it supports all the latest possible video formats which is why it won’t throw any error while downloading the Youtube vidoe online.
  • It also allow users to convert & download video from YouTube, Facebook, Video, Dailymotion, Youku, etc. to Mp3, Mp4 in HD quality.

Download Youtube Videos from Y2mate com

If you are clueless and have no idea about how to download Youtube video from y2mate com then follow this guide. Here we have written all the actionable steps which you have to follow. There is no shortcut of it so follow all the steps and video download will start in a while. For further questions and inquiries do drop a comment below for our team. We will get back to you in a moment.

  • First search for y2mate on any of the search engine. You can try Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.
  • Now various links will appear, click on then so that y2mate site can open
  • After that y2mate com site will appear on the screen
  • All you have to do is go to Youtube and look for desired video which you want to download
  • If you want to download video in HD Quality then make sure that it’s available in HD Quality on Youtube otherwise it would be possible to get it in HD Quality.
  • Now do copy YouTube Video link and paste it on y2mate com then click on start button
  • Now wait for a while so that it can create download links in various formats
  • Various links will appear now along with file size
  • All you have to do is click on download button to get that video in particular format

We recommend all our user to use Download Softwares to get better speed than normal. No need to use any tricks of VPN as this site will surely work for all the users. Using stuffs like vpn will only complicate things which is no good at all. For better experience we recommend you to try their chrome extension. It’s one of the most trusted and old site which anyone can use comfortably. Other Youtube downloaders can create privacy issues or install virus in your device so stay away from them.

y2mate com YouTube Video Download Trick

There is another way to download YouTube video directly. In this method there is no need to go to y2mate com website. First go to desired youtube video then look at it’s url, add “pp” after word “youtube” in the url and press enter. After that choose the type of file and click on Download button to start video download.

For Example:

Original Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4rYxviymQY&ab_channel=ZeeNews

Link after adding pp: https://www.youtubepp.com/watch?v=X4rYxviymQY&ab_channel=ZeeNews

y2mate com Video Download Screenshot
y2mate com Video Download Screenshot

Download Audio from YouTube using Y2mate com

Many people have asked us that how to download audio files. They already know about the video part but many are clueless about audio conversion. In this section you will learn each and everything about download of audio files from youtube.

  • First search for y2mate com, then click to open official website
  • Now go to YouTube and search for desired video
  • All you have to do is simply copy the link
  • Now paste it in y2mate com and then click on Start button
  • Now wait for a while so that it can convert it into audio file
  • After few seconds everything will be processed
  • Now click on mp3 link and click on Download button
  • After a moment mp3 download will start
  • There you will get to see the audio quality, size and type of file
Download Youtube Video in mp3
Download Youtube Video in mp3

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