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Sala Darpan Login (Shala) | साला दर्पण लॉगिन (शाला )

Sala Darpan Rajasthan Shala: As you all know that rajasthan has started a portal named as साला दर्पण – शाला under which they aims to give all the information regarding working teachers and shala darpan staff login. All the important documents and updates will be given on time in sala darpan portal. As per the official this new system will bring transparency in the state’s education and no matter where you live, you will get all the information at one roof. Most importantly it will help teachers as they can check and analyze their performance through the integrated shala darpan. In the coming future we can see lot of praise coming from education department because of this portal and innovation.

Sala Darpan

Gone are the days when parents of the students have to appear physically in school to get updates about his child. Now through shala darpan parents can do login and check the performance and improve it furthermore. If you want detailed information to gain some extra knowledge then head over to rajshaladarpan.nic.in.

Sala Darpan Staff Login Steps – Shala

This portal is maintained and managed by the central government of india. Sala Darpan is made to keep up with all the updates of school from attendance to payroll along with analytics data of student. It will help parents as they can see record of their kid.

This will improve the academics of the student as parents will motivate them if they face any issues. All they have to do is sala darpan login to view their kid stats. You don’t need to worry about the authenticity of the content as it comes under Ministry of Human Resource Development. It’s win win for both teachers as well as for students, most importantly our education system will be uplifted.

Point to note is that under this portal only government-aided schools comes. Salient features of the education portal are Staff Shala Darpan Staff Login, School Report View process, Transfer Schedule, School Search process, Staff Report View process, etc. There is huge content which is available on the portal but you have to go through it and take benefit as per your need. Shala Portal gained popularity in 2015 but it gets popularized recently when government took it seriously.

Sala Darpan Login - Shala

Sala Darpan Login (Shala)

  • First of all go to Sala Darpan Rajasthan Website: https://rajshaladarpan.nic.in
  • Now you will be redirected to new page
  • Sala Darpan Homepage will appear on your screen
  • Now you have to scroll little bit and look at top right of the page
  • Click on Login button
  • For better understanding look at below attached image
  • Now Integrated Shala Darpan page will appear on your device
  • There it will ask you to fill all the entries
  • Fill Login name, Password and then captcha calculation
  • Once you enter correct details you will get to see sala darpan dashboard
  • There you can check your performance, attendance and access to study material

Shala Darpan Rajasthan Shiksha Portal (Sala)

All the citizens living in rajasthan can take the benefit of this portal. Here we can check the various details about the students and teachers along with complete stats. It’s meant to revolutionize and democratize the work culture in the education world. One can rely on the information provided on the Rajasthan portal.

It will also change the way students are taught in school and the way parents get information about them. We appreciate the measures which are taken by state and central government to improve our education system. Continue reading the article to get deep insights about the Sala Darpan Portal.

As parents can check performance of their kid on this portal means a lot as definitely it will bring lot of improvement. This portal won’t work for private school students as it’s launched by government. It’s also beneficial for Rajasthan government as everything related to education can be maintained and managed through shala daarpan portal. Data of all the government schools are uploaded on the portal which decreased the workload as now there is no need to access various portals for different schools. Now easily teachers can get details about school and parents can know the status of their child.

Transfer Certificate on Sala Portal

As we talked about earlier, one can do lot of stuffs on shala darpan portal. One usch thing is downloading transfer certificate from it. TC is very important document. It’s must to show your transfer certificate when applying for admission for further studies. Don’t worry it’s very easy to get it done, just follow all the steps given below.

  • First of all go to sala darpan website rajshaladarpan.nic.in
  • Now homepage will be displayed on device screen
  • After that scroll little bit and click on login button
  • To login you can go to this link
  • Now enter all the details and access your account
  • After that you can see list of various services
  • From the list click on Transfer Certificate option
  • Now enter your roll no. or other details which are asked and download your transfer certificate
  • You can also apply for the physical copy which will delivered to your home

Shala Darpan Portal Features (Shala)

  • Now no need to appear physcially in school as parents can have access to all the performance related data of their child on portal
  • Complete details about the school along with all the updates
  • Students can get study material like mock tests, model papers
  • Attendance of students and teachers will be updated regularly to bring transparency
  • Easy to use as all you have to is just access their website and you are done
  • Shala staff login is also there and students can check various schemes or upcoming schemes
  • Parents can give their valuable suggestion which will improve the online portal

View School Profile in Sala Darpan – Shala

Do you know that we can also check school details and get various information on sala darpan portal, about the institution to make the right decision.

Yes, that’s true and you can do that just by following all the steps which are given below. You can also check details about your school. It will be of great help for those who have no idea about searching school on shala darpan portal.

  • First of all you have to go to sala darpan portal site : https://rajshaladarpan.nic.in
  • Now on homepage scroll the page little bit
  • Then you will get to see Citizen Window Link
  • To access Citizen window follow this link
  • Now you will get to see various services which are provided on citizen page
  • Now click on Search School link or go here
  • List of various schools will be categorized on that page
  • You can make use of those categories else search manually
  • Finally you will get to see school profile details on your screen
Shala Darpan School Profile

Under this you will get ton of information about a school. You will get to know Shaladarpan Code, Udise code, block, district of the school and various other important information.Under Detailed school information you will get to know the school have CWSN School, PlayGround, Residential/Hostel School or not.

Sala Darpan Staff Login (Shala)

Many people have requested us tp add this section. Earlier we thought that who will shala darpan staff login during these times but we were wrong. Most of the people still prefer staff login as best best option to get educational details online in rajasthan. You can easily do staff login just by following few steps.

  • First of all make sure that you are regsitered on sala darpan portal
  • Incase if you are new user then first register yourself on shala portal
  • To register yourself for staff login first you have to go to https://rajshaladarpan.nic.in
  • Now scroll little bit and click on Staff Window link
  • After that look at right side of the page
  • There you will get to see various links
  • Click on Shala Staff Login link
  • Now you will get registration form, enter Staff EmployeeId / Staff NIC-SD ID, date of birth, Staff Name as Per Shala Darpan Record
  • Then enter image captcha
  • Now click on submit button
  • After submission of form you will get preview of your registration form
  • Now confirm it if everything is correct or edit details if there is any mistake
  • After your confirmation you will get otp on your mobile number
  • Now submit the otp to receive your login details on your email
  • Finally you are ready to do sala staff login
Sala Darpan Registration

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