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KissAnime – Watch Anime Online & Best Alternatives

KissAnime is a platform available for users who love to watch anime. If you are fond of anime then KissAnime is one of the best platforms for you. It allows you to watch or stream anime for free. Even you can download web series of various anime from this website. KissAnime is the most popular website that is providing all types of Anime content.

KissAnime – Introduction

Moreover saying his website of KissAnime is a type of file streaming website. You can also explore anime TV series on the website for free of cost. KissAnime is well-known as “One of the World’s Largest Streaming Website”.  According to the report collected by TorrentFreak, the KissAnime website has an audience of millions. They also reported that KissAnime is “the most visited pirated website in the whole world”.

Meanwhile, the KissAnime website has features for advanced search where you can search anime by name, status, and genres. You can ask them to give you your favorite anime clips. Even you can watch the newest series, TV shows, Drama shows, Classic Anime shows.

Moreover,  this website is only available in 60 countries in the world. You can watch or stream anime just by registering or logging in. While the registration is optional whether you want to sign up or not it depends on you.

However, the thing people don’t like about the website is it conclude lots of ads. Advertisements irritate people more. But it is obvious that when they are providing you free content you should do something for taking advantage. Watching ads plays a huge role in their earnings. As they are giving you content. This is our responsibility to do something for them where it is only about watching ads

KissAnime – History

Furthermore KissAnime website as well as kiss manga. After gaining loads of love from the people for providing free content for about 8 years the website shut down on 14 August 2020. As the old report, the website was registered in 2012 as a .com website and many other domains still exist. The recent most domain is .ru which was registered in 2016. The KissAnime website was shut down because of copyright claim complaints. As all the rules and regulations about Japanese country. They gave strict orders about piracy contents.

However, the websites still exist. As well as KissAnime’s website the Subpoena website was shut down under the Law of using Copyrighted Content. This company gets down by the USA company Funimation. Funimation is an Animated series streaming platform that uses the license. In 2018 the Subpoena platform was also blocked for content theft.

What does mean by Anime ?

Anime is a Separated part of the word “Animation”. The creator of the Japanese movie industry works on animated movies. At the same time Just like as Bollywood industry and Hollywood industry where they create a storyline and put it in their realistic movies. In Japan, the industry is based on animation. The works on animated series and higher graphics to put the story in the movie or series.

Anime is the most amazing genre-based story. They make different types of movies. People around the world love to watch these anime because of the suspense they maintain. However, there are also dubbed anime available but still, some people love to watch anime in the Japanese language with English captions. Because the feeling in the voice of characters is irreplaceable.

KissAnime Website
KissAnime Website

What is KissAnime ?

KissAnime is a website platform that works as a pirated website. However, the application is available for KissAnime but people prefer more to use the website. Because sometimes application shows contain Bugs and are stuck between streaming.

Why was KissAnime Shut Down ?

The official website of KissAnime has been blocked due to copyright issues. Still, you would be able to access the site by other domains of KissAnime. On the other hand, there are many websites like KissAnime. You can also visit and utilize the website by streaming. You can stream or watch and even download the series from many other websites.

But there are few websites available that give you quality content. However, you can check other websites but we suggest you use official ones. Because when you use an unofficial website they might bring malware or malicious files to your system. So, this is up to you. You should always protect yourself first before using these websites.

What are the Popular Categories on KissAnime ?

KissAnime’s website is free to access. This website has vast categories available in the library of the site. You can watch various types of genres with different qualities. Here is the list of the Anime categories available on KissAnime

  • Romance
  • Supernatural
  • Comedy
  • Magic
  • Fighting
  • Space
  • War based
  • Cartoons
  • Adventure
  • Cars
  • Thriller
  • Fantasy
  • Vampire
  • Parody
  • Sci-fi
  • Psychological
  • Horror
  • Martial Arts

Is KissAnime Safe ?

In terms of safety. We suggest you don’t go with these websites as they are pirated. This might be dangerous. While there is the official website of KissAnime available on the server. The official website of KissAnime gives you no harm. But there are various domains available on the KissAnime website and they all are not safe to use.

