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Winzo App Download –Apk, Earn Money, Referral

Download Winzo App, Apk

Are you searching to generally earn actual money by way of playing online games, which is quite easy?. then this essentially available is for you, which literally is quite amazing.

Here in this article, we’ll definitely discuss everything. That a user definitely wants to know. And for the most part, be aware of one of the platforms and apps of the first-rated game known as the WinZO Gold app. That you can download, install, how to use, or other things.

We will let you know everything such as withdrawing and receiving money and many other illegalities and purposes in an easier way.

Now there are generally many money-earning apps that are optional in the market. But you will not find any apps such as WinZO Gold App. Which is a fairly clear thing that is in front of us. You are going to love this app after for all its enjoyments and a lot of things your first experience of using the app.

What is Winzo App?

Winzo basically is a gaming platform that gives all types of video games. And the games available there are such as really Free Fire, Rummy, Cricket, Fantasy Sports, Fruit Fighter, Carrom, Pool etc. And a user for the most part really thought in another easier way.

All these mobile video games actually comes with amazing features and facilities and the games available such as WinZO Baazi, Tournaments, Team Tournaments. These types of games helps you to earn money while using the Winzo app. So the app helps you to earn money. The people who want to earn money with enjoyment can explore the app.

There basically are 70+ games available in the app with arranging in categories. The game are such as Casual, Card, Action, Esports, Battle Royale. A user will surely enjoy the game by betting their money on win. But this can be troublous for you as well.

Why Winzo app is so much Popular?

The reason behind the popularity particularly is that they are connected with third party game creators. And for the most part they uploads their games on WinZO.

Hence, generally this is the one of the greater gaming preferences for the most of the people. Winzo App is available freely on the server they won’t ask you to pay. There are so many other reasons behind the popularity belief of Winzo app in particularly big way.

Winzo App Website
Winzo App Website

We definitely specifically let you know information in-depth and insights of Winzo. Basically as about how to download WinZO Gold Apk pretty easy way for Android, iOS and other dervices. Particularly, you can win hard-earned money and transfer it to fairly and directly to your bank account step by step.

So, besides in addition, let’s kind of literally get the cube rolling, and basically let me show you how you can really specifically make cash with the aid of playing Ludo and incomes ₹1500 with WinZO Gold App.

Can we Earn Money with Winzo App?

The WinZo app while opening for the first time asks for sort of your pretty preferred language and your mobile actually vary for OTP verification easily.

There are quite a quantity challenges handy to for the most part choose from in a major way. The quantity you definitely earn will kind of remember on the rank of the user in a game, or so they thought. WinZo lets in you to specifically earn up to Rs. 1500 really basically worth of Paytm Cash with WinZO Gold app.

WinZo on the particularly Single platform hosts 30 games in a for all intents and purposes big way. They additionally specifically furnish a number of Quiz and Fantasy competitions, which is quite significant. WinZo literally is in reality fairly worth playing.

The customers commonly gain from the App, which basically is quite significant. There generally are no chances of loss, in any case, it’s a win-win situation in a basically big way. The app has credibility and gives free trials for new users. Initially, a man or woman can take up actually easy and convenient quiz questions to earn rewards, which really is quite good to know.

The quiz additionally creates areas of the participant making it even much easier in a big way. Every query set affords a new deal, voucher, or prize, which kind of amazing part of the Winzo App. There can really be small gives or pretty big prizes like motors or bikes.

Winzo App – Refer and Earn Money Online

With the WinZO Gold pretty referral program, you can particularly earn Rs.35 per pretty referral. You will get Rs instantly.

when particularly you basically install the WinZO app and perform the first game with a really big chance. When your friend provides money to his/her WinZO pockets you particularly get any actually other Rs in a fairly major way.

A man or woman particularly has to kind of redeem their generally offers for their really worth. The app kind of leaves a person with no threat of specifically feel sort of sorry about or a loss in a sort of big way.

There kind of is suitable essentially assist reachable for the actually human beings in case of any doubts. They permit three kind of free trials after which the minimal pack generally starts off includes from INR49, contrary to popular belief. Lets have a look of Referrals and Earning with Winzo App.

Easy Earning with Winzo App By referral

  • First of all download the Winzo App. We have mentioned all about the Winzo app above where you can get all the steps to download the app. So, download it.
  • Open the Winzo App.
  • Continue to log in into your account. You can connect your social accounts and even you can go with the registration option.
Winzo Refer & Earn
  • It will ask you some details of yours such as your number, Date of Birth, and other things as Referral codes.
  • Continue to accept the Terms and Conditions and click to submit details button.
  • The app will ask you to verify your phone number with giving OTP.
  • After successful registration, You will instantly get Rs 10 in you Winzo Wallet.

