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UWatchFree – Free Online Movies & TV App

In this article we will tell you about UWatchFree website. Using this site you can watch free movies and stream tv channels. Mobile users can download android app for seamless and smooth experience.

UWatchFree – Overview

Things have changed drastically after coming of high speed internet in the country. Gone are the days when people download wallpapers and mp3 songs but now everyone want to stream HD Quality content on their devices. Thanks to the telecom and broadband companies which have introduced unlimited plans.

Now users want live tv and movies on their device without checking data usage throughout day.

According to a research consumption of video content has increased by five times in india in last 5 years and traffic on UWatchFree has almost doubled in past few months.

This says a lot about the habit of people. Everyone want to watch free movies and live tv on their mobile app but the burning question is that ”where can i?”. There are hundreds of sites on internet which provide free streaming but problem is that, either they are very slow to serve content to user or they also transfer malware to devices.

UWatchFree Website

If you look at some of the top Movie and Free TV platforms like Hotstar and Netflix, they are amazing. Yes, they are amazing and really contributed to the digital world but are they affordable? Are you getting my point? No matter how good they are but it’s useless if they are not affordable. People can’t invest huge chunk of their earning in buying Movie and TV Packs.

If you are earning handsome amount then this article is surely not for you because you can use various platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar. If you are the on who is looking for cheaper option to stream content on your device then go ahead and read the article till the very end.

On UWatchFree you don’t have to pay for a subscription like other mainstream services. You can watch thousands of movies and hundreds of tv channels on UWatchFree for free.

This might sound crazy but that’s true. Because of their amazing service and timely updates, they are attracting lakhs of viewers each month. We don’t recommend pirated sites to our audience, they are free to use but installs malware and spyware in your device which is very harmful.

Almost all the popular and famous movies are available on their platform. On their homepage you will get access to all the latest HD Quality Movies which area available in various language. Best part is that it’s not limited to English Audience as movies are available in other language also including hindi, tamil and dubbed. Hardly there is any live tv platform which provides this option to opt for multiple languages. Now watch all tv channel and movies without paying a penny or adding credit card details. There are no hidden terms and conditions and their main earning source is through Banner Ads on website and Mobile app.

In coming days, UWatchFree will surely attract more eyeballs because of their amazing interface and robust system which makes it different from others.

UWatchFree Homepage

On UWatchFree homepage you will get to see various links of latest movies. All you have to do is just click on any of the link to watch that movie. Scroll down little bit to jump to Live TV Section.

There click on select button and choose TV Channel of your choice. If you are unable to see a channel in the list then manually type it in search, and it will be displayed.

Currently download feature is not available but we can see it in upcoming weeks. At the top there is a search button, where you can search anything, it can be a movie or web series. Search function will work on entire site and generate results within few seconds. In case if you want to discover more content, then scroll down and click on page numbers to go to other pages.

Free Movies & TV Categories

Content on UWatchFree is placed in such manner that site users won’t face any issues while discovering the new content. If you are done with their homepage then scroll bottom and use pagination. Else scroll the page to the top, there you will get to see links of categories. At the top you will get Movies, Featured, Live TV, TV-Series, Hindi, Tamil links, these are the categories to fulfill the user demands. In this section we will discuss about each category in detail.

Online Movies
Movies List


This is the first and most important category available on UWatchFree. You just have to look at the top of the page, in menu bar you will get Movies link.

Go to this category if you are looking for latest hollywood movies. Around hundreds of english movie are there. They are available in almost all the resolutions, maxed to 1080p quality. Most of the uploads are of 2021, 2020, 2019 and 2018. Though some old movies are also in this section.


In this section you will get to see all type of movies, which can be in any language. Now you might be wondering, then what’s the need of this category. It’s the only place on the website where you will get to see all the popular and famous movies. Owner of UWatchFree updates it time to time so that users can see most hit movies here.

TV Series

All credit goes to internet when it comes to tv series. Before internet no one had any idea of web series as people watch movies in theaters.

It’s not wrong to say that craze of tv series is at peak these days. Most of the people prefer to watch tv series instead of 100-120 min long movie. Generally they are much longer than movies and sticks the audience with them for years. One of the best example is game of thrones and scam 1992. In this category you will get to see all the latest tv series of 2021, 2020, 2019, which are available in HD Quality.

Free TV Series

Hindi Movies

As this site receives nearly 70% traffic from india alone, they made this category for indian users. We all know that hindi is most popular in india and huge number of movie lovers are there. In this category you will get to see all hindi movies which can be dubbed / original. Those who love south indian movies can also go to this category.

Telugu Movies

Though the craze for telugu movies is not like hindi and english movies but still some people prefer to watch telugu movies. Such kind of users can go to this section. Here they will get links of all the latest movies. Most of the content available here is of 2021 and 2018.

Dubbed Movies

This section is for those who want to watch hollywood and south movies but don’t know their language. Here you will get all the movies which are dubbed to hindi. Good number of films are there. Some of them are available in HD Quality.


Here you will get to see all the categories of movies. If someone want to watch thriller or action movie then they can do that by going to genre section. On Genre page you will get to see few links of other categories.

Live TV

If you are not much into movies but love to watch tv shows then this category is surely for you. Here you will get access to all tv channels which are not limited to any country. TV Channels are available of global countries also including the United States, Australia, Russia etc. If there is any issue while loading the channel, then please refresh the page or load another server for smooth experience.

Request Movies

Personally, this is the best feature for me. This feature is for those who are mad for movies and their particular movie is not available on the platform.

You can request for movie in the comment section and admins will upload that movie on UWatchFree. Don’t request for HD Quality Movies as such requests will be ignored automatically. Use this feature for fresh uploads only.

Before posting comment on request page, take a look at website and search for movie as it will save time of admins. While requesting movie, you have to follow below format:

Movie name:
Movie releasing year:

How to Watch Movies on UWatchFree

Those who are getting errors or having trouble while watching movies on platform follow this guide. Here you will learn how to stream content on UWatchFree. We have also added some tips so follow all the steps given below.

  • First, go to UWatchFree website
  • Now look for your movie on homepage
  • Else use search feature to search favorite movie
  • Now list of results will appear
  • In case if no result found that means the content is not uploaded on server
  • In that case use Request feature and ask admin to upload
  • Now if your movie is there then click on it
  • You will be redirected to new page
  • There you will get to see video player and total duration of movie is also printed in it
  • All you have to do is click on play button on video player
  • Now it will search for content on various servers and serve it to you from the fastest one
  • All this process will take 10 to 20 seconds maximum
  • You can also set volume and quality of movie by using the buttons available on video player
  • Scroll down little bit to get complete list of servers
  • You can manually select the best servers from the list

Download UWatchFree App

It is not possible for everyone to buy expensive devices just to stream video content. Such people can use their android mobile by downloading UWatchFree App. This app is not listed on Google Play Store that’s why we have published this guide. Simply follow all the steps given below and you will be able to watch video content on mobile device.

  • First go to official website of UWatchFree
  • Now homepage will appear in your browser
  • Now scroll down and look at the bottom of the page
  • There you will get to see various links
  • Click on UWatchFree APP Link
  • Now apk file download will start
  • Allow the download and transfer the apk file in your device
  • Open APK File and App installation will start
  • After few seconds app will install in your mobile phone
  • Now you are ready to use UWatchFree in your Android Mobile

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