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HDMoviesHub 2024 Download 300mb 480p 720p Latest Movies

This post is completely oriented to a movie downloading site named as HDMoviesHub. As we know that craze of torrent sites are over. People are now shifting towards third party sites which provide movies directly on their servers.

So now on sites like HDMoviesHub, there is no issue of seeds and leech. Moreover the quality of movies is better than any torrent site. Once you look at HDMoviesHub appearance you are surely going to love it. All the features available there are user friendly and loved by public.

One thing we want to make it very clear to our users is that HDMoviesHub is illegitimate site which uploads movie without taking permission from respective owner. So accessing content on it is unsafe for users. This is why we recommend users to download antivirus or keep their firewall active. Also it’s quite hard to stay updated as they keep on changing domain time to time because of blockage.

HDMoviesHub 2022 Movies Website

Domain of HDMoviesHub faces action time to time because of piracy issues. They violated piracy laws multiple times which lead to ban on their link. So if you are looking for a site to download latest movies and web series then go through the article till the very end.

Many site owners claiming it to be a torrent site which is far from reality. This can be true that content which is available there is stolen or pirated but that doesn’t mean it’s a torrent site. All the movies available on this site are for free which means user don’t have to pay a penny. South Dubbed, Hindi Movies, Telugu, Tamil Movies are available here.

Users can stream or download these movies as per their preference. Collection of movies is quite vast on HDMoviesHub unlike other competitor sites.

On other sites all you get to see less number of movies but here hundreds of movies from each genre is available. Best part is downloading speed, you are going to get amazing download speed much better than any torrent site. If you are very particular and have a taste of movies then try their categories.

Their movies are categorized on the basis of genre and type. We recommend you to go through the article till the very end for better understanding. If you are a movie lover then you will surely love this website.

HDMoviesHub Bollywood Free Movie Download

On their portal you have access to movies in multiple videos quality that includes 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p and so on. It’s not a safe site as content which is available here is pirated. So if you download movies from HDMoviesHub then only you will be held responsible. We have heard few cases where user data compromised because of malware and trojans. People still go through it as they want to watch movies for free.

Movies on HDMoviesHub
Movies on HDMoviesHub

We are not a high earning country which is why big part of our population can’t afford to pay for a movie. Moreover, HDMoviesHub team have maintained their quality and worked quite hard on collection of movies. They are also accused of leaking pirated copies of movie on internet which is true to some extent.

You will hardly find any site where large part of their site is of HD Movies. Using HDMoviesHub movie player one can change the movie quality right at their fingertips.

Also it provides facility to change language of movie from the list of English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu etc. Movies & Web series are not limited to indian content, there you can see hollywood and other foreign content also.

This site is started in 2016 by some unknown people. As of now no one know their correct identity. They have to do this to hide from government officials. For next 2-3 years they hardly got any user on their site. All credit goes to their team that they continued their hard work and didn’t stop even after getting no result. Now each month millions of people visit HDMoviesHub which is huge.

HDMoviesHub HD Movie Download 300MB 480p 720p 1080p

They did worked with many reputed agencies to earn money from ads. These days they are earning quite good because of ads and sponsored posts. Our assumption is that their monthly earning should be somewhere between $4500 to $7000. Most of their viewers come from india so a big part of earning comes from india only.

Though the cpc is quite low for india but the number of visitors is quite high so it really helps. We can guarantee that you will never run out of idea as they have vast number of movies categorized on the basis of their type. Now you can understand that how many people are dependent on this site. So if someday it stop working for any reason then might create huge problem.

Undoubtedly there are many alternatives of HDMoviesHub but the features which are available on this site is unique. Though many countries are taking actions against movie piracy and we mmust appreciate that. It’s no hidden fact that these efforts are not doing much help on ground level.

HDMoviesHub Bollywood and Hollywood Movies Download

Still hundreds of sites are promoting free movie downloads. This not only affects the film business but also demotivate the creator of movies. Most of the movies which are being watched on HDMoviesHub are of Bollywood, Hollywood and Hindi Dubbed Movies. Sometimes users prefer downloading the movie rather than watching it online.

We have covered all the aspects of HDMoviesHub so no need to worry. Sit back, rela and go through the article. This website works perfectly in almost all the devices including iPad, Tablet, PC and Mobile Phone. As of now they are using premium responsive template which is helping them a lot. Here users can find wide range of movies including tamil, telugu, bollywood, malayalam, punjabi and so on. Download process is pretty easy and fast as their servers are capable of taking huge loads.

This is why you have always seen that HDMoviesHub 2022 opens up in a blink of eye. Those who love to watch old evergreen movies have to go to old movies category which is available on homepage.

Download Movies from HDMoviesHub

It’s always great to download movies from HDMoviesHub. It not only saves your time but also gives you freedom to watch movie anywhere, anytime. Best part of downloading is that one can watch movie even if you are in remote are or don’t have access to high speed internet.

Do make sure that in which quality you want to download movie. If you are on high speed internet and have great love for movies then you must go for 1080p quality. Those who are on poor internet can go ahead with 480p or lower. If your desired quality is not available then do contact admin team and they will help you out for sure. Do give them plenty of time, at least 48 hours so that they can work on your query. So without any further delay let’s come to the main point. Do go through all the steps so that your journey will be hassle free.

