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Movierulz Telugu Movies on 4MovieRulz (plz & wap)

How to download Movies from Movierulz Telugu using 4Movierulz, plz and wap versions. Movierulz plz and wap complete guides and steps are covered in this article for Cinema enthusiasts.

Movierulz Telugu

Movierulz Telugu is most famous name in movie download industry. Alone from india they receive crores of clicks on monthly basis which is way higher then their competition.

Sometimes because of huge amount of traffic their site gets crashed. 4Movierulz plz & wap can be used in this case as it works on superfast servers. We are recommending plz and wap because they are fast, lightweight and works on CDN. Data on your device will load from already saved cache and new data generation won’t occur.

This site is mostly used to download Telugu content as they are paying more attention there. Moreover if you love to watch Hollywood, Dubbed Hindi, Telugu movies then will be a great option. Their servers are functioning properly and admin team is working to meet all the needs of users.

We have seen multiple times that if movie portal is not on CDN then it will eventually crash and show 404 error but here everything is different. In place of 404 error you will be redirected to site homepage which works on Movierulz plz, wap. Top blockbuster movies are uploaded recently including Republic, Devineni, Perinayam, Vakeel Saab, Climax, Chaavu, Kaburu Challaga, Suicide Squad, GI Joe and much more.

After complete ban on torrent sites it’s very difficult for novice users to download or watch top quality HD movies. If you are earning handsome amount from your job then give a try to OTT Players like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar as they provide premium service after charging you monthly / yearly.

Movierulz Movies on 4MovieRulz

Go to deals and offers website and check if there is any ongoing deal with movie sites to claim extra discount. To download latest telugu or hindi movies, do bookmark 4movierulz site homepage and keep checking it time to time. Else remember the complete URL of website and keep checking it manually time to time. Best part of this site is that you can browse movies from various categories on the basis of years.

Which means if your friend want to watch Telugu Movie which is released in 2014, then it can be done easily by jumping to Telugu Category.

Movierulz Movies
Movierulz Movies

Do you know why Movierulz and 4movierulz is at top by beating major sites with huge margin? Major credit goes to huge collection of movies which is available there and their hardworking super active team. On other sites when we search for 5 to 10 movies, then hardly 2 or 3 are available but here you will get 95% accuracy which sticks the audience with movies.

Alternatives of Movierulz Website are as follows: 9xflix Movies, HDHub4u, UWatchFree, TamilMV.

In case if you have any question regarding piracy of movies, then we want to make it clear that it’s totally illegal and punishable offense. According to News18 Article: As per the Cinematograph Act of 2019, if any individual is found recording a movie without the written consent of the producers, he or she can face a jail term of up to 3 years and slapped with a fine of Rs 10 lakhs. We all should stand against Movie Piracy as it harms our indian cinema by not allowing the movie directors to monetize the content even when they have invested crores of rupees.

Lot of things are at stake when things don’t go as planned in movie industry. Users have the flexibility of pausing or resuming downloads of files and they can change language as per their wish, which makes it extraordinary. One issue that most of the people face is that Movierulz Telugu keep changing their domain time to time which makes things very difficult for their audience.

Overview of Movierulz plz, wap

Lot of research need to be done to find out the new trending domain name. If you have doubts like how movierulz work on plz and wap model or how they earn money then read our post till the very end.

Though the post is little bit long then average article but it was necessary as there are lot of rumors about this site in the market. After all we are here to serve our audience, no matter how detailed or short the topic is. We recommend you to avoid all the pop up and shady ads. Never ever download any file from their automated ads as it may harm your device.

It’s not mandatory to view video ads or click on banner ads to download movies. Love and affection towards regional cinema also contributed to the growth of 4Movierulz Telugu. Most of the movies are uploaded on same day of release. If you are the one who only like to watch HD Quality content then you have to be patient for few days.

4movierulz Homepage

Homepage of 4movierulz is well designed and it must be work of team of coders and designers. The placement of button, logo and other widget are simply amazing. This shows that Movierulz team focuses on each and every little thing to fulfil audience needs.

On 4movierulz homepage first categories will load and then rest of the content. They have named each category strategically so that user will understand what’s present inside it. Several categories are there which contains complete collection of movies but are distributed according to genre.


On the left side of movierulz, there is a attractive widget in which link of movie genres is given. Select any genre as per your desire and requirement. Below the category tab, thumbnails of all new movies with their links are given. If you or your friend is looking to download new movies then homepage is the best place.

As we all know the craze for documentaries, web series is booming, that’s why admin has uploaded lots of other content. 1080p HEVC, 720p HD, 480p HDRip, 360p Webrip, 300 MB Highly Compressed, Animated Cartoon, Bhojpuri Hits, Comedy Films, Punjabi Shows are all comes in categories which are available on homepage.

4movierulz Categories

When a person opens 4movierulz, first thing he or she sees is homepage but it’s of no value if you don’t have great categories. Categories are mainly used to meet requirements of audience.

