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sdms.px.indianoil.in Login Steps

https://sdms.px.indianoil.in – Recently indian government has launched an amazing platform which can do lot of jobs at a time. Best part is that sdms.px.indianoil.in comes under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. Because of government backing it ensures the authenticity and genuineness of the content available on the portal. Through the portal one can do various works like managing the distributorship, accessing the content, distributor login etc.

If you face any difficulty on the portal or have feedback then you can reach their headquarter which is located in New Delhi. Through this article you will also get detailed information about Indian oil login, gas booking, checking for updates and so on. Moreover if you don’t have pc or laptop then you can access all the features of indian oil login on the mobile app.

We will guide you how to access indian oil smds portal in your mobile devices. To get complete knowledge and get the very basic information do read this article till the end. If you have any feedback or query then don’t hesitate to drop a comment below for our team. To get information about various service and facilities provided by iocl head over to Indian Oil website.

sdms.px.indianoil.in – Overview

Gone are the days when dealers have to stand in queue to get their work done. Earlier there were so many difficulties which were faced by those who were doing business with indian oil. Now because of sdms.px.indianoil.in all your data is stored in a ledger and you can manage it very easily. Now partners working with indian oil can access realtime information related to their business and can file a complaint immediately without going anywhere.


Those who are using it from years have said very positive things about it. Sometimes the portal gets down because of huge traffic but it’s very rare as it evolved in a phenomenal manner. You will be glad to know that indian oil is established in 1964 and it’s India’s largest commercial company.

Numbers talks itself, this is enough to understand the power of this gas corporation. sdms.px.indianoil.in is nothing but a major leap in the digitalization of the indian system. Initially this platform faced lot of problems but by time things got improved and various services were added to the system. Website and App UI is neat and clean, anyone with basic knowledge on internet can get their work done on it.

Please note that to get the benefit of any of the services you must be registered on the portal So go through our indian oil registration guide and register yourself online. From the government, they have got 100% CSR budget for the third year which is a great feat in all senses. They are working tirelessly in all the departments for the social uplift and working on various projects which ensures clean water and work related to sanitization. They also did a lot work for women empowerment and backward classes of the society. You can also learn about Sala Darpan Login.

In May 2018, IOCL became India’s most profitable state-owned company for the second consecutive year, with a record profit of ₹21,346 crores in 2017–18, followed by Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, whose profit stood at ₹19,945 crores.

Once you have registered on sdms.px.indianoil.in you can do login to access your account. All the distributors and partners can easily access their account. Also it brings lot of services for the citizens of the country. From the digital ledger, partners can have all the transactions and also do quick tax calculations. It brought major relief for those who don’t have enough time to come physically at their office for various work.

Features of https //sdms.px.indianoil.in

  • Not only oil, they also manages various departments of gas and polymer under Indian Oil Corporation
  • Through the sdms portal one can get access of all the business related stuff right on their fingertips
  • Due to neat and clean app ui users feel better on using mobile app which generally geerates positive response
  • There are vast list of features which are avaialble on sdms.px.indianoil.in for districutors and business partners working with indian oil
  • Business partners can get real time data on screen like live status of placed orders
  • If you have paid balance in your account then you can get live updates just by doing few clicks on portal
  • Those who are responsible for the delivery of services will get customer address and other details on online portal of indian oil

sdms.px.indianoil.in Registration

To get access to all the features it’s must to get yourself registered on the indian oil online portal. All you have to do is just follow all the steps given below.

  • First of all head over to the indian oil web portal link: https://px.indianoil.in./webcenter/portal/Partner
  • Now don’t scroll the page and look ast top of the homepage
  • There you will get to see various links like Login, Registration, Screen Reader Access and so on
  • You just have to click on Registration link
  • Now new page will come in your browser
  • There you will get to see Registration Form
  • Do fill the form completley by entering First and Last Name
  • Now choose Line of Business and Industry Category
  • After that all you have to do is enter district code, Address
  • Now your form is completed do check all the details
  • Now click on submit button if all details entered by you are correct
  • Within a minuted you will receive OTP from Indian Oil on your email or SMS
  • Do enter the OTP to complete the verification process
  • Now registration process is completed succesfully
  • You will get login details after sometime so that you can do login on the web portal
Indian Oil Registration

https://sdms.px.indianoil.in Login

By now you have learned how to get register yourself on indian oil portal. If not then head over to new user registration section and follow all the steps given in the article. If you have login credentials and want to access sdms.px.indianoil.in account then do follow below given steps.

  • To access your indian oil business account go to sdms portal: https://sdms.px.indianoil.in
  • Now it will redirect you to portal login page
  • There you have to enter your user id and password
  • After that click on Continue button

Finally you will get to see your account on indian oil website. So that’s it, do share this guide with your friends who don’t know how to access their account online. Just follow all the steps as given below and you are done.

Indian Oil Login

Reset Password Steps

If you have lost your password or facing difficulty in accessing your account then do follow this section. In this section you will learn how to reset indian oil password. These days it’s quite common to forget your login password, that’s why we have made this guide.

  • In your browser you have to go to sdms indian oil portal: https://sdms.px.indianoil.in
  • Now you will to see login box on screen
  • There look for Forgot Passowrd link and click on it
  • There you have to enter your user id which you use to login
  • After that click on Continue button
  • Now after few seconds you will get verification OTP on your mobile number
  • Just enter the OTP on web portal
  • Now it will ask you to reset the password
  • Just enter the new password which you want to set for indian oil login
  • Don’t enter old passwords as it will accept only fresh password
  • Now you can do login by entering user id and newly set password
Reset Password

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