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Tnreginet Registration: EC View @tnreginet.gov.in

You will learn how to do registration on Tnreginet Portal and have a look at EC View of tnreginet.gov.in. Complete details about guideline values, Jurisdiction are given in the article.

Tnreginet Portal is launched by Tamil Nadu government to fulfill the need of citizen’s by allowing them to do registration for various schemes through the portal. It simplifies the process and bring transparency to the system to fight against corruption.

Some services for which registration can be done on Tnreginet are No need to waste your time by going to sarkari offices for the registration of government services.

This portal is built by the help of one of the biggest IT company of india i.e. Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. They did a tremendous job by building this robust and developed ecosystem for common citizen. Interested people can do registration for various services provided by state government.

In this article we have published detailed step-by-step guide for a novice user to do the registration. There are several options and services given on the portal, read the article till the very end to absorb all the information. For your ease we have added few images.

Tnreginet – Overview

Portal NameTnreginet
Started itTamil Nadu
Benenficiary Tamil Nadu Citizen
Purpose Allowing citizens to register for various services and schemes through the portal.

Tnreginet Services

  • Encumbrance certificate online application
  • Marriage certificate application online application
  • Online certified document
  • Letter Documents online Registration
  • Know your juridiction
  • Society Documents Online
  • Guide Line Value Search
  • Citizen Registeration Procedure
  • Society Search
  • Stamp Vendor Search
  • Check Document Status Online
  • Stamp Duty Calculation
  • Property Registered at Tamil Nadu
  • Online Encumbrance Certificate

tnreginet.gov.in Registration Process

In this section you will learn how to do registration on tnreginet so that you can take benefit of the portal. Without registration you can’t do login. Lets move further and learn how to complete registration on portal.

  • First, go to Tnreginet Portal: https://tnreginet.gov.in/portal/
  • After that homepage will appear on web browser
  • Look at top menu, there are several links
  • You just have to point your cursor at Registration
  • Now two links will popup: User Registration & Marriage Registration
  • Do click on User Registration link
Tnreginet Registration
Tnreginet Registration
  • Now you will be redirected to a new page where registration form will be given
  • First select user type from dropdown list, then enter username, password
  • Choose security question for extra layer of security
  • Enter Address, Email address and name
  • Fill the form completely and check each entry once again
  • If everything is correct then click on Complete Registratiom button given at bottom
  • So that’s how you can do registration on Tnreginet Portal

EC View on Tnreginet

In this section you will learn how to search EC on Tnreginet portal. You can search it document wise and flat wise. All you have to do is select zone, district and sub registrar office to get the certificate.

  • First go to https://tnreginet.gov.in/portal/
  • After that look at top menu and click on E-Services then encumbrance certificate and then click on View EC
  • Now Search Encumbrance Certificate Page will come on screen
EC View
  • If you know your zone, district and sub registrar office then click on EC
  • If you know Document Number then click on Documentwise 
  • Else go with Plot Flat wise
  • Now bypass image captcha by writing what’s given in image
  • Check all the entries and click on Search button
  • Finally, Encumbrance Certificate will appear on portal, and you can download it for further usage

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Apply for Encumbrance Certificate at tnreginet.gov.in

  • Go to Tnreginet Portal
  • On homepage look at extreme right side
  • You will get to see login section
EC Certificate
  • Enter username and password associated with your account
  • Then bypass image captcha
  • After successful login now look for Encumbrance Certificate section and click on apply online button
  • Now registration form will appear, there enter all the details and upload documents in given format
  • Recheck all the entries filled by you and do final submit
  • Also take print of application form for future usage

Check Status of Document on Tnreginet

Do you know that you can check real-time status of document? Yes, thats possible, that’s the beauty of internet. Things which seems impossible are now achievable because of connectivity. If you have Deed Number, Pending number or Registration number then you can check it’s status.

  • First, go to Tnreginet Portal
  • On homepage, look at top of menu bar
  • There are several links and services
  • You have to click on More button
  • Now dropdown list will appear where lots of links are there
  • Click on last link which says Document Status
Status of Documents
  • Now you have to select any one from three options available there
  • Choose any one of them as per your suitability
  • Then enter the details of Temporary Deed Number, Pending number and Registration number
  • After that click on Search button
  • Finally, status of given document will appear on portal

How to Search Documents on Portal

You can search your document on Tnreginet portal by entering details about it on the website. This will help you to download and take print of documents anytime. Now no need to save the files on your device as they are available 24/7 on portal.