On movie sites thousands of movies are uploaded and it’s not possible for a user to watch all of them. Here comes category in play, One can go to Hindi Movies category if he loves to watch bollywood movies. Similarly movierulz admins have created few categories which largely emphasis on the type of content and it’s quality. Collection of movies and web series on 4movierulz is divided into several categories including Telugu Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Malayalam, Dubbed and Others.

User can go to quality category on movierulz and select the quality to watch the content attached with it. Let’s move ahead without further delay and study about each category in detail.


Are you the one who always want to watch blockbusters? This category is specifically for such kind of users. Featured category is also most famous category on Movierulz website.

It’s placed at top of homepage. Here all the top-earning blockbuster movies are featured so that users don’t waste their precious time in searching the films here and there. Under featured category, there are many subcategories for regional audience.

Featured Movies

Imagine a guy who is very specific about his choice and he only watch super hit movies. Now question is how he can find that movie from collection of hundreds of films from different categories.

Here comes regional category in play. First we will go to Featured category, then click on Telugu Featured sub category to stream super hit top quality telugu movies.Total 7 sub categories are there including Hollywood Featured, Bollywood Featured, Telugu Featured, Tamil featured, Punjabi Featured and so on. This category is very useful for those who prefer watching regional content rather than global shows. If you are a fan of global shows or web series then there is another category available for such users.


This category drives most of the traffic from United States and Canada as english is most spoken language there. Those who love to watch english movies will find this category very useful. For hindi speakers dubbed and dual audio movies are also part of Hollywood category.

People generally want to watch films in their native language rather than looking at those subtitles. Various video qualities are also available for the smooth functioning of video player even in poor connectivity. What if your friend says that she wants to watch those english movies which are released in 2016. In that situation what will you do?

It will popup various sub category in which english movies are filtered on the basis of their release year. Few of those sub categories are as follows: Hollywood Movie in 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018 and so on. Each category is created after seeing user demand. Till now we haven’t seen so many categories on any other movie download site.


Do you know that India’s rank is 2nd in Largest industries by number of film productions lists. At No.1 it’s nigeria and after that it’s India. Most of the indian movies came from bollywood and telugu cinema. In year 2019 nearly 2400 movies were released and just 710 in United States.

These stats are enough to show you the love of people towards cinema in bollywood. If you are one of the die hard fan of hindi movie then this category is for you. Here you will find almost all the indian movies which are available on Movierulz website. Suppose, if a user want to download thugs of hindostan or bhor movie, then there are two options to do that.

One is go to Movierulz homepage and scroll at top, use search tool. Another option is to go to Bollywood category and open popup list, click on Bollywood Movie 2018 List and complete list of those hindi movies will appear which were released in year 2018. This is a great feature for those who want to stream movies year wise. Though not all movies are available in this category but you will find most of them.


40% of the movies which are available on Movierulz are in Telugu. Hardly there is any site on internet which have this much content in telugu language. This is one of the reason why this site is quite popular in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Users will have access to list of those telugu movies which are released between 2010 and 2021. Quality of movies can be changed to as high as 1080p and we recommend it only if you have high speed internet connection.

Telugu Movies on Movierulz

Better the quality of video is, more the data it will consume, so keep this in mind and go ahead if you have activated unlimited packs. It gives freedom to jump between the quality of video, includes 1080p, 720p, 480p, DVDscr and HDRip.

Dubbed Movies

This category is strictly made for those who hate to watch English or Foreign Movies with subtitles. Many of the people reported that subtitles degrades the enjoyment as it pop up every second. To solve this problem, dubbed movies are introduced in later years. It’s a good option for those who don’t have unlimited internet connection.

Complete audio of movie is changed and convert it into their native language. In early years of cinema, it wasn’t possible to watch Fast and Furious Movie in Telugu. There was no such technology which was capable of doing such stuffs at that time.

People would have called you mad if you expected something like this but as technology evolved things changed. Now any user from any part of world can watch The Family Man in telugu, hindi and tamil. We are thankful of dubbing artist that with their efforts it’s possible now. To understand more about movie dubbing follow this link of Dubbing – Cinema by Britannica.

Movierulz Plz, Wap Features

Chances are very high that you haven’t heard about Movierulz Plz, Wap as they are technical terms. This section is only for those who are curious to dig deeper into the protocols and technologies behind Movies website. It’s quite easy to start a website and publish text content like we are doing on this blog.

In many cases we have seen because of huge traffic even these lightweight site crashes. In such cases it’s impossible to let the servers run when huge movie collections are placed there. So how it works?

When you open Movierulz Plz, you hardly face any issues with site and it works smoothly most of the time. Main reason behind is plz, wap which works on cache and cdn protocols. When a user opens movie site it already stores in their browser cache and transfer of query takes little to no time which eventually helps in smooth functioning.

