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SDMoviesPoint: Download / Stream HD Movies Online

SDMoviesPoint is well known for Downloading and streaming movies for free online. It offers viewers all facilities free of cost. In contrast, it contains loads of ads while visiting the website. But if a user is a movie addict or wants free service then it won’t be the reason to irritate them.

On the other, there are a lot of people who only want to watch movies to spend their time. Then SDMoviesPoint will help them a lot with offering free services to a user.

SDMoviesPoint – Download HD Movies Online

SDMoviesPoint is a website platform with provides tons of services and many useful features. A user can utilize the website in many ways. There are dozens of domains available for the SDMoviesPoint website platform. They are providing content by having a huge collection of movies in their genres-based library. User can watch their favorite movies in various formats including 360p – 1080p along with 4K Picture quality.

Viewing the other point. Whether you are addicted to movies or not. A user should always beware of the dark side of the internet as SDMoviesPoint is a pirated site. They are providing movies for free of course but they are offering illegal services where they use the copyrighted content without the content of their owner. Stealing the content or anything is punishable offensive. That is why all people should know about these things. Know about the services they are using so that they can at least protect themselves first.

How to Download or Stream Movies from SDMoviesPoint ?

As we discussed above SDMoviesPoint offers a user to download or stream movies at the same time. Some of us love to stream a movie online on the other hand some others love to watch movies offline. For watching offline the first thing they do is download the movie. So that after downloading the content then can watch that on any video player. Another reason people love to watch movies offline is they won’t get irritated while viewing the content.

If we talk about streaming online a movie. when we watch online movies on these pirated sites there’s always a drawback that we have to face lots of pop-ups while watching and some advertisements interrupt a user simultaneously. Users need to know how to download or stream movies. Below down there are a few steps to follow for downloading or streaming the content.

Downloading Movies from SDMoviesPoint

  • Firstly a user has to go to their device. It can be Android, IOS, PC or any device having an Internet Connection.
  • Go to the browser on your device. You can choose Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or any other browser.
  • After opening the search engine on your device. You need to search for the “SDMoviesPoint”. The domain of SDMoviesPoint continuously changes. So you can choose the official URL, by visiting the different results that are available on the first page of your search engine.
  • When you visit the official website of SDMoviesPoint. There are a lot of options available where you can see the movies list.
  • You can select the movie from the lists given on the website. Also, you can search for the movie by entering the right keyword inside the search bar.
  • After that, all the results will show on your device screen. you can select the movie from the result available there and click on that movie to open a new page. The page will redirect you to irrelevant pages and you have to exit them all.
  • when the new page will open. it will show you all the information related to the movie on the web page. there are two options available as “Download Links” and “Fast Download”. But you don’t need to click on those buttons. these buttons are completely useless. you have to click on the “Play button” on the video player. after clicking the button it will redirect you to unwanted pages and just cut off all of them. after doing this 3 to 4 times, the play button available there will be enabled and you can watch the complete video player.
  • after enabling the video player. you will have lots of options on there and just look for the download sign that is available as the arrow down button
  • clicks on that button and it will ask you to log in. After logging into the account you can easily download the movie.

If the steps given above don’t work then you can use an extension or third-party applications. Here we are mentioning of them how to Download Movies on SDMoviesPoint with the help of the Video DownloadHelper extension and IDM (Internet Download Manager).

Internet Download Manager (IDM) – How to Download Movies from SDMoviesPoint with the help of IDM

First of all, we need to know about what is IDM? and how does IDM help you to download video content online. IDM is known as an internet download manager which helps a user to download short to large MB files within a short period. IDM is a Third-Party application that allows you to download files.

You can download movies from SDMoviesPoint with the help of IDM. Firstly you have to download IDM from your device browser. That can be any browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or any other. Just search for the IDM by entering the keyword in the search bar.

Note: IDM is not offering a free service for Downloading however it comes with a free trial. You can use the trial version or you can buy a subscription as well. But if you don’t want to purchase the package then a user can find a cracked version of IDM on the internet easily. Where you get the cracked version of IDM, there’s also a guide available on how to install and activate the IDM.

