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IGTools – Best Free Social Media Tool for Facebook, Instagram

IGTools is very reliable solution to handle your audience on facebook, instagram and twitter. Using this tool, users can take benefit in various ways. In this article, we have covered this superb website in detail. If you are thinking to invest some money in it then please go through our article where we have covered each and everything.

Overview of IGTools

Most used feature of IGTools is Instagram Followers, Likes and Saves tool. User can do login and use this tool to increase their instagram followers. As of now instagram is in trend which is why people using this tool most. If you go back 5-6 months, then facebook was in trend. On daily basis, millions of users use facebook comment, views tool and other stuffs.

Almost all the tech-savvy users are now on available on these platforms. We all are busy in our life. Some people do their job while some give time to family which makes it quite hard to grow your social media presence. Don’t worry as it’s quite easy to wok on your social presence without investing big part from your daily routine. IGTools is one such tool which will help you not only in managing multiple profiles but also improve the complete structure through amazing features.

Many people have got millions of fans using IGTools. You must have seen various accounts on facebook, twitter and instagram which got huge fan following in very less time. All this is possible only because of tools like this. They have contributed a lot in the development of social influencers.

Why to use IGTools

One news portal reported that social media influences a lot in making decisions related to buying online. Now you can understand that how important role facebook, instagram and twitter plays in our life. We have seen many case studies where people are earning lakhs of rupees each month only from instagram and facebook. Site owners use them to redirect users to their site.

They add their article link in reels or in a viral post. Recently, mark zuckerberg has also shown some stats where he said that facebook have over a billion users. This is the power of internet.

Growth of IGTools

If you are the one who is looking to grow on social sites, then IGTools is for you. Users can also use it for engagement and to increase brand reach.

In this article we have discussed in detail about all the tools and facilities provided by IGTools team. Within few days you will see the change and benefits driven by the hard work and engineering. It generally scrapes information from third party sites and serve to the database to increase overall reach on the platform.

IGTools Features List
IGTools Features List

Tools Available on IGTools

  • Instagram Photo and Video Editing Tools
  • Instagram Tools for Automation
  • Instagram Like Increaser
  • Instagram Hashtag Tools
  • Instagram Tools for Bio Links
  • Instagram Stories Tools
  • Instagram Tools for Finding Influencers
  • Instagram Ad Management Tools
  • Instagram Free Saves
  • Instagram Story Views

How to Become Popular by IGTools

By now you must have understood the value of IGTools.Any user can use it to become famous online. They can do that by increasing followers on instagram or reach particular posts. Several tools are available to match the need of each user.

Do increase your followers, Likes on posts, Free Saves and take part in polls. In above section we have listed all the tools which are available on IGTools. Using their services you can also get lots of emojis, video views, Likes on Comments and Views on Livestream. We have also discussed about some of the popular hacks which you use.

How to Use IGTools

Those who are unaware of how to use IGTools can go through this guide. You can use IGTools either through their website or android app. Their app is available on Google Play Store or you can go to a third party site to download their apk. Their website is user-friendly and feature rich.

Almost all the work can be done directly through their website, which is accessible on mobile and desktop also.

App is very small, lightweight, which is more than enough to meet user’s needs. Follow below given steps to lean usage of IGTools.

  • First search IGTools on Google or Bing
  • Now various links will appear
  • Click on first link
  • IGTools website will load on your device
  • Now go through all the features in detail
  • At the top of the page you have to go through all the link
  • If things look attractive to you then click on Login button
  • Login button is placed at top right side
  • Click on I’m not robot and bypass captcha
  • After a while, enter username and password and click on Login button
  • Now your account on IGTools website will appear

Bonus Feature of IGTools

Recently, their developer team has added some new options to help visitors. You will be happy to know that you can add extra quantity to your subscription.

Subscription Upgraded
Subscription Upgraded

On IGTools website at the top you will see a box. In that box click on Extra Quantity button. After that, wait for 5 to 10 seconds and now your subscription will be upgraded successfully. On next page it will show this: Thank you for your subscription. The max quantity has been increased for three days.

Change Language

Those who are looking to change language can do that by going to homepage. On page look at menu bar. At the top right side click on flag and choose any of the language from the dropdown. Beside flag, click on the bulb/moon button to activate dark mode.

The look of IGTools will be changed completely. It’s all up to you to be with dark mode or change it. Some users asked us to publish a guide regarding how to connect with admin team.

Contact Admin Team

So if you are facing any issue or want to connect with admin team for any reason then click on Contact link. Contact link is available in menu bar. Now on next page contact form will appear. Enter your mail, it should be active and in working condition.

After that enter details in subject for which you are sending mail to their team. In the end write your message. Only use english language and don’t use typical words for easy understanding. Look for grammatical errors and read your message once again. If everything is correct then click on I’m not robot button and submit email. Your email has been sent now. Please wait for at least 2-3 days so that IGTools team can reply back.

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