Free ₹50 to ₹500 Cashback – Winzo PayTM Hidden Trick

  • Just Add Rs.1 in your paytm Wallet and go to the offers sections. There you will see “Wow Wallet days” offer activated in paytm cashback section.
  • Click to Open the Wow Days Options. And you will get to see the gaming offers option with Rs. 25 to Rs. 500 Cashback offer.
  • Select the option and click to open it. Now, Tap on Activate Button.

Next Steps….

  • After that, Go to the Winzo App in your mobile.
  • Continue to login in to your account with winzo referral code..
  • There you will get the option of add money. Click on the option to Add Rs.100.
  • Add the amount with paytm Wallet. Remember the thing that do not continue with your Paytm UPI. You have to add money from your paytm wallet.
  • Then Instanly you will get the scratch card in your paytm app. Scratch the card and surely you will get Rs.25 to Rs.500 cashback in your wallet. according to the information most of the people get around Rs.50 to Rs.75 cashback.
  • You will be able to withdraw your deposited money from winzo app by buying Flipkart or Amazon vouchers with the help of Winzo Store.

How to Claim Referrals on Winzo App?

  • The most important thing is to Login into your Winzo Account.
  • Look at the button of the app and there you will see the Share Button. Click on that and it will allow you to share you referral codes with others along with sharing options. Share you Referral Code with your Friends.

After you share your Referral Code with your friends, You will get rewards that we have mentioned below. Have a look on that as follows:

  • When Your Friend Download & Verify in the Winzo App , Then You Will Instantly Get ₹5
  • When Your Friend’s Add Money for the first time in the Winzo App. Then You Will instantly Get ₹20
  • Other thing, When Your Friend Plays 10 Games On WinzoBaazi Area in the Gaming options. Then You Will Get ₹2 Instantly.
  • If Your Friend Refer other 5 More Friends their referral code. Then You Will Get ₹10 quickly.

You can Redeem and earn money just by playing Games with the Referral Balance that you get from referring And you will be able to Redeem all the amount Directly Into your PayTM Wallet.

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How to Withdraw & Receive money with Winzo App?

WinZo conducts a contest on its platform each month in a particular major way. It allows the users to actually compete for a prize of ₹1 lakh, which particularly is fairly significant.

Any consumer who generally wants to actually take part can particularly enter the contest through activating Winzo Superstar from their account, pretty further showing how any consumer who mostly wants to actually take part can particularly enter the contest through activating Winzo Superstar from their account in a kind of major way.

After joining the account there generally is a danger to generally win a variety of activities, which essentially is fairly significant.

With particular referral bonus can generally be earned, which generally is fairly significant. This contest definitely is a need to for people who basically are already the usage of the Winzo app, so it allows the users to basically compete for a prize of ₹1 lakh, basically contrary to popular belief.

Steps to Withdraw your Money from Winzo App

  • Open the Winzo App in your mobile phone.
  • Then, go to the Menu section and open the Wallet of your Winzo app. Click to open the wallet.
  • There are cash bonus, winning amount, Unplayed deposited cash bonus available in that area. These are your Wallet details.
  • Your Winning Amount will be available in those three options. All the winning money there is completely able to redeem with following steps.
  • Just click on “Withdraw” option that available there.
  • It allows you to withdraw your money with few payment methods such as Paytm, UPI and Direct Transfer to your bank account.
  • For privacy terms, We would suggest you to choose the Paytm option to withdraw money.
  • Give the details is ask you to fill. And click on Withdraw Now button.
  • It will take your 5% amount of winning to transfer the money. You have to pay it on every withdrawal you make. On the other hand, The 5% of your amount will automatically deducted while Withdrawing money.

Steps to Add Money into your Winzo App Wallet

  • Just open the winzo app in your mobile.
  • Similarly as we mentioned, go to the Menu section and open the Wallet of your Winzo app. Click to open the wallet.
  • Click on the “Add Cash/Money” Button available there on your screen.
  • Enter the amount you want to add into your Winzo wallet and click to continue.
  • If you have the bonus code then you can enter it into the code section that will help you to take bonus amount.
  • After that, click on Add button below in the app.
  • It will ask you, what payment method your want to choose. Choose it according to your preference.
  • It will verify your payment and Your Wallet Balance Will Be Instantly added into your wallet. 