Moreover, if you use these Websites. It brings software or malware into your device that might be dangerous. Hackers leave these malicious files on your computer. Your system or mobile might be hacked by hackers. They could track everything in your system. Even they can see all your files and the actions you’re doing.

Trending Animes
Trending Animes

The most terrible part of this is you will be a criminal for using these websites. Furthermore, to explain in brief what happens to you. If you are caught doing these actions. Firstly your account would be suspended from that you registered by the legal authority. After that, you will get a warning notice. If you would still be caught doing that then your account will be permanently banned. Another thing that might happen to you is they will block your phone number as they have the Law Power against you.

Do we need VPN for KissAnime ?

As we always suggested you protect yourself first in whatever you’re doing. The service of KissAnime is not legal. And if someone uses the illegal service. The legal authority of copyrights will punish you for your bad things.

For avoiding being caught you should always use VPN. VPN helps you to hide your IP address. IP is the main thing that can track your location. By changing IP addresses it changes your location alternatively. And you will be protected. But still, we suggest you do not use piracy services as they are illegal. It is completely up to you whether you want to use it or not. But it would be very shameful if you face imprisonment for saving some of your money.

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How to Stream Animes from KissAnime ?

In this youth full of realistic movie lovers. There is the other fan base for Animated movies as well. The reason behind the popularity of the anime is their graphics. How they show the emotions in the graphics. When you watch some kind of depressive genre on Anime. It will make you cry. It exposes your emotions. On the other hand, another reason people love to watch anime is the suspense and incredible thrillers they create.

Steps to Stream Anime –

  • Go to the browser of your device or system in which you want to stream the anime. You can use Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or any other browser as well.
  • Search for the KissAnime website by entering the name in the search bar.
  • The available result on the server will show on your screen. You need to select the working website of KissAnime. You can check the ranked links on. The Google page. Currently .ru is working domain for KissAnime. Select the website to open the page.
  • The black and green colored website interface will open on your screen. As you can see the options available on the page such as Home, Anime list, Trending, Schedule, Report/Request, KissCartoon, KissAsian and the Search Bar in the middle area.
  • You can sort the anime list by applying various options like Sort by Alphabets, Sort by Popularity, Latest Update, Upcoming Anime, New Anime.
  • Select the anime from the genres section or from the latest section. You can select Anime to watch by entering the name in the search bar.
  • After searching the name. The page will show you all the result on the basis of your search. Select the one you want stream and click to open the streaming page.
  • On The streaming page there will be some advertisements pop ups show on your screen. You need to wait fir the countdown to start stream.
  • After watching the ad. There will be play button show on the video. Click on the play button and set the quality in which you want to watch or stream the anime.

All the Genres

  • In the right area there will be list showing of genres available of the animes. The various types of genres available such as Action, Adventure, Cars, Cartoon, Comedy, Dementia, Demons, Drama, Dubbed, Ecchi, Fantasy, Game, Harem, Historical, Horror, Josel, Kids, Magic, Martial Arts, Mecha, Millitary, Movie, Music, Mystery, ONA, OVA, Parody, Police, Psychological, Romance, Samurai, School, Sci Fi, Seinen, Shouju, Shouju Ai, Shounen, Shounen Ai, Slice of Life, Space, Special, Sports, Super Power, Super Natural, Triller, Vampire, and Yuri.

How to Download Anime From KissAnime ?

KissAnime is the online anime streaming platform available for people who don’t want to pay. Some people love to stream anime online while some others love to download anime and watch offline. It would be helpful for you to download anime from KissAnime. You can use other alternatives as well.

List of Anime Series
List of Anime Series

Direct Download Method

  • KissAnime offers an option to download any video available on KissAnime. It allows a user to download the anime directly from website.
  • The website allows a user to download each episode of the series.
  • You don’t need to apply any Plug-in or other software to download movies.
  • When you open the episode you want to watch. There’s the download button placed in the bottom of video player of the website.
  • Simply click on that download button of the video player.
  • The button will directly connect you to the download page. In the download page of the website there are many options.
  • You can download the video in various qualities such as HDRip, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, and the various types of mirror link available there on the page.