Search Stamp Vendor

  • First go to Tnreginet Portal
  • On homepage, click on More button available at top menu bar
  • Point your mouse towards search button which is available below View Token Availability
  • Click on Stamp Vendor button
  • New page will appear where a form is there
  • There select your Zone, District and Vendor First Name
  • Bypass image captcha and click on Search button
  • Finally, details of stamp vendor will come on next page
  • In case if you get No records found to display error then check your entries

Search Document Writer

  • First go to Tnreginet Portal
  • Then click on More button, then search
  • Now click on Document Writer button
  • Enter all the details and fill all entries in form
  • Choose your Zone and District
  • Click on Search button
  • Complete details of document writer will appear on screen

Search Society

  • Go to this link of Tnreginet Portal https://tnreginet.gov.in/portal/
  • Now look at top of the page and click on More button, then Search
  • Click on third link Society
  • Now society search page will come on device screen
  • Choose DRO Name from the list, then enter sequence number and year of registration
  • Enter basic details like zone and district
  • After that bypass image captcha and click on Submit button
  • Complete details of society will appear according to the details entered by you in Search form

Search Marriage Document

  • To view marriage document, go to Tnreginet Portal
  • Now click on More button given at top of homepage
  • Then click on Search button and choose Marriage
  • Now you will be redirected to a new page of Search Marriage Document
  • First, select the type of marriage from the dropdown box
  • Now enter full marriage registration number and year
  • Bypass image captcha by entering the code given in image
  • After that your marriage document will appear on the screen

Search Birth & Death Document

  • Go to Tnreginet website
  • On homepage click on More button given at top
  • Then click on search and then Birth and Death Link
  • Now Birth and Death page will open in your browser
  • There enter Certificate Number, Child name and Choose gender
  • After that type your date of birth, Father’s Name and Mother’s Name
  • Once all the entries are filled, click on Search button
  • That’s how you can get Birth & Search Document

Search Firm Document

  • To find firm document go to Tnreginet Portal
  • Look at top of the homepage
  • Click on More, then Search
  • Now from the dropdown list click on Firm
  • Search Firm page will appear now
  • There enter DRO Name, Running Number and Year of Registration
  • In the end, click on Search button given at bottom
  • Now your firm document will be shown on Portal

Search Chit Funds Document

  • On tnreginet page click on More
  • Then Search and click on last option which says Chit Funds
  • You will be redirected to a new page there enter PSO Details
  • Choose DRO Name from the list
  • Enter Sequence and select year from dropdown list
  • Then enter Group No. and click on Search button
  • Finally, chit fund document will be shown

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Check Duty and Fees on Tnreginet

One can do tons of work on Tnreginet portal. From registration to checking document is possible now only because of this robust platform. But what about the charges? There are so many people working behine the scenes to make it possible for the common people. Surely they need money to get their bread and butter. Government earns some amount through the portal in form of duty and fees to pay their employee. In this section we will learn how you can check duty and fees of each service.

  • First, go to Tnreginet Portal
  • On portal, click on more button, given at top
  • Then click on second last option which is duty and fees
  • New page will appear on browser which is of Duty and Fees
  • Their list of all the services and charges are given
  • You just have to click on any of the service to view charges
  • Below is the list of all the services which are given there
    • Stamp Duty and Registration fee
    • Fees for getting an encumbrance certificate for one survey number
    • Fees for certified copies
    • Fee for Hindu Marriage Registration
    • Document Writers Fees
    • Fee for Tamil Nadu Marriage registration
    • Fee for Special Marriage registration
    • The Fee for Christian Marriage registration
    • Fee for Birth and Death registration
    • Fee for Firm registration
    • The Fee for Chit fund registration
    • Fee for Society registration
  • Complete details of charges are given like Settlement, Power of Attorney, Agreement to Sale and so on

Download Utility Forms

No need to stand in long queue of sarkari offices. Many times customers face wrath of the frustrated employees. No more, yes you heard it right. Thanks to Tnreginet Portal that now all the public forms are available on website. All you have to do is just follow our below given guide.