How to Download Winzo App?

WinZO app works very smoothly in a subtle way. You will actually get a seamless trip in the app. Of course, to get it, you mostly want to download the app to use it in a pretty big way.

But there’s a little bit of a problem, the app is not reachable in our favored app shop definitely Play Store in a for all intents and purposes big way. Play Store doesn’t basically enable this form of money-earning app fairly due to some of their policies, kind of contrary to popular belief. Fortunately, the app is handy on their legitimate site

Visit WinZO Games and faucet on Download App Now button, which for the most part is fairly significant. WinZO Gold APK will particularly be downloaded on sort of your Smartphone.

If you essentially are travelling the website online from basically your PC, which essentially is fairly significant. Enter sort of your cell for all intents and purposes wide variety and click on on kind of Get Download Link on SMS.

  • Go to your mobile browser that could be any such as Google Chrome.
  • Enter the keyword “Download Winzo app” into your search bar and hit for search result.
  • The page will show you a lot of links and options to download the winzo app. But, We would suggest you to continue with the official link of Winzo. com or other but legit one.
  • The new page will open on your screen. Then scroll down a bit and the “download and get rs.50” button will show you on the page. Click on that button.
  • There are few options available to download the app with previous versions. But, click on the latest one to continue.
  • Then, It will ask you to wait for 5 to 10 seconds. Just stay on the page.
  • Your download will automatically start.
  • Now tap on Download App & Get Rs.50. And then tap on OK.

Installation Process…

  • After downloading the Winzo app. Go to your files in your mobile.
  • There are recent files available there or you can go to your downloads folder.
  • Click on the Winzo apk file to download it.
  • It will ask you to give permission. just simply allow it. and continue to install it.
  • After the Winzo app is download Open the app and choose your desired language.
  • It will ask you to Enter your Mobile number. Just simply enter inside the column.
  • Then you have to verify your mobile number.
  • Once you verify the number you will get Rs.10 instantly.
  • Now enter all your details.

Games Available on Winzo App

WinZo Gold is a famous gaming app that is trusted by many thousands of users. However, the app is not available on the play store, But you can download it is simple from their website.

It is a great app that allows you entertainment providing exciting offers and earning by winning opportunities online. The minimum redeemable amount in this winzo app is ₹10. 

With each Referral, a decent amount is credited. It allows users different types of games and choices. The only flaw about this app is, all the referral can’t be redeemed directly but you only can use it for playing games. After winning a game, you can convert the points into a winning amount. 

Games available on Winzo
Games available on Winzo

It is quite easy things to use the WinZO Game. You just have to download and install it on your mobile phone. After that, you have to play games to earn money. lets have a look on available categories od games on Winzo app

Categories of Games

  • WinZoBaazi: You have to choose from 25+ games on the app. The popular and loved choices such as Winzo Rummy, Snake Rush, Street Fight, Alien Attack, Howzat, Metro Surfer, Rapid Shoot, Car Racing, Bubble shooter, Cricket, Tank War, Candy Match and more. The app is incredibly created with many apps.
  • 24×7 Tournaments: There are many tournaments available that you can play. if you win then you get all the winning amount directly in your wallet. You can participate in those tournaments and it you win, you will get the amount. Just go and explore the game and earn money online
  • Daily Quizzes: The app gives you daily quizzes and if you did it correctly then you will be rewarded with amount that will mentioned there.You just have to active on the winzo app on regular basis to get the reward. It is the easier way to earn money in winzo wallet.
  • Sports League: This options allows you with the total earnig of winnings per week on the basis of country, Friends, Global terms. if you get the rank from 1 to 3 or in the top 10 the you will be rewarded with the mentioned amount.


In this article, we get to know about the almost everything about the Winzo App. Above we have mentioned such things How to download the winzo app, Referrals and earning with this app and many more things to know all about it. Read the complete article from start to end.

In Final analysis, We get the information that Winzo the gaming platform, where you can earn money by winning the games. The games available there are quite easy but, the competition is so much high. The people who come to play the game are professionals. You might lose your all earning, so don’t invest so much amount in it.

Besides all of this, If you still want to use the Winzo app after knowing all the factors and majorly you would lose your money. Then use the app on your own terms and risks. Don’t forget to know about the entire result. There are a lot of other options available as well that you go for.

If you have any doubt regarding the article then drop your questions in the comment area. Our team will respond you as soon as we get your queries and comes up with a liable solution to help you through. Dont forget to share your feedback with us.

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