After downloading the IDM. It will ask you to create an extension of IDM on your default browser. Just allow the extension and after doing that go to the browser and search for the SDMoviesPoint official website. It will show you all the results and you have to choose the correct URL of SDMoviesPoint and click to open the web page. After that, the UI of SDMoviesPoint will show on your screen where you have to select the movie you want to download. You can also create a custom search by entering the name into the search bar of the website.

When you get the result of the movies you want to download just click to open it. It will redirect you to the unwanted pages 2 -3 times. After that, the video page will open on your screen. You need to click on the play button and it will redirect you to irrelevant web pages that you have to exit. After that, the play button of the video player will be enabled and you need to click on that button for starting the video player. After that, there will be a pop-up available of “IDM” for downloading the video around the video player. And you can right-click on the video player as well to have the option. For “Download with IDM”. Then select the option of downloading with IDM. Your download will start and you can watch the movie offline.

Video DownloadHelper – How to Download Movies from SDMoviesPoint with the help of Video DownloadHelper

Video DownloadHelper comes as an extension of Google Chrome. It helps you to download movies in a few steps. A user can easily utilize the extension in many ways to download different types of content. Even a user can download files in low to highest size. You don’t have to worry about the timing of Downloading the file. Because it creates a division of files into pieces and downloads them simultaneously.

Video DownloadHelper doesn’t cost you anything. You can use the extension without paying anything. What you need to do is, go to your device browser and open the extension store of the search engine. Just keyword or the “Video DownloadHelper” into the search box. It will show you all the results related to the keyword. Select the one option that having 3 balls icon. After that click to install the extension and activate that on your browser.

The next step would be, to go to the google search area and search for the SDMoviesPoint website by entering the correct name into the search bar. It will show you all the results on the basis of your search. You need to look for the official URL of SDMoviesPoint and click to open the website interface.

After opening the Webpage of SDMoviesPoint. It will show you all the contents with the given categories. You can select movies from the categories section or from the genres section as well. A user can also create a custom search by entering the exact keyword of the movie into the search column. After searching the content it will show you all the relevant results related to the keyword you’ve entered. A user needs to select the movie and click on that for opening the movie page.

When yoi click on the movie. It will redirect you to other pages which you have to exit. After taking 2 3 times it will open a page where you get the movie information area. There will be a play button placed on the movie picture. The play button remains disabled but when you click and exit the redirected pages 2 to 3 times. The video play button will automatically enable. Just click on the play button.

After doing that it will open a video player. Look around the video player and you’ll see the Video DownloadHelper hovering there. You can click on that for Downloading the movie. On the other side look at the extension icon area. If the icon of 3 gray balls changes into 3 different colored balls then it means you’re able to download the file with the help of that extension. Simply click on that and click on the option on “Start Downloading” and it will start downloading the video instantly. You can watch the movie offline after the completion of the download.

Streaming Movies on SDMoviesPoint

  • On the first step, you need to go to your device which can be any android or ios device that is just having a good internet connection.
  • Now open the browser and search for the SDMoviesPoint keyboard by entering the name into the search bar area.
  • The Google search engine will show you all the results based on your keyboard. And you need to go to the official URL of the SDMoviesPoint website.
  • Click to open the website and it will show you SDMoviesPoint website User Interface.
  • There are many options available and you can choose the movie with the help of categories or filter sorts. Even you can make a choice based on the genre you want to watch. Not only this but also you can search by entering the right name of the movie or series into the search box of SDMoviesPoint.
  • It will show you all the results and you need to click on the movie to open the download page.
  • It will take a few clicks to open the page as this will redirect you to irrelevant web pages and you have to cut them off all the time.
  • After that, you can click on the movie and it opens a working website downloading page. And there you also need to click on the “play button”. It will redirect you again 2 to 3 times on different pages.
  • The play button will be enabled after taking a few clicks. And you have to click on that to play the movie. You can customize the resolution according to your need and even you can change picture colours according to your preference. There is an option available for the picture ratio that you can use the way you want to watch. Your video stream will be ready and you can enjoy the movie.

