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सटका मटका कल्याण, डीपी बॉस | Satka Matka Kalyan, dpboss

In this article we will learn about सटका मटका कल्याण, डीपी बॉस. Satka Matka is a game which is played in various countries on Dpboss website.

सटका मटका कल्याण is one of the most famous game played on डीपी बॉस website. It gained huge audience in past few years. Daily millions of visitors go to सटका मटका कल्याण to check result and winning numbers. There is still lot of room to grow as there are crores of people in our country who haven’t heard about this game. Biggest roadblock in the success of satka matka & dpboss is that it got a bad name because of few people. There are various groups and sites on internet which take it as gambling and participate in illegal activities. We neither endorse nor encourage illegal activities in any manner.

सटका मटका कल्याण (Satka Matka Kalyan)

One should never include money in any game as it can damage life of people. It should be played just for entertainment purpose. In this article we will discuss about rules of सटका मटका and founder of डीपी बॉस.

Beware of those sites who serve malicious content and charges money in the name of सटका मटका कल्याण. It’s easy to find thousands of sites related to this game but very hard to find good one’s.

We have covered in detail about some of the amazing sites which offer content on dpboss and satka matka.

Huge number of people think that original site is डीपी बॉस. com which is false and should be stopped. Go through our article till the end, drop some suggestions and honest reviews in comment section. As per your suggestion, we will make appropriate changes and improve the content available here to make it user friendly. Same like satka, photo fort game is played in Kolkata.

डीपी बॉस (Dpboss)

डीपी बॉस is the only site which updates fastest result and chart. After that other sites follow them and publish in on their blogs. In this game people choose few numbers and one of the number gets selected on result day. This game is quite popular in few indian states including West Bengal, Mumbai, Haryana and Delhi.

डीपी बॉस Timing

Each day it Kalyan Matka starts on 5:25 PM and Close on 7:25 PM. Kalyan Night time starts from 9:15 PM and CLose on 11:30 PM. Kalyan Morning Time is 11 AM to 12 PM. सटका मटका game is full of numbers. People select various numbers, those who have selected numbers deemed as winners.

Types of Games on डीपी बॉस

All these details and results are updated regularly on डीपी बॉस. There are hundreds of sites which provide सटका मटका guessing services and claims to provide accurate predictions. Many times in past people have observed that they failed badly. Beware of such sites, don’t take help of the.

If it was so easy then why they haven’t applied that knowlege of डीपी बॉस, सटका मटका कल्याण on themselves. There are various games which are played under सटका मटका कल्याण like Milan Morning, Karnataka Day, Rajlaxmi, Kismat Day, Sridevi, Sapna, Kalyan Morning, डीपी बॉस final, Kalyan Night, RAJDHANI MORNING, Time Bazar, Supreme Night, Shubh Milan Night, Bombay Rajshree and so on. If you know someone who is playing this game to become millionaire overnight then do immediately stop them.

डीपी बॉस & सटका मटका कल्याण
Dpboss Games

Things become uncontrollable once customers get addicted to this game. In this article we will update Live result of Satka Matka game. We will update the result each minute from डीपी बॉस servers.

Each of the important details will be printed here which will surely help in making right decision. We don’t want that our audience have to wait for hours just to dpboss result. This is why we have employed team of writers who will take care of all the सटका मटका updates and developments. Please note that सटका मटका kalyan chart is updated on daily basis. Check time table for complete schedule and go ahead accordingly.

How सटका मटका & डीपी बॉस works?

सटका मटका कल्याण is a famous indian game in which people select one or more numbers. After a given time result gets announced along with winning numbers. Users can easily check result by going to डीपी बॉस. It’s a clean and entertaining game.

It got a bad name because of few people who add money in the game. Even governments of various countries have banned it for those who add money in it. Because of money, millions of people get lured into such games and dreams of becoming millionaire overnight. This is how it do lot of damage to the people who got addicted and include money in it.

There is nothing wrong if you play just for entertainment purpose. There are multiple ways of playing satka matka. On daily basis lakhs of people participate in this game through डीपी बॉस. Only few lucky people turn out as winners. One who conducts these games earn handsome amount as lakhs of people participate in this game.

Few years back this game used to conduct offline. There was a limit as lakhs of people can’t participate in offline games. Whereas even crore of people can play सटका मटका at a time through digital mode.

As per recent site data, डीपी बॉस handled 20 lakh live user traffic easily on their at single time which is mind-bending. In this game various numbers are inserted into a matka. After that one number is taken out from that matka which turns out to be the winner on डीपी बॉस.

Why Dpboss (डीपी बॉस) Only?