  • First go to Tnreginet Portal, link is https://tnreginet.gov.in/
  • After that click More button
  • Now click on Public Utility Forms
  • You will be redirected to new page of Public Utility Forms
  • On that page you will see list of all the forms
  • Name of some form are as follows:
    • (1) Sale/Conveyance Deed
    • (2) Agreement relating to deposit of Title deeds
    • (3) Promissory Note
    • (4) Exchange Deed
    • (5) Deed of Receipt
    • (6) Lease Deed
    • (7) Sale in Favor of Mortgage
    • (8) Sale Agreement
  • Against each form two language are give there: English & Tamil
  • Public forms are available in two formats: PDF and MS Word
  • You can download the file by clicking on the icon given against each form

How to Know Jurisdiction on Tnreginet

  • First go to tnreginet website
  • Look at top of the page and click on More button then portal utility services
  • After that click on second option which is search your jurisdiction
  • Now new page will appear on screen
  • There you have to enter few details like Street Name OR Village Name
  • Yes, you have choice to enter any one
  • Now click on Submit button and Jurisdiction details will be generated on portal
  • Alphabetical list of DRO, SRO and DIG can also be checked by clicking on links which are given on Know Jurisdiction page
  • You will get to know about zone, district, contact no, address and email

Guideline Search on Portal

  • To do guideline search, go to official website
  • Now on homepage, look at left side of the page
  • You will get to see guideline search box there
  • Now you have two options, either select Street or Survey Number
  • Then choose your zone, sub registrar office and village
  • Click on submit button to get details about guideline search

Download Official Circulars

It is recommended to go through the circular so that you will be updated with all the latest rules and regulations. Circular can be of any scheme or other things. Like there is a circular about ban on use of plastics and general information.

  • Go to official link of tnreginet portal
  • Now look at top menu and click on Circulars link
  • After that you will get to see various headings on new page
  • Click on any of the heading and download links associated with it will appear
  • Detailed information of circulars will be provided like G.O./Letter No. and title
  • Below Download text you will get to see file size and direct link to download

Download User Manual

  • To download user manual go to official site
  • Now scroll down to the bottom and click on User Manual under Reference section
  • Now list of all the user manual will be given on that page
  • Best part is that all the files are in pdf format which maintains the quality of document
  • Click on blue colored Download button to start download of respective file

How to Check Stamp Duty Valuation

  • Go to portal and scroll down a little bit
  • Then you will get to see various links
  • After clicking on it, you have to login your account
  • First do login using your username and password
  • Now enter the details which have been asked to view duty valuation
  • That’s the correct way to check stamp duty valuation

Tnreginet Stamp Duty Rates

EventsStamp Duty ApplicableRegistration Fees of The Amount
Property Registration7%1%
Gift Deed Registration7%1%
Exchange Deed Registration7%1%
Mortgage Registration1% of the loan amount1%
Selling Agreement4% of the loan amount1%
Mortgage Possession4% of the loan amount1%
Cancellation ChargesRs. 50Rs. 50
Partition Dees (non-family members)4% of the property for separated shares1%
General Power of Attorney to sell immovable propertyRs. 100Rs. 10,000 for property registration
A general power of attorney to sell movable property & othersRs. 100Rs. 50
Settlement Deed (in Favour of Family Members)1% on the value of the property1%
Lease Deed (below 30 years)1% of the total amount of the rent, premium, fine, etc.1%
Trust RegistrationRs. 1801% of the amount

District Wise List of Vacancies

District NameVacancies
Chennai (South)38
Chennai (North)31
Chennai (Central)21
Salem (West)10
Salem (East)08
Madurai (South)15
Madurai (North)04

Frequently Asked Questions

Which company has built Tnreginet Portal?

Tnreginet Portal is made by Tata Consultancy Services Ltd for Tamil Nadu Government to serve the citizens is much better way then ever before.

What is the purpose of Tnreginet Portal?

This portal helps people to do registration for various government schemes in single roof. Moreover one can download various certifcates and documents by entering few details. Complete guide to download documents are given above.

How to view English Version of this Portal?

In case if you don’t know tamil or want to view Tnreginet in english then go to google search. Do search for ”tnreginet english” and click on first link. Now you will get to see english version of portal.

I want some help related to software. Whom should I contact?

If you want some help related to software then call on this number: 1800 102 5174. This number works from Monday to Friday 8 AM to 8 PM, Saturday 10 AM to 5 PM excluding Government holidays. In case if you have a complaint then contact officials on 9498452110 / 9498452120 / 9498452130. This number works from Monday to Friday 10 AM to 5.45 PM, excluding Government holidays)

Is there any rate at which commission should be charged by stamp vendors from parties?

It is a fact that stamp vendors get commission for selling stamp papers but the commission is given paid by the Government, which is included in the face value of stamp paper. Therefore no stamp vendor should charge any amount/commission over and above the face value of the stamp paper. The co-operation of the Public in bringing such acts of the stamp vendors to the notice of the officials of the Department, will be highly appreciated.

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