Why Use VPN to Download Movies from SDMoviesPoint ?

VPN is known as Virtual Port Network. It allows a user to change their location by converting the IP (Internet Protocol) address. Generally, people use VPN when they want to use the service that their country’s government banned or blocked because of some legalities.

They change their IP address to escape the blocking service of their country. For. An instance if you’re living inside India and your Country’s government has banned or blocked pirated websites or another service. Then you use the VPN that converts your device Region to another region such as the US, Germany, Spain, etc. And then you can use the service.

Sometimes domains of the SDMoviesPoint don’t work as they have been caught by the legal agencies. Legal agencies banned pirated websites simultaneously as they see catch the illegal service on the internet. To avoid disconnected website servers you can use VPN and change your region by using it.

You can use any blocked or banned services by applying VPN. Some VPNs ask you to purchase the package while on other hand, some come free of cost but have promotional ads.

How To Use VPN on Mobile phoe Or Pc Device ?

  • VPN in SmartPhone – for using the VPN service in your smartphone. You have to download the VPN application from Google Play Store or you can download it from Google Chrome or any other browser as well. To download the VPN you can choose any good working VPN such as Nord VPN, Turbo VPN. After downloading the application you have to install and activate the service. Some applications ask you to login into your Google account or Facebook account. You can choose any one of them. Just simply click on the start button to activate the VPN. You can choose the custom region you want to apply to. There will be a list available of different regions and you can select that from the list. Now you can easily use the banned services by your government.
  • VPN in PC Device – for using VPN service on a PC device there are two options available where you can use the VPN by downloading the VPN software or you can create an extension for the browser where you want to use the banned service. We suggest you use the extension option as it would be easier for you. For doing that you have to go to your PC Browser and go to the extension area. Choose the area of the extension store to open the downloading store. After that search for the VPN in the search column of the extension store. Then you can select anyone by having look at the review of the tool. Choose the one according to you and click to install the extension tool. After that, it will ask you to enable the tool on your browser. Now you can click on the extension icon to start the VPN and explore any service that cannot be accessible in your country.

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What are the Major Features Available on SDMoviesPoint ?

  • Navigation Bar – The Navigation bar of the SDMoviesPoint offers you the menu where you can choose Top IMDB Collection, Trending Collection, Collection by Highest rating and the Contact Option. You can contact them by the Contact form where you can give the feedback of their web or you can request a movie. They will respond to your request as soon as possible.
  • Search Box – there’s a search bar available on the website having fast speed. On the search bar, you can search any web series or Movies by manually entering the exact name of the content. It will show you the result based on your search.
  • Sort by Filters – a user can sort the content by different types of filters such as Alphabetical sort, Date, Day, Year or time sort. You can filter the search result according to your need.
  • Genres Section – on the front page of the website there’s a genres section available in the right side area. You can choose the movies based on genres.
  • Release year Section –in the lower right side area of the web page you will see the option of years. Where you can select the year and it will show you all the results of movies launched in that year.
  • Top IMBD Section –on the Top of the website you will see the option of Top IMDB. Click on that option and it will show you all the top content available on IMDB.
  • TV Shows –there are many TV shows available on the website that you can watch. It contains even unpopular TV shows as well.
  • Latest Seasons – a user can have a section where they will be able to see all the content by the latest seasons.
  • Newest Episodes – all the newest episodes will show in the column of newest episodes.
  • Top Movies Section – you can choose the movies from the top movies sections where you find all the top-rated trending movies.
  • Brief Information – the website contains all the information of each movie, web series or TV show on their website that includes the complete description of the content.
  • Fast Response – it gives you a fast response as the website has active teams.
  • Different Picture Formats – there are different formats available that you choose according to your picture quality preferences.
  • Genres – different genres are available on the website with having the numbers showing aside the genres area.
  • Language preferences – you can choose the language content according to your preference.
  • Streaming service – it gives you a completely free of cost streaming service where you can watch the content online.
  • Offers Downloading – the website offers you to download the movie or series in different formats. You can download the movie and watch them offline.

What are the Categories Available on SDMoviesPoint ?