Many people who are in the market for years choose dpboss. This is the craze of dpboss – डीपी बॉस in satka matka industry. They claim to provide the fastest results than their competition.

Whereas some sites takes hours to publish, डीपी बॉस publish results almost immediately.

Many of our viewers have also given feedback and said they are very happy with it. It looks like that they have a proper team assigned for the updation work. Moreover, their servers are pretty smooth and opens instantly. There is very less chance of published wrong data of satka matka on dpboss as it got approved by the main panel before publishing on website.

Various type of varieties are available including कल्याण राजधानी , Ratan Jodi, कल्याण Night, Mumbai Royal Day, Puna Bazar and Mama Bhanja.

डीपी बॉस सटका मटका कल्याण चार्ट 

Various types of चार्ट are available on डीपी बॉस . These charts gives proper guidance to the viewer and help in making correct decision.

Though there are hundreds of charts available on internet but we are covering only major kalyan charts as per audience demand. Refer to below table to have a detailed understanding of कल्याण चार्ट 

डीपी बॉस कल्याण चार्ट पानाMatka Jodi Count Chart
Matka Final ChartKalyan Satka Matka Chart
Kalyan Dhanvarsha Chartडीपी बॉस कल्याण चार्ट राजधानी चार्ट
Ratan Khatri Panel ChartKhatri Panel Count Chart by Dpboss
Double Day Fix ChartMatka Play Chart

New Timings of Dpboss

In this section we have published various times when dpboss announce कल्याण सटका मटका Result. It’s responsibility of updation team to update results very carefully. Updating incorrect info on web portal can cause harm to the masses.

कल्याण Open and Close is very important while checking the results. Given details is fetched from authentic sources to serve our audience in the easiest manner. We and our team won’t be responsible for any damage or loss. We recommend all our viewers to stay away from such kind of games which can spoil your life. To check the timing please refer to the below given table.

  • Kalyan Open – 3:45Pm
  • Kalyan Close – 5:45Pm
  • Time Open – 1:00Pm
  • Time Close – 2:00Pm
  • Milan Day Open – 3:00Pm
  • Milan Day Close – 5:00Pm
  • Milan Night Open – 9:00Pm
  • Milan Night Close – 11:00Pm
  • Main Bazar Open – 9:35Pm
  • Main Bazar Close – 12:05Pm

सटका मटका King & डीपी बॉस

You must be wondering that who started this game that now turned out to be loved by millions of people. Is it the founder of dpboss website of some other intelliget guy? Things are still not very clear as some says that kalyan ji has started while some give credit to ratan khatri. Their whole system works on the opening and closing rates of cotton transmitted from the New York Cotton Exchange to the Bombay Cotton Exchange.

It’s started in 1960 in mumbai, at that time dpboss was not in existence. At that time there was a craze for this game and people became addicted to it. Thousands of people make prediction of opening and closing rates.

This news disappointed some of the big people whose business was dependent on this game. In 1962 Kalyan ji launched new सटका मटका which gained huge popularity in few weeks.


In 1964 Ratan Khatri launched new डीपी बॉस matka. To make it legal they changed some rules and terms. Even though they changed the rules of the game, it got banned by government in various countries.

If a government is banning something, that means there should be some logical reason for it. In between 1980-90, satka matka game got huge popularity, all this without help of dpboss. Now it’s back in trend because of digitalization. It’s mostly played by youngsters as they believe in quick rich schemes.

Reason behind सटका मटका कल्याण Ban

Here we have discussed why it’s banned in various states and some reasons are given below.

  • It sends wrong message to the people of earning quick money.
  • People damage their life by getting addicted to it
  • Various sites and portals do fraud activities under the shade of such games
  • Overall it’s contribution towards the country is zero. There are multiple tax related problems involved with it
  • People can manipulate the result if they have known people in big departments of matka.
सटका मटका Game

Decline in Popularity of डीपी बॉस

Below we have published few reasons why it’s not popular like 90s. Though there are hundreds of reasons behind low adoption rate. We have posted only most important points which affected it.

  • In digital era there are various games available which are better than सटका मटका कल्याण and डीपी बॉस.
  • People have to wait a lot to check name of winners. Quite time-consuming and boring at the same time. Whereas other online games promises to show results immediately.
  • Not accepted by governments of various countries, which damages trust and credibility
  • Mindset of people changed, they made satka matka word synonym of something addictive.

Ratan Khatri of सटका मटका कल्याण

Ratan Khatri is famously known as सटका King. He got name and fame after the launch of multiple games. At that time very limited stuff were there for entertainment.

This is one of the biggest reason why such kind of games got huge popularity. At that time he was treated somewhat like owner of डीपी बॉस.

