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Ludo Supreme Gold Apk – Download Ludo Supreme and Earn Money Online

In this era, people use to play games with their friends. And Ludo Supreme gold is an Online Playing app. There you can play Ludo with friends and strangers as well from all over the world. But the most amazing fact about the game is you can earn by playing Ludo Supreme Gold.

This is the amazing thing about this Game is, you can earn pocket money while playing Ludo supreme gold at your home with friends. Even you can earn free real money everyday just by playing Ludo in Ludo supreme gold

A player can get the option of 24/7 tournament, that you play whenever you want anywhere at anytime. For completing every challenge in Ludo Supreme Gold, A player would have 10 minutes to finish it. The factor is simple, the player with the highest rank will win the game, and the rank will be depnd on other as 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

Every single player will have the 15 seconds of time to roll the dice. If the player missed their turn then the turn will be skipped to another person and the game will continue. On the other hand, player will lose the game directly if they continuously skip their turn about 3 times in a row and he will be removed from the game immediately.

If you are playing Ludo Supreme Gold then make sure to concentrate on the first place while playing the game. If that thing would happen then the other opponents will win that particular game.

What is Ludo Supreme Gold? Download and Play Ludo Supreme Gold – Earn Money Online

There are many games can be obtained on internet server that can be play online today and you can have fun. Because of the mobile phone takes places in our lives in an important manner, so all the things currently created that we can have virtually.

Games are the other part of virtual world and Ludo supreme gold is one of them now available to us. There are many sources where you can get games such as Google Play Store, and you can play Ludo Supreme Gold Download directly from Google Play Store and a lot more exciting games right now.

There are so many downloadable games that support multiplayer where you can play games with your homies, and others are offline games, role-playing games, and so forth.

If you love to play board games and You can also fond of playing wit with your friends then you can download Ludo Supreme Gold. It is exact same as typical ludo but a lot of virtual facilities and rules that a player must have to follow.

Ludo Supreme Gold Game

The major concept of playing Ludo virtually is, you can play it for free and with your real money. Never expected this could be this much easy for all of us. That players can even earn or win real money by participating in tournaments in this Ludo Supreme Gold. The game will be real quick that only takes 10 minutes of a player between each match. Which makes it an instant and enjoyable gaming experience.

Play single or with friends, It will depends on your consideration. By playing Ludo Supreme Gold, It will allow you to have more a lot enjoyment right away. This game has a lot tournaments options where a player will have the rewind or their childhood and other old memories where they use to play games with their friend.

Referral Codes and Offers about Ludo Supreme Gold Apk

Basically, You need to download the ludo supreme gold by following the instructions that we have mentioned above. After download and install the application follow the steps given below.

  • Firstly, Download and install the Ludo Supreme Gold.
  • It will ask you to create your registration. Just simply follow that, by entering your mobile number or Google account or any other social platform and verify to continue.
  • After completion of logging in, click on the option of “settings”.
  • There is an option available calling “Redeem Referral Code” and continue.
  • After that, get the referral code from referral websites and copy it to their of the Ludo Supreme Gold.
  • You will get instant Rs.100/- Bonus in your ludo account.

After completing the procedure step by step you will get your bonus easily and continue to play games on Ludo Supreme Gold.

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How to Download and Install Ludo Supreme Gold?

The user interface of the Ludo Supreme Gold is impressively good without any doubt. Surely you will going to love playing the game. This Ludo supreme gold game also works too good if we compare it to other money-making apps.

You can earn money while enjoying the game. It doesn’t have any conditions if you have Android or iOS, you can still download and install it easily app.

But, currently because of some conditions, You won’t be able to download the game from Google play store like most earning game applications. But, fortunately you will be able to get the Ludo Supreme APK and it can be downloaded from search engines with secure websites.

Ludo Supreme Gold Apk

A user can also download and install the Ludo Supreme Gold for iPhone or IOS. As foe now, they released Ludo Supreme Gold game on Apple App Store. If you are one of the person who wants to get the game, just simply go to your Apple App Store and search for the keyword “Ludo Supreme Gold” inside the search bar. And you will be able to download the app you will get it there. If you want to download the game into the android device, then you have to download it from the browser.

Lets have a look on “How to download Ludo Supreme Gold” that we have mentioned below as follows:

Download Ludo Supreme Gold in Android

  • Firstly, go to your Android Device.
  • Open any browser such as Google Chrome, Default Browser, Internter Explorer, Opera, UC browser and many other. But choose the safest one.
  • Enter the keywords “Ludo Supreme Gold Apk Downlaod” inside the search bar and hit search button.
  • Open any trusted site to continue downloading process, choose from the top most websites and Click to open it.
  • Scroll down and look for the button “Downloading Now” and hit the option.
  • It will open up a page where you will get the different previous versions of Ludo Supreme Gold. You can choose any you like but we would suggest you to choose the latest one.
  • Your download will start automatically.