SDMoviesPoint has vast categories available on its website. Users can have all the categories on the front page of the website. All of us love to watch movies according to our preferences. These categories section helps users to select the preferred movies according to them.

A user doesn’t have to go to the different platforms for watching different platform services. they can explore almost the whole OTT platform on a single website. here is a list of categories available on the SDMoviespoint website:

  • Latest Netflix Movies in 2020
  • Hollywood Dubbed Movies in Tamil
  • Kannada Movies dubbed in Hindi
  • Latest Web Series from Netflix
  • Tamil movies dubbed in Hindi
  • Punjabi Movies latest
  • Latest Web Series from Ullu
  • Bhojpuri movies download in HD
  • Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Series
  • Hollywood English TV Shows
  • Latest Bollywood Movies 2020
  • Indian TV Reality Shows
  • Star Plus Tv Shows Download
  • Zee TV Shows Download
  • Latest Web Series from Amazon Prime
  • Latest Adult Web Series from Alt Balaji
  • Mx Player Latest Web Series

Is SDMoviesPoint Easy to Use for Downloading Movies Online ?

SDMoviesPoint’s website platform is actually easy to use. Anyone can use the website without having issues. But sometimes it depends on a user activity how they want to use the Website. On the other hand, a website can be easy to use for a person but if that person isn’t much familiar with these internet services then it might be difficult for them to utilize the website.

The drawback of the website where a beginner user cam stuck is the website contains loads and tons of ads. Even the website redirects you to irrelevant pages on every single click you made. This is the only reason the user can be irritated by those redirection URLs. After all of these things, we can say the website is quite easy to use but depends on the user and how much experience they had exploring these types of websites.

Why SDMoviesPoint is so Popular Among All of Us ?

The younger youth of this generation is completely crazy about the movies stuff. All of us love to watch movies as the new movie comes. People always have been fond of watching movies. After all the days of hardworking, these movies entertain us so that we can have fun.

There are many different facilities available for streaming movies illegally or illegally. If you want to watch movies legitimately then we have to take a subscription for streaming facilities. There are different platforms available for series and movies such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

As on these OTT platforms, we must have to pay for getting their services. On the other hand, SDMoviesPoint offers us the facility to watch movies online for free of cost without even paying a penny. SDMoviesPoint is so much popular among all of us as they have a huge collection of movies and TV Series.

We can have various qualities on the SDMoviesPoint. Even the website offers us to choose different genres so that we can select a movie according to our mood. The user can utilize the website in many ways where they can stream the movie, download the movie, or get all the information about movies or Tv Series.

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What are the Working Domains Available  of SDMoviesPoint ?

SDMoviesPoint is pirated website. As we know piracy is unlawful and not allowed legally. All the legal agencies check these stuff on regular basis. Changing the domains helps pirated website to escaping from getting caught.

Therefore they continuously change their domains so that they can avoid blocking their website. In addition, if the website even gets blocked. They store all the databases to another domain so that they won’t lose access to the data on the website. They have different working domains so that the user can switch to another if the one gets blocked. Below down the domains given for the SDMoviesPoint website that you can use:

  • Sdmoviespoint.com
  • Sdmoviespoint.vip
  • Sdmoviespoint.greatest
  • Sdmoviespoint.rao
  • Sdmoviespoint.ro
  • Sdmoviespoint.in
  • Sdmoviespoint.org
  • Sdmoviespoint.stream
  • Sdmoviespoint.tube
  • Sdmoviespoint.or
  • Sdmoviespoint.stream
  • Sdmoviespoint.lite
  • Sdmoviespoint.app
  • Sdmoviespoint.new
  • Sdmoviespoint.bhojpuri
  • Sdmoviespoint.internet
  • Sdmoviespoint.biz
  • Sdmoviespoint.life
  • Sdmoviespoint.proxy
  • Sdmoviespoint.Kannada
  • Sdmoviespoint.lite
  • Sdmoviespoint.Telugu
  • Sdmoviespoint.tamil
  • Sdmoviespoint.south
  • Sdmoviespoint.Tamil
  • Sdmoviespoint.Hollywood
  • Sdmoviespoint.marathi
  • Sdmoviespoint.ch
  • Sdmoviespoint.string

What are the Formats Available on SDMoviesPoint?