Download Anime with Video DownloadHelper

  • Video DownloadHelper is an extension available for your browser such as chrome. It is the most powerful downloading extension of the browser. And it is also available for Mozilla Firefox. It’s specialty is to download image libraries and video streams over the google.
  • The icon will appear on the top right of your browser as three gray colored balls. Install and enable the extension of Video DownloadHelper.
  • Open the KissAnime website and search for the anime series you want to watch.
  • Select the episode you want to download and click to open the video streaming page. After that if the balls icon get colored blue, red and yellow, it means you can download the stream video.
  • Just click on the icon in the extension tool bar. Select the download option to download the episode or movie video from KissAnime.

Download Anime from KissAnime by Internet Download Manager.

  • IDM (internet download Manager) is the most well-known source that give you fastest experience in downloading. On the other hand it is not free but you can get it’s crack version from various platforms. IDM is available for Windows.
  • It can download any file. The most loving thing of the IDM is it’s faster than any other software.
  • It divide file into various parts and download each part simultaneously. It can be use to download KissAnime videos.
  • You just need to install the IDM software and create IDM as extension for your browser. After that go to the KissAnime website and open desirable anime video you want to download. Then the IDM panel will appear on your screen. You need to select the folder in which you want to save the file. Click on start download for Downloading the video.

Check List of All Movie Download Websites

Best Alternatives of KissAnime

As per the reports. KissAnime is the most visited website of pirated website. There’s no doubt saying that the .ru domain is the top website in terms of audience.

But as we all know there is a danger behind all the piracy websites. KissAnime is one of them as well. To explain as an illustration and give light to the topic. These websites conclude the theft content.

One by one these websites shut down on the other day they again start working. In the situation where we are not able to find KissAnime. We need to explore other websites as well.


Crunchyroll is one of the best anime streaming platforms. It is well known as a video streaming service. The services and features of the CrunchyRoll are the best known in the world for good reason. Eventually, there are over 1200 series, simulcast shows, and ad-free videos available on the platform.

Furthermore, It has included most of the popular genres of anime. As can be seen The various top series available are Yuri, Naruto Series, One punch man, Hunter X Hunter, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, FLCL, Death Note, Attack on Titan, and others.

CrunchyRoll Website
CrunchyRoll Website

Just to elaborate the categories there are Sci-Fi, Romance, Mystery, Music, Fantasy, Drama, Comedy, Adventure, Actions, and many others. Crunchyroll also has their Crunchyroll Original Series.

Crunchyroll is available for both free and paid. For streaming free you have to watch the ads and you cant watch simulcast shows. While if you’re paying the ads won’t interrupt you between streaming. You have to pay $7.99 per month for premium service. the other package is $14.99 as Super Fan Pack with every feature.


Funimation is known as the Dub Anime Streaming platform. It also offers you an application service. You can choose Funimation as the best Alternative to KissAnime. While the CrunchyRoll focuses on Anime with Subs on the others Funimation Focuses on the Dubbed Animes.

You can say this is the reason that it gets huge popularity worldwide. In the anime verse, there are loads of people arguing with each other about Sub Anime vs Dub Anime. Somewhere it is funny but people love to watch where get catch more emotions.

There are over 600 Shows available on Funimation. Funimation is known as the best platform offering dubbed animes. You can watch different Anime services with dubbed languages such as Yuri, Bayonetta, Cowboy Bebop, Attack on Titan, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, My Hero Academia, Dragon balls, and many other popular series.

Funimation allows you free anime streaming but it will set a limit. You can watch animes in 1080p with ads.

There are three types of packs available. The first is for $5.99 per month where you can watch two simultaneously streams named Premium Pack. The second one is for $7.99 per month with five simultaneous streams and an offline watch feature named Premium Plus Pack. The third one for $99 per year is named Premium Plus Ultra. It gives you all the munches perks available on the Funimation.

Anime Land

AnimeLand is also an online streaming platform. You can watch and download all anime with the help of AnimeLand. There are Dubbed animes available for the dub streamers. This website is free to access. you can use the AnimeLand website platform anywhere around the world. They have a vast amount of active users. They provide you with excellent quality pictures with high sound quality.