These are the steps that we instruct you to follow. If you follow these correctly then you will be able to download the Ludo Supreme Gold Apk into your device. Lets have a look on Installing Ludo Supreme Gold Into your Android Device.

Installation of Ludo Supreme Gold In Android Device

  • Go to your Android Device setting.
  • Find the option called “Install from Device Storage”, and enable the option to install the apk.
  • Open the “File Manager” of your Android Device.
  • You will get the Ludo Supreme Gold in the “Recent Files” area or “Downloads file” area.
  • Click on the APK of Ludo Supreme Gold.
  • The pop up will show up on your device screen, where it ask you whether you want to “Install” the APK or “Cancel”. Simply click on “Install”
  • Wait for few seconds or it might take up to a minute.
  • Your Ludo Supreme Gold APK is ready to use in to Android Device.

After installation of Ludo Supreme APK, you will be able to use it and play games with friends and a lot more.

Download Ludo Supreme Gold in IOS

  • Go to your IOS Device
  • Open the Apple App Store.
  • Enter the keywords “Ludo Supreme Gold”
  • It will show you all the results on the basis of your search.
  • Choose the correct one to continue.
  • The Ludo Supreme Gold page will show the the “Get App” button in Apple App Store.
  • When you click on “Get App” button, it will ask you your “Apple ID Password”.
  • Enter your Apple ID Password correctly.
  • Your download will start after verifying correct Password.

After following the procedure given above, you will be able to use Ludo Supreme Gold into your IOS Device. You can have fun in your spare time by playing Ludo games and tournament from all around the world.

How to Signup and get instant Rs.10/- Free?

In This Ludo Supreme Gold Money Making gaming Application, If you are signing in to the game then you will instantly get Rs.10 as Sign Up Bonus. Not only this but also other offers are also available where you will get Extra Deposit Offers.

So, we let you all about Ludo Supreme Gold App, You just have to read The complete article to get the knowledge about this free gaming application and “How Can You Earn Free PayTM Balance” with using this application.

Ludo Supreme Gold gaming application will allows their users or players to Earn Money with just by playing or participating in Ludo Games (Ludo Supreme Gold Apk). While the game is so much easy for all the Users or Players. This game is just similar to the games Ludo Star by game berry labs and Ludo King.

Steps to get instant Rs.10 Cash in Ludo Supreme Gold.

  • Open the Ludo Supreme Gold App and sign up with your Mobile Number or Email Address
  • Enter Your Name inside the name bar and Select Language to continue.
  • After sign up into Ludo Supreme Gold game, you will instantly get Rs.10/- in your Ludo app Wallet. You will be able to use it on games for betting.
  • Go to your app settings amf click on the option “Refer and Earn”. You can enter the Ludo Supreme Gold Gaming Referral code if you want to.
  • Open the “Homepage” of Ludo Supreme Gold. There you will be able to play games with your sign up bonus.
  • The lowest game can be played with Rs.1/-. So, you can play games with your earned sign up bonus easily.

Following the criteria given above you can get the bonus instantly by just signing in. Play games with your friends in Ludo Supreme Gold and earn money today. Even you can withdraw all the earning amount into your Bank Account.

Earn Rs.35 Paytm Cash with Ludo Supreme Gold

You don’t have to worry about the money while playing ludo with Ludo Supreme Gold. Because all the money you earn by playing with this app will be absolutely genuine. Even on the other hand, you can withdraw all the amount by using the UPI option and net banking option.

Furthermore, if as a gaming player you are desprate to join and play the game, we suggest you to learn everything about this app and take quick overview of this app.

Always store the thing in your mind that the amount of money you get from Ludo Supreme Gold game. And the game will be depend on your gaming capacity. For an instance, we suggest you to do not waste any time and download the App right instantly without the complete knowledge.

However, if a user play the regularly, you will be on the higher chance to raise money from this Ludo Supreme Gold gaming platform on daily basis. And for the people who enjoy playing traditional Ludo, then playing ludo online game will be excited for them.

lets have a look on “How to earn Rs.35 paytm cash with Ludo Supreme Gold”. We have mentioned that you can follow to earn money.

To earn Rs.35 instantly follow the criteria that we have mentioned to earn Rs.10 and there are many options and referrals that you can use to earn money while playing Ludo Supreme Gold.

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How to add Money to Ludo Supreme Gold?

This Ludo Supreme Gold is a free gaming platform where you can win and earn real money in currency in your Paytm Wallet quickly just by playing games. A player can take Participation in ludo everyday 24*7 tournaments and they even can earn free Paytm cash.