If you are very clever, creative and sharp minded then this game can do charm for you. But for the majority it doesn’t work. Those who are good in numbers and love to play with number generally do great in सटका मटका games. Even godfather of satka game have admitted that only lucky won’t do good things for you. Ratan Khatri himself started earning only after years of experience and expertise.

He was the first gaming millionaire of his time. In later part of his life he started give tips and tricks related to सटका मटका & डीपी बॉस. If you go through his biography, you will learn how he changed life of lakhs of people positively and negatively. He died at the age of 88 on 10 May 2020 at his home because of brief illness.

Ratan Khatri सटका मटका
Ratan Khatri

He came from karachi, pakistan to mumbai, india in 1947. It was that time when a new country was born called pakistan. Though it’s not allowed to play matka games in India but still many people believe that people still play it secretly.

He and Kalyan Bhagat brought a revolution by bringing सटका मटका कल्याण to the next level. However, their partnership didn’t worked well for long and ratan has launched his own game called as ratan dpboss. Do you know that such activities are allowed in goa but not in other parts of country. According to 1867 act, playing such risky games are not allowed in the country. There are certain provisions within the law that mark a difference between games of skill and games of chance. If you are participating in games of skill then itt’s totally legal.

Like we see cricket apps like dream 11 and MPL in which people are earning crores of rupees by choosing their team. As per few reports सटका मटका king used to earn more than 1 crore in a day at peak of his career.

People used to have very few channels on their TV and there was lack of information. Only selected people have telephones. Even without internet it has grown at very fast pace. Kalyan Ji and Ratan Khati friendship was very good at one point of time. They both worked very hard consistently in their fields. You wouldn’t have heard about this game if kalyan ji and khatri wasn’t born.

सटका मटका कल्याण का समय

Time Open:01:00 PM
Time Close:02:00 PM
Kalyan Morning Open:11:00 AM
Kalyan Morning Close:12:02 PM
Milan Open:02:15 PM
Milan Close:04:15 PM
Kalyan Open:03:45 PM
Kalyan Close:05:45 PM
Milan Night Open:09:00 PM
Milan Night Close:11:05 PM
Main Ratan Open:09:35 PM
Main Ratan Close:12:00 AM
Kalyan Night Open:09:15 PM
Kalyan Night Close:11:30 PM

There is no need of degree or any type of educational qualification to become master of satka matka डीपी बॉस. It wouldn’t be correct if we say that anyone can play this game and earn huge amount. It require good command over number and intelligence.

History of डीपी बॉस, सटका मटका कल्याण

This game was first started in 1950 and it’s caled as Ankada Jugar which means Couple of numbers. Their whole business was based on new york cotton exchange opening and closing rates.

People used to guess and predict the opening and closing rates of cotton. As we said there was lack of communication which is why all the rates are sent by teleprinter from new york to bombay exchange. Later on government banned Ankada Jugar because of multiple reasons and satka matka was born on dpboss.

सटका मटका कल्याण Result Today

It’s almost impossible to say what number will be selected today or tomorrow. No one know the future. Stay away from those sites and people who says that they know everything.

In the end you will lose your investment. We all can just predict but can’t tell the accurate result. There are still thousands of people who invest money in this game and dreams of becoming rich after winning. One must do their own research on the topic to learn everything in detail. No site or video can make you learn what your experience will. Always believe in yourself and study everything from scratch.

सटका मटका कल्याण
सटका मटका कल्याण

This will boost up your confidence level and increase the chances of winning by some margin. Luck has some role to play in some games but we can do what’s in our hands.

Rest is up to our destiny. If you have gone through success stories then it shows that how people earned big amount in few days. Please keep in mind that this happens with only very few people. Lakhs of people participate in such games and only few wins. Think twice before participating in such kind of games which involves high risk and are not legal in various states.

How to Play सटका मटका कल्याण on डीपी बॉस ?

These days majority of people play सटका मटका कल्याण through online mode, mainly डीपी बॉस. Still there are good amount of people who don’t know much about technical stuffs. Such novice users contact agents who are in this gaming business from years.

It’s very important to go with an experienced, trusted agent after all you are putting your hard-earned money. In this game customers can earn as high as 100 times of their invested amount which is much higher than any other form of investment. 1 by 4 is one of the most favorite scheme of this game.

Majority of the people invest in it, one have to put 1 rs to earn 4rs on winning. As money is involved in it, this game is not legalized in many countries and we recommend all our viewers to stay away from it. This complete article is just for informational purpose and has nothing to do with the people who are involved in it.