When you open the website you come to know that the interface is very good and beautiful to attract anime lovers. On the front page of the site, the search box is placed where you can search anime by entering the name. the website gives you the Manga option as well.

They have different genres available on the website. by clicking on the menu there are options available to see Features such as Home Page, News, Our magazines, Chronicles, Folders, Simulcast, and Option of Forum. It gives you all the latest news about Anime, Manga, and other Controversies around the world.

Moreover, the website is completely free but filled with loads of pop-ups that can give your devise malware files. Even it is free but not free from viruses.

You have to watch a few ads in terms of streaming. in the meantime, you can download the videos as well directly, by using third-party software or video downloading extensions as we discuss above Video DownloadHelper.


GoGoAnime is one of the best alternatives with completely free access to the anime stream. You can download all types of animes available on the GoGoAnime even but subtitles and Dub in English. Moreover, this GoGoAnime website is legal.

However, the contents available on the GoGoAnime platform are pirated. Still, you’re safe to use these contents and you won’t be under penalty for viewing or streaming on this website.

On the GoGoAnime website, there are many categories available you can watch. This website allows a user to download episodes or movies. It offers you pictures of various types of quality with different audios selections. Such as 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, and Auto option that adjust on your internet connection.

There are options available in the left area of Login and signup where you can register or create your account. The second Option is Home where you can access the Latest Contents of the anime with the relevance option.

The third is for Anime List, Where you can have animes with sorting options A to Z, the newest Anime, the status of the anime, and others. Fourth is for New Season in which you get a list of all new seasons of the older Anime. Fifth is for Movies, Sixth as Popular Anime, and the seventh option for Genres based categories such as Action, Crime, Demon, Adventure, Mystery, Magic, Romance, Comedy, and many more.

The GoGoAnime anime is a Completely free streaming website for anime. But you have to watch a few ads which is not a problem. You can sign Up or Logic to make your playlist as to what episodes you already watch or other options are available.

Anime Planet

Anime-Planet is the other alternative for KissAnime to watch free animes on the website. It comes with over 45,000 episodes of the animes. It lets you stream anime with legal assurance as it has legal permission from the Anime Industry.

There are options available on the website for Manga as well. They offer you to sign up as you can create your anime watch list. You can access with Categories available such as Anime Season Chart where you can watch the list of animes by season. There are options for watching anime Online, Anime Recommendation, Browse All Anime and Top Anime List.

On the website of Anime planet they offer you Manga with Categories such as Read Manga Online, Manga Recommendation, Browse All Manga, Webtoon Database, Light Novel Database, and Top Manga List. You can watch listed characters as well such as Top Loved Characters, Top Hated Characters, Browse All Characters. And other options available for customer service.

However, the Anime planet is a free Anime Streaming Website. You can stream online any episode available on its platform just by watching a few ads.

Anime Heaven

Anime Heaven is the website that lets you watch anime Online with zero ads. You can say that having no ads is a website specialty. Anime Heaven has a large library of Anime over 10,000 videos. You don’t have to sign up or log in to use the Website. You can say that it’s a user-friendly website that can be accessed by the beginner.

Anime Heaven’s website breaks into two parts of Anime for Adult and Anime for Children. The website is safe and legal to use as it has the permission of the Anime Industry. When you open the website there’s a search box available in the middle area. you can search by entering the name of the Anime.

On the front page of the website, there are the latest animes available. Even the website has the option to use Dark Mode on the very above area. As you will see there on the top right corner the menu is situated. By opening the menu you would be able to see options such as Anime, Dubbed, Series, Movies, Ongoing, Popular Today, Schedule, Random.

However, it will show you many pop-ups which might be dangerous and put malware into your device. When you use the Website don’t forget to protect yourself first. The Anime Heaven website offers you an Option to filter the result on the basis of Status, Latest, A–Z, and many other options.


AnimeFreak offers you free online streaming with sub-content and dubbed content. It has an enormous audience worldwide for providing the finest content. Because of the Copyright the site is currently blocked but can find other domains of this website as well. The current working domain of the website is .tv.