It is too uncomplicated, a easy board game where you just have to use your mind game. All the users can play the game with friends and family or with randoms online to earn money and for fun. You can play the childhood traditional dice rolling game and you will have fun assuredly.

Steps to add money to Ludo Supreme Gold

  • Firstly, You just have to open your ludo app.
  • Then, Look for the option called “My Balance” and “Tap” on it. There you will be able to see all the details about your Balance.
  • After that, Tap on the option “Add Cash”.
  • Enter the amount inside the payment column to add.
  • Now, create the payment and your cash will be add in to your Ludo Supreme Gold Wallet.

How to Withdraw Money from Ludo Supreme Gold?

You can have a lot enjoyment with a lot of games that are available online on the server today. Mobile and PC games have takes place in our lives so much over the few years.

So, we will be able to enjoy a lot of them as of now. There are a lot of amazing games that everyone can play right away from the Google Play Store and other websites. lets discuss about withdrawing money from Ludo Supreme Gold.

Steps to Withdraw Money

  • Just simply, click to open the Ludo Supreme app.
  • Click on the option of “My Balance”.
  • You have to click on the option “Withdraw”
  • Enter all the details of your bank that it asks, or you can continue with UPI ID.
  • Now, Just tap on the option “Withdraw”.
  • And you will be able to withdraw money.

Rules of Ludo Supreme Gold Game apk

When you enter into the game all your ludo tokens (Goties) will already be in the start position. You or a player just have to do is tap on the dice option to roll the dice and wait for numbers. No matter what number will you get on the dice, it will take you forward with every number you get, this means you don’t have to wait for “Number Six” to come.

  • Every single turn you have it will give you the opportunity to get the points as every single box on the board you move on will let you earn 1 Point.
  • If your token (Goti) will be cut by any other player, Then as a result you will lose so many of your point that you have earned by that particular Token.
  • If you play the Duo (2 players) match, then it will lasts long for 8 minutes. While if you play the Squad (4 player) match, then it will lasts for about 10 minutes.
  • Simply, The player who gets the highest score among all will win the game. While others will be ranked 2nd, 3rd, and 4th on the basis of their scores they get into the game,

The Ludo Supreme Gold gaming app is Made in India application and created for everyone. This simple application of Ludo Supreme Gold can be played online, this also is available worldwide and can be played by anyone around the world by the names as Chokkattan, Thayam, Chaupar,Parcheesi, Chausar, or Pachisi. This is the traditional game that you can downlaod and play it now with earning money.

Some Major Rules about Ludo Supreme Gold

  • The tokens of all players are still in their basic beginning positions. A player is not limited or restricted by they must have to get the number six. They just simply Tap the Dice and continue to play their moves in the board.
  • Two players game will have the 8 minutes to finish it whether 4 players game will have the 10 minutes.
  • Each box on the board will let you earn 1 Point.
  • The one who get the highest scores or point will win the game

Special Features of Ludo Supreme Gold Game

As we have discussed Ludo Supreme gold is a free online game playing application platform that also offers their users or players to earn money by winning the game. For an instance, in indian country this game is known as one of the most highly famous games that can be trusted for pay outs.

We also recommend that all users, Know all the facts and aspects about the Ludo Supreme Gold game before beginning the to play it.

However, if you are familiar of the rules and conditions about the game and able understand all the techniques. Then you can proceed to play games with it because it will ensure that you will be able to earn money on daily basis. Lets have a look on the features and facilities that are available on Ludo Supreme Gold Apk that we have given below:

  • You can play the Ludo Supreme Gold game with your Homies, Friends, Family, Colegues and other random persons around the world.
  • The Ludo supreme gold game is absolutely free to downlaod and wont ask you to pay anything.
  • This game is the Skill Based game, where you must have to play the game using your mind with concentration.
  • Ludo supreme gold is traditional ludo game is known as the king of all board games.
  • You can earn money while playing it online.
  • It allows you to Deposite money from your bank account.
  • If you don’t want to use your money, then it gives you the sign up bonus. With the help of it you will get sufficient amount to play games their.
  • A player will be able to withdraw their all earned money into their bank account directly.
  • The app allows you many money payment options. You can choose the preferred one.
  • It seems to be the game as puzzle game type. Where you will need concentration.
  • Easy to use that you can utilize without any type of help.
  • It can be played with 2 or 4 people at a game.
  • The Tournamnets of Ludo Supreme Gold will be available for you 24*7 and you can play the game anytime you want.

The Ludo Supreme Gold apk gives you so many features that helps you while playing and support you. The game brings you the best and unique gaming experience. This game is a lot famous in many counties and loved by millions of people all over the world. You just have the skills and a good mind set for playing the winning the game with all. You can Download and Install it now and have fun with your friends.

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