सटका मटका कल्याण शब्दावली

It’s very hard for a new user to understand the meaning of various words in सटका मटका कल्याण on डीपी बॉस. Many of our viewers have mailed us regarding this issue. So we thought to publish a separate paragraph on our website.

In this section we will discuss in detail about various सटका मटका कल्याण शब्दावली. If you already know about such terminology then feel free to ignore this section as it won’t provide any value to you.

मटकाप्राचीन काल में बर्तनों का इस्तेमाल संख्याएँ खींचने के लिए
जोड़ी/पेयर00 और 99 के बीच दो अंकों की कोई भी जोड़ी
पत्ती/पन्ना00-99 के बीच की कोई भी संंख्या। केवल सीमित 3 अंकों की संख्या का उपयोग किया जाता है।
ओपन रिजल्ट/क्लोज रिजल्टतीन नंबरों की संख्या
बेरिजमटका जुएं का नतीजा
Cycle PattiPatti के अंतिम दो अंकों को Cycle Patti या CP कहा जाता है
सिंगलजोड़ी के कुल जमा के अंतिम अंक
1 अंक22 पत्ती
कुल पत्ती की संख्या220 ( 10*22 = 220 )
FarakClose result और Open result के बीच अंतर

सटका मटका कल्याण on डीपी बॉस

There is a given time in which people play सटका मटका कल्याण. All the participants have to be active on that time otherwise they can’t play it once it gets closed.

Time and other details of games are published on sites like डीपी बॉस. It’s shocking to see that such games are not allowed by the government but still these sites are functional since years. Though, they can be removed anytime if legal action is taken by officials or search engines. One has to be ready for all types of actions if they are indulged in satta matka games.

The result gets announced on सटका closing time. You have to look at the time table of satka matka on dpboss website. In the result names of winners will be declared. As said above it’s very important to understand the game of numbers otherwise you will have hard time here. Though top site is डीपी बॉस but still there are hundreds of other apps and sites which allows users to play it.

Download Satka Matka App

What if i tell you that more than 80% people love to play this Satka Matka through small screen devices like mobile? Shocked? Yes, it’s totally true and amazing at the same time.

These days, people buying more mobiles rather than buy iPad or Laptops. There are several reasons behind it.

They are easy to handle, affordable and charges way faster than laptop or pc. It’s quite easy to go through kalyan charts and daily results through app. On dpboss website server crashes several times and domain stop working suddenly because of backend issues.

सटका मटका कल्याण app updates in real-time and offers various additional features to users which are not available on डीपी बॉस website. In the article we have discussed all the main features which are offered by Satka Matka App. Go through below guide to download Mobile App.

Satka Matka App from Google Play Store

  • First launch google play store in your mobile
  • Now in play store search for सटका मटका
  • List of various apps will appear on your screen
  • Look for developer name of app
  • Download that app which is created by डीपी बॉस Ltd
  • Now click on green color install button
  • After 5 to 10 seconds, app will be installed in your phone
  • Installation time depends on your internet speed
  • Once installation is completed, go and launch the app

Satka Matka Apk Direct Download

Incase if you are unable to download app from Google Play Store, or it’s unavailable, then follow this section. Here we have described about direct way to download Satka Matka App Apk File. If you have any question or suggestion in mind then please drop a comment below for our team.

  • First of all go to search engine and search for सटका मटका App
  • Now various website links will appear
  • You just have to click on Dpboss Kalyan website
  • Now scroll down little bit and click on Download App button
  • After that 15 seconds timer will appear on next page
  • Simply wait for 15 seconds and then the download link will appear
  • Click on the link and allow download to start
  • Satka Matka App will be downloaded in few minutes
  • Now open that Apk file and click on Install
  • After installation launch Kalyan डीपी बॉस App

This is how anyone can download Satka Matka App directly from third-party website. We have published two ways to download mobile app. Now it’s up to you to follow any of them as per your needs.

Update the app time to time so that developers will patch security related issues. Also don’t forget to go through their privacy police before you start using सटका कल्याण app.

सटका मटका App Features

There are tons of features which makes सटका मटका better than their website. Generally they are easy to download, easy to install and lightweight.

They take less server space, which is why the result is updated almost instantly. Here we have made a list of main features of satka matka app. Currently, if you are using their app then go through this section, give a try to app. You will never look ack to their website once you start using their app for few days.