SDMoviesPoint movie downloading and streaming websites offer a user different formats. Having limited internet pulls us from downloading movies because it takes a lot of data to download a single movie. These picture quality formats avail a user to download movies according to their internet limit. The low quality you choose the least internet it consumes.

On the other hand, people having broadband connections love to watch movies in high quality as HD. That gives them picture detail with the finest quality. Then you can choose the highest quality for streaming or downloading the content as you have unlimited internet access. Here are picture formats are given below that SDMoviesPoint offers us:

  • 360p
  • 480p
  • 720p
  • 1080p
  • 4K

Genres Available on SDMoviesPoint ? What are the Genres available on SDMoviesPoint?

All the people love to watch movies based on their mood and taste. The genres help them to choose the correct genre where they find all the movies based on the selected genre.

SDMoviesPoint movie downloading and streaming website platform contains various types of genres with having numbers aside that which genres have how many movies or Series. A user can have different genres such as Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, thriller, Horror, Romance, Fantasy, Drama, Sci-Fi, and many more.

Is SDMoviesPoint Safe to Use for Downloading or streaming Movies ?

When we talk about safety. It directly refers to security. As we Discussed above SDMoviesPoint website platform is illegal to service providing websites. SDMoviesPoint is working with torrent and supports piracy that is why it doesn’t earn with legit promotional advertisements. The website earns with promotional ads that can harm your device and contains loads of malware.

If even by mistaken you allow the malware to take place into your PC or any device. It might be dangerous for your system. These pop-ups even come from hackers. If you allow them. The malware or malicious files would ttakeplace in your system.

This could be the reason that your system can be hacked by anonymous hackers. These hackers can even destroy your data completely from your PC or Mobile. They even can access all the files on your device and can see your password and personal data as well. We suggest you beware of these things and always protect yourself first before using the website services.

Should We Avoid Using Pirated Websites ?

According to us, yes you should above using these pirated websites because it can harm you a lot. You can’t even imagine how much dangerous it can be. You can use legal services to avoid the usage of pirated sites. Those legal services have licenses and assure you to protect your privacy as well. We shouldn’t put ourselves in danger for saving a small amount of money. If you can buy the subscription then you should purchase the package because protecting our private space is our responsibility.

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Why SDMoviesPoint is Illegal for Downloading Movies ?

SDMoviesPoint movie downloading and streaming website platform supports torrent protocol for piracy content. Piracy content knows as stolen content. All the contents available on the SDMoviesPoint is copyrighted content and they are using that without having the consent of the owners. Using copyrighted material is a punishable act and unlawful.

On the regular basis, legal agencies work on blocking these pirated websites as they have the theft content. If someone gets caught having the copyrighted material without the consent of the real owner then they have to face punishment whether it is the user of the website or owner of the pirated websites.

If a user gets caught then they have to pay a fine of 50,000 to 3,00 000 in Indian currency. Even they might face imprisonment for about 6 months to 3 years as they are going against the law and using the copyrighted content unlawfully. We suggest you not use these pirated websites.


In the final analysis, we’ve come to know that SDMoviesPoint is a websites platform that allows a user to download or stream movies and tv series online. The website provides the services free of cost. They offer different categories of movies with a selection of language preferences. Even stream the movies in different formats and even you can download them with desirable picture quality. There are genres available on the website that you can use for choosing the movies according to your mood.

On the other hand, SDMoviesPoint allows a user to download movies but they are running the website illegally. Using the illegal service might be harmful to a user as they can get hacked or their data can be destroyed in seconds. Even if they are caught using the illegal services of the pirated sites then they may have to face punishments as well even they can get imprisonment for years. We are not suggesting you use illegal services.

But if you are using then stay safe and beware of malware files. Don’t ever forget to protect yourself first. If you have any queries regarding the SDMoviesPoint information given above then you can ask us in the comment section. We will contact you with a solution as soon as possible. Don’t forget to leave feedback in the comment area.

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