Download Movies from Movierulz

This section is for those who are clueless about streaming or downloading content from Movierulz. It can be difficult for a new user to go through it and do very basic things. Once you do it on daily or weekly basis, you get used to it. It is always recommended to follow guide if you are not much aware of stuffs rather than messing things.

  • Go to Movierulz official website
  • Now look for your favorite telugu, hindi or any other movie
  • Once you get it, click on it
  • New page will appear on your screen
  • There user will see complete details about a movie
  • Name of director, Language, Cast and Genre are part of those details
Download Movies
  • If you don’t want to wait and watch movie then scroll down little bit and click on Watch in HD link
  • If you want to download it to watch it even if internet is not available then click on Download Now
  • After that bypass the captcha by entering numbers as given in image
  • User will be redirected to new page where wait for 10 seconds
  • Now click on Generate Download Link
Donwload Link
  • After a moment, link will popup on your screen
  • Click on that and it will ask for permission to download
  • Click on Allow and download will start
  • In your country if torrents work smoothly then scroll to the bottom and look for Get this Torrent link
  • User can opt for best servers from the download list which allows pause and resume feature

If you don’t have high speed unlimited internet connection or living in remote area then choose low quality links to start download. Though the quality of movie won’t be as good as 1080p but it will surely download much faster. On Movierulz, we have freedom to choose fast servers and size of movie which makes them way more different then others.

After going through above guide one will get enough idea of movie download that they can do that by now without any help. It also simplifies the process by converting complex terms to simpler ones.

We have covered almost all types of downloads so that users won’t feel isolated. Don’t worry this section will be updated time to time as things changes on movierulz telugu website.

As of now they haven’t introduced any pricing details for their premium users. Any user from the world can access all type of content, but they must know the basic stuffs which are covered on this post. Most popular page on this site is of Telugu movies, it get’s lakhs of views from small part of india.

When internet was not so popular and poor connectivity was there in major part of world, they introduced mp3 downloads section. Within few months it gained lot of viewers from India, China and United States.

Movierulz Apk for Android

Developers know that there are still many people who can’t afford expensive gadgets to do little work. That’s why they have released mobile app of Movierulz apk. Though you won’t find it in google play store as it violates their policies. Initially it was part of Google platform and gained huge popularity.

Their Android app was part of top free apps chart consistently from 2-3 months. Thousands of 5 star and 4 star rating were there which acted as great catalyst for their business.

After few months it got removed and now you can’t donwload it from their store. If you want to learn how to download movierulz app apk then follow below given guide.

Download Movierulz Apk for Mobile

  • First you have to search for Movierulz apk in search engine
  • Now search results will appear on your screen
  • Do click on apkcombo site and then scroll down little bit
  • Complete details of movierulz apk will appear
Movierulz Apk
Movierulz Apk
  • Like total downloads, developer name, last updated on
  • Also click on Features link to view all features
  • If you feel that this app is helpful for you then click Download Apk button
  • Now click on Allow button to start download
  • Within few seconds or minutes download will be finished, timing depends on your connection speed
  • Now open apk file and click on Install button
  • Installation will complete in few seconds
  • After that open Movierulz android app
  • Allow permission to it for proper functioning
  • Now you are ready to stream video content on your mobile

Install Movierulz Apk in TV

No matter what other people say to you but deep down we all the experience of watching movies and web series on big screens.

We can’t compare the comfort level of watching movies in cinema hall with watching it in your small mobile screen. These are the few things which can’t be expressed by wring big paragraphs. Very few people know that they can use movierulz apk in tv. It’s very easy task, but the condition is that you have to follow each and every step given below. As the time passes by you will gain some experience and it will surely help you in playing better and that makes all the difference. Their team is working day and night to match the quality of content with other premium players like Disney+ Hotstar & Amazon Prime.

Transfer Movierulz Apk to TV Storage

First Part

  • First you have to download Movierulz apk in your android phone
  • Now we will use third party app here, named as Send files to TV
  • This app is developed by famous developer Yablio
  • Yablio is the brain behind torrentium apk
  • Go to google play store and search for Send files to TV
Movierulz Apk for TV
  • Various apps will appear on your device
  • Click on app which is created by Yablio Tech
  • More than 26,000 have rated this fabulous app and 1M+ users have downloaded it in their device
  • Click on Install button and after installation, open the app
  • If you are unable to find the app then follow this direct link: Send files to TV

Second Part

  • If you haven’t downloaded Send files to TV apk by now then go to First Part
  • Do download SFTTV App in your tv
  • Now open the app in both device
  • Grant basic permissions to it
  • Make sure that both, tv and android phone should be connected on same wifi network
  • After that select files in your phone and select Movierulz apk
  • Then click on send button
  • On tv, it will ask for permission to allow receiving of files
  • Click on allow button
  • Now movierulz apk transfer will be completed in few seconds
  • After completion, install the app and open it
  • Now you can watch HD Movies and Web series in your tv using Movierulz Apk

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