  • At the top there is a refresh button. Use it when you want latest result updates. Give few seconds time to let the page appear properly.
  • Use share button to share सटका मटका results with your friends on famous social media sites. It allows ser to share the information on Whatsapp, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Reddit, Instagram, Gamil and Shareit.
  • Most of the app don’t include close button. On satka matka dpboss app you will get dedicated close button. When you are donne using their app then use that button to close it completely. This will help in killling the app and let your device run smoothly.
  • Click on सटका Chart button to view various satka matka chart results. They have sorted the charts on the basis of years. Best part is that you will get list of all the satta charts which were released in last 3-4 years. Multiple charts are available in it, including Desawar, Faridabad and Gali.
  • Once you install satka matka app, you will have access to Satka Forum. In forum admin gives prizes to top players and most active members. Only 4 jodi will be posted and abusing members is not allowed. Details related to faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gali and Disawar Satka will be posted on forum.
  • It allows user to do online chat with experts. This helps in making accurate decisions for ongoing satka matka games. Other than dpboss no other app provide such facility to their users. If it’s showing busy then wait for few minutes and keep refreshing it.
  • Join सटका Groups to interact with like minded people. Have discussions on upcoming and ongoing games. Treat every member fairly and equally. Members will get lifetime ban on violating their app policies.

Types of Satka Matka Games on Dpboss

Various types of satka matka games are available on dpboss. As we already told you that there are several sites where users play satka matka. Only on dpboss you can find each and every type of satka matka game. Total 5 types of games are available on dpboss which are as follows:

  1. Play Ank (Single Digit)
  2. Play Jodi (Double digit)
  3. Play Pana SP (Triple digit)
  4. Play Pana DP (Triple digit)
  5. Play Pana TP (Triple digit)

Winning number is matched with player numbers once game gets over. Winning players get money as promised before and written in terms and condition of game.

Players can make up to 9 times of their investment from single jodi, and in some games players make up to 100 times, which is huge. One have to invest good amount in high earning games. Those who can’t afford high amount usually go with low earning games.

कल्याण चार्ट रिजल्ट

In this section we have published कल्याण चार्ट Result. Those who want to check Kalyan Result on daily basis can refer to below given chart. We will update this section time to time.

आज का कल्याण रिजल्ट

13-Nov-21Not Announced

Old कल्याण रिजल्ट

17395933 **44
53 **951869**

How to Check सटका मटका Result

There are multiple ways through which one can check सटका मटका result. If you are a mobile user then डीपी बॉस app will be the best option. Checking result online will save a lot of time and energy as you don’t have to go anywhere to know the सटका मटका  result. Complete details about kalyan chart, night open and close are published on various websites.

If your number appears there, that means you are the winner and prize will be given to you. There is a dedicated page to check all the past winning numbers.

User can easily sort them on the basis of year and month. Always keep in mind that past numbers have nothing to do with future results. It all depends on your luck, expertise and knowledge of numbers.

First learn the rules and terms of the game, only then try your luck here. Remember, good things always take time. You can’t become expert ofसटका मटका in a day or week.

To reduce costing and labor, people are moving towards online mode. One can track each and everything of their employee and pay accordingly. Generally, playing satka matka offline is quite risky and raises various questions. Mainly it’s played in Mumbai and Haryana.

This game is originated from Mumbai, but now it’s played in other parts of world also. To check result online, go to sites like dpboss and check past and preset result. On internet, one can easily find top quality sites which offer various services.

There are many people who love to do things the traditional way. Such people love to play offline games. What they do is contact the agents offline and buy few numbers from them.

If that number gets selected, and you win the game, then that agent will pay you the reward amount. There is one more way to check satka matka result. Using mobile apps, डीपी बॉस is one of the most popular where thousands of people check result on daily basis. These apps are fast, lightweight and works on robust hosting. If you want to know in detail, then please head over app features section of this article.

Why one should not play सटका मटका ?

As it’s purely based and unethical we advice all our viewers to stay away from such type of games. On each winner of सटका मटका, thousands of other participants will lose their investment. It means it affect people in mass. Though playing lottery is legal in various parts of india but still we suggest our viewers to stay away from it. It’s never a good idea to invest money just on the basis of luck.

Most of the people in indian society treat such games as bad thing like drinking and eating tobacco. Those who play सटका मटका regularly don’t get enough respect from the people.

Undoubtedly we have seen some amazing websites and apps like डीपी बॉस made by creative minds of our country. But that don’t change the fact of spoiling life of several people.

We all want to earn quick money and become a rich guy, which is why most of the people get addicted to सटका मटका games. Only one in a thousand do that in their lifetime, whereas others simply lose their hard-earned money. Always remember that there will be only one, two or three winners from thousands or lakhs of participants. It depresses the players in mass when they lose and get to know that they lost their complete investment in few minutes or hours.

To improve your memory power or math questions, you can play some other games where money is not involved. We and our team don’t support those games which have not gained legal status from our government or courts.

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