  • First go to HDMoviesHub
  • You can go there by searching on Google or Bing
  • After that you will come up on homepage
  • Now all the latest movies will appear on it
  • If you don’t want to watch latest movies then go through the categories
  • Make use of search button to find particular movies
  • Now click on movie link then movie page will load in a while
  • Go through all the details which will help in making informed decision
  • For better understanding look at the screenshots of movie
Downloading Links of Movie
Downloading Links of Movie
  • Do scroll down little bit and choose the quality of movie
  • Remember better the quality, higher will be it’s size
  • On next page various server links will appear
  • Now it’s all up to you that which server you will choose
  • We recommend you to always go with GDrive Link as they are the fastest
  • Once you choose the server, do wait for 5 seconds
  • Now movie download will start in a while

Type of Movies on HDMoviesHub

Various kinds of movies are available on HDMoviesHub. Apart from movies users can find hundreds of web series and tv series also. Site developers have categorized all the movies and tv series based on their type. This made discovery of movie very easy.

Now user can look for movies and web series based on their likes and dislikes. In this section we are going to discuss various types of categories which are available on HDMoviesHub 2022. Each category is made for different kind of user so you have to be very choosy about it. We have discussed each category in detail so it will surely help in making informed decision.

Types of Movies
Types of Movies

Movies by Year

If you go through this category then you can see movies according to their release year. If a user remember the year when their favorite movie got released then all he have to do is simply click on the year and list of al the movies released on that date will appear. Best part of this section is that you can even find old evergreen movies also. For old classic movies you have to go to 90s movies and all movie links will appear on your screen. You can find all movies starting from 2000 to ending on 2022. Each year have almost 50 to 100 movies in given category.


In this section you will see various types of HDMoviesHub movies on the basis of their video quality. It varies on the basis of quality of movie. Several type of movie quality are available there which includes 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p. Do remember higher the quality more will be it’s size. In this section you can also find movies filtered out on the basis of their size. Various movie sizes which are available as of now are 300 MB, 500 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB and so on.


In this section, movies are sorted on the basis of their type. As you know some love romantic movies whereas other love sci-fi so it’s all about personal choice. Almost all the genre of movies are available in this category. Some of the famous movie types listed here are Action, Adventure, Crime, Bollywood, Family, Horror and so on. It’s one of the most browsed category of HDMoviesHub.

TV Series

We have seen a new trend that people are now jumping towards tv series and web series from movies. Recently some of the tv series have broken all the records and the numbers are mind boggling. People can filter out tv series on the basis of OTT Player. Here you can get Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney, HBO tv series.

Dual Audio Movies

I personally like this section very much. It saves a lot of time and energy of movie lovers. In single movie file you can have movie in two languages. So if you are watching godfather dual audio movie then it will be in Hindi & English at the same. It’s all up to you in which language you want to watch it. Don’t worry it’s quite easy to change language of dual audio movies. We recommend VLC Media Player to all our users for hassle-free experience.

Features of HDMoviesHub

On the movie page, user will get crucial information which is really helpful for a no nonsense user. First step is to choose the desired movie on HDMoviesHub 2022. On next page user will get movie information which includes movie name, cast name, release year and storyline.

Don’t go through storyline if you haven’t watched that particular movie yet as sometime it’s full of spoilers. After that do scroll down little bit and you can see few screenshots. I love screenshots! There are two reasons for it. One, it looks more interactive when we go through a movie. Second, user gets the idea of what will be the quality movie based on quality of screenshot. Below screenshots all user can see is download links.

They should be in various quality – 480p, 720p, 1080p. After that comes the official trailer videos. You should go through the trailer before downloading any movie. It gives basic idea of any movie that helps in deciding whether to watch it or not on HDMoviesHub.

Alternatives of HDMoviesHub Website

Undoubtedly HDMoviesHub is one hell of an amazing website which is rare to see these days. Even though it’s a top notch movies site which provides tamil, telugu, bollywood, hollywood downloading facility for free. It doesn’t mean there can’t be other alternatives of HDMoviesHub.

So in this section we are going to discuss about various alternatives of HDMoviesHub. If your pocket allows then you must try paid OTT Platforms like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney+ Hotstar and so on. Though they charge users for their services but it’s worth it in front of their premium service.

Otherwise there are plenty of free movie download and streaming options like iBomma, Movierulz, Movies wood, HDHub4u and Vegamovies. Go through the given links to better understand pros and cons of each site.

Details of HDMoviesHub 2022

As per data released by third party sites this site is started in 2015 by two brothers. At the time when HDMoviesHub was born they were in the Bahamas island. This data is taken from WHOIS site. We don’t know how much true it is but that’s all what we have. At the time they started HDMoviesHub 2022 there were only two minds who were working on it. But now it’s full-fledged team which works day and night. As per info now they have a team of 15 to 20 members.

HDMoviesHub had a humble start in 2015 when they used to get around 100 views on daily basis, which now increased to 10 lakh per day. You must be wondering how they are maintaining the servers if they are not charging anything from users end. The majority of their earning comes from banner ads and sponsored posts.

Movie Details
Movie Details

As they are getting huge traffic on their site, it really reflects on their earning numbers. Big part of their earning goes in maintaining servers and some goes to salary of staff. We must appreciate the effort that they put on HDMoviesHub so that users get access to top-notch movies for free. If they would have accepted the defeat the we wouldn’t have great platform like HDMoviesHub.

Frequently Asked Questions – HDMoviesHub

HDMoviesHub Website is Safe to Use?

No doubt that HDMoviesHub is one of the famous movie downloading site but it’s not enought to make it safe. As we said already, on the site you can see pirated movies which are free to download. As per the law it’s not allowed and it comes under movie piracy. Always buy movies or watch them on OTT Platforms.

Why HDMoviesHub is so Famous?

This site is famous for many reasons and one of them is that their movie collection is huge. Do you know that HDMoviesHub movie collection keeps on increasing each day. Uploaders do upload movies there on daily basis and this hard work is the reason behind their success.

How to Download Movies from HDMoviesHub?

Users can easily download any movie of their wish easily through HDMoviesHub. All you have to do is go to movies page. After that click on download movie button and select server. For detailed guide please refer to the above given article.

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