It has the option to register on the website and log in. You can create your watch list. The options available on the Top of the website are Anime freak, Anime List, Genres, Types, and Season. It allows you to watch all the list of the anime giving you a filter result option. You can choose the genre of Anime you want to watch. On the front page of the website, it includes all the animes with most latest episodes. You can filter the page by reference of the Day, Week, All Animes, and Month.

However, it shows you many pop-ups when you open the website or open the other pages of the website. Simply you need to cut them off. And continue to watch. On the other hand, you can download the anime to watch later.


AnimeFrenzy is the website for watching Anime Online. It also launched its Apk version of the service. You can watch all the animes on your smartphone by using the AnimeFrenzy. The AnimeFrenzy gives you a list of videos. It Has over 1,000 episodes of Anime to stream. It offers a legal streaming service by having the permission of the Officials of the Anime.

AnimeFrenzy is a reliable service where you are completely safe. You don’t need to sign up but it’s optional. However, it’s a free website but not 100% free. You have to take a subscription for exploring all features of the website. Even not all episodes are dubbed.

The website has a wide range of games of high quality. It’s the safest platform to watch Anime. You can use the Free–Trial of the premium feature. It has different genres such as Action, Comedy, Dementia, Demons, Romance, Adventure, kids, and many more. You can watch the Anime from low quality to high quality according to your need. You don’t need to be insecure about the malicious files or malware because it is secure to access.


Chia-Anime is another most popular Anime Streaming Website platform that can be replaced with KissAnime. It gives you a high-quality Streaming service. The user interface of the website is neat and clean. It has a vast range of different Anime on the website. Chia anime also avails you to download the Apk version for Streaming on your smartphone. You can also download the anime using some other extensions like IDM.

When you go to the website of Chia-Anime. There is the latest update available on the front page. You can sort results by a few filters such as All Genres, All-Season, All Studio, All Status, All type, and Default Order. You can watch your favorite anime in various Streaming Qualities such as 360p, 480p,720p, and 1080p. There are different genres available on the website like Comedy, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Psychological, and others.

However, all the services of the Chia-Anime website platform are completely free but there are some pop-ups showing on the screen. You need to watch a few ads to stream the anime online.

Why Should We Prefer KissAnime Over Other Alternatives ?

Straightaway to answer the question. It’s up to the person who is watching the anime online where they want to stream. Most of the websites are free and give you high-quality resolution. But on the other hand, this platform is available that gives you munches and rewards and you have to pay for exploring their premium features.

We gave you a list of the Anime Streaming Website. While watching the series on where you don’t have to pay. All the free services are with pop-ups and advertisements. Some others are with pop-ups only and you don’t have to watch ads. In the meantime, these websites facilitate different genres.

What you like to prefer to watch anime is up to you. How you like to watch or you want to download. But we suggest you give preference to the website that is the safest and legit. Because if you use an unofficial website that causes you malware in your device. Even your system might hack by hackers.


In the final analysis we get to know that the KissAnime website is platform for online anime streaming. It offers you apk as well. The website include different genres with subs and dubbed option. You can set the quality. We have also discussed the part “how to download anime from KissAnime” and “how to Stream Anime from KissAnime”. You can read the article to get the full information.

On the other hand there are so many alternatives available for KissAnime. But we have listed top ones. Where you can stream anime with paid and free both facilities. But the free one comes with ads. You can watch anime by using alternatives. But all of them have different qualities and drawbacks. Choose the t one according to your wish.

However we have put all the very most important information of the website. But always remember when you are using free service website you should pay for something. As we Discussed above if you use this website who doesn’t have permission of using the content. Then you might be in danger and have to face restrictions as well. Never forget to protect yourself if you’re using these websites.

Another thing to consider is when you use KissAnime or any other alternative of the anime streaming. If you’re using free ones mostly you would face some ads and pop-ups. These pop-ups harm your device. Just by clicking on the pop-up it will download a malware or malicious file into you system or device. It can destroy your data and hackers can access your system as well.

Use the Website that is secure or protect one. On the other hand If its not protected and you still want to use then try to protect your system. If you have any other query regarding the article you can ask below down in the comment area. If you like our information and want to suggest something then give us a feedback.

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