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FieWin App – Download, Install & Earn Loot of ₹500

FieWin is a program that made to provide their users a facility, where they can earn by referring it to their friends. They Just have to invite others by referral link. During the completion of sign up, The users will surely get Rs. 10/- in their wallet which is 100% genuine and they can use it on the games.

The FieWin application platform known as the best gaming application with the enjoyable gaming experience. The application has approximately 2 million+ users, and 3 lacs of investors.

You can invite your friends and family members through the invite link. And you will get straightly Rs.10/- on every single joining. Even, If you update to the application on regular basis and check it then you will get Rs.1 to Rs. 2 per day. so, don’t miss the features of this application and utilize it correctly.

We let you know all about this FieWin application. So, read the article to end and get complete information and directions of using this application. On the other hand, If you are one of them who want to explore the application or use it to earn money. Then you can do it easily but, we suggest you to take proper knowledge about this application.

What is FieWin App?

FieWin is an gaming application program where the users can earn money by referring it to others with the help of invite link. Not this but also, they can earn more money by doing various tasks.

Furthermore, If you want to refer this application to the others, then it wont ask you to pay money or do any investments. On the other hand, The task FieWin gives you and ask you to competent the task or mission. Then you must have to pay money to recharge the application. 

The FieWin application contains various taska such as fast-parity, andar-bahar, crash, and others, that they ask their users to do it in terms of earning money. For doing such random tasks, a users must have a minimum amount in the FieWin application in order to earn money.

The officials of this FieWin application claims that a user can assurely withdraw their money to their bank account at any time in a blink of an eye. But, they ask you that you must have minimum amount of 30 rupees in their FieWin wallet. 

FieWin Earn Loot – Refer Your Friends FieWin App and Earn Money

If You are one of them who wants to set their mind on Earning Money by utilizing Fiewin app. Then you are at the right place where you get all the information about Refer & Earn money by FieWin Program. The platform helps their users a lot to Make Money with a bit of work.

The platform has various levels that a users have to complete to earn money. As of now, The members of FieWin application should have to reach up to Level 7 to Earn Referral Commission. When the friend that you referred the application by invite link of FieWin. When those Friends of yours play games or do Some various activities or complete the transaction in their FieWin application login account. Then you will surely get commission or your bonus from your Referral Friends activities.

In addition the another important thing is a user can redeem referral cash directly to their Bank Account instantly without any applicable commission or they do not have to pay any kind of Transaction Charges. All the Redeemed Amount with FieWin can easily credited to its users Bank account without any hassle.

Lets have a look on earning money by referring. How to do it?, we have mentioned few steps that you have to follow to earn money with FieWin App.

Steps to loot Earning – FieWin App Login Refer and Earn Money

  • Firstly, You have to open the FieWin app that you have downloaded. If not, then read the steps to download FieWin app in our article.
  • The Application interface will open on your screen.
  • Go to the settings option in the Fiewin app.
  • Then have a look to get the “Invite Link”.
Fiewin App Login
Fiewin App Login
  • You can copy the link to your clipboard and share it on your social media. Or you can directly share the invite link through application options given there.
  • Share the Invite link to your Whatsapp contacts, Facebook groups, Telegram and so forth.
  • Just refer the app to your friends and get Rs.1/- quickly.
  • The FieWin also allows you to get Refferal Commotion up to Level 7.

These are the steps that you can follow to earn money by referring the invitation link to your friends. But, take privacy concerns as well because we can not trust the any application platform blindly.

Download FieWin APK?

Before continue to downloading of FieWin app. Do you know? “What is Fiewin App? what are the exact Details about this program?, To know everything about FieWin app read this article from top to end. And you will get to know about FieWin application’s dark side as well.

How you get to know about FieWin?, That can be possibly you heard about it from someone, watch an advertisement about FieWin, or it can be the website named FieWin mod apk. These are the references that we are expecting you get while accessing your social handles.

The FieWin app claims to their audience, all of them can easily earn money thousands of Rupees by using the application of FieWin. And just by completing various tasks daily.

If a person sign up as a new user of FieWin application with the help of referral link. Then they both will get special bonus and different advantages. If a person joins the application as a new user, then they will get free bonus of Rs.10/- as a welcome that they can use it on multiple games.

Download Fiewin APK
Download Fiewin APK

Not this but also, it is amazing get to know about you can get 1 to 2 rupees everyday just by visiting the application. It can go up to Rs.10/- per day. There are many Telegram channels available as well that allows you to earn money with a good bonus. The official channel of FieWin application also is in the race to promote their program by giving the extra bonus to their users.

Lets talk about “How to Download the FieWin App”. We have given the instruction below to download and login into FieWin application step by step as follows:

Download FieWin App

  • First of all, Go to your smartphone browser such as Google Chrome, Default Browser, etc.
  • Enter the keyword “Download Fiewin Apk” in your search bar and hit the search button.
  • The page will show various results of FieWin apk download. You need to go with the reliable URL to continue.
  • Open the one link from top ranked URLs.
  • The site will show you all the details about Fiewin app. Just scroll down a bit and look for the “Downlaod” button.
  • Click on the download button to continue.
  • The next page will show to few all the previous versions of Fiewin app. You have to select the latest one.
  • Then the new page will open and ask you to wait for few seconds about 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Stay on the page till count down complete.
  • You browser shows the popup and will ask you “This file might harm your device”, “Do you want to continue”. Just click on “Accept” option.
  • Your download of FieWin application will start automatically.

During a visit of downloading site, It will redirect you many times to other irrelevant pages. You just have to close them all and continue to downloading the FieWin application.

Continue to Installing the Fiewin app

Before installing the application, a user must have to give the permission to install the file when they download it from different platform instead of Google Play Store. This is for your security reason that your device always ask you to give permission to install unknown applications.

To enable this you have to go to your mobile Settings > Security or Permissions > and search for the option calling Install from Device Storage. Or you can directly enter the name into the search bar of your settings and enable it. Lets move to the steps of downloading.

  • Go to “My Files” in your device.
  • Open the “Downloads” folder or you can access the “Recent Files” in your file manager.
  • There will be the Fiewin apk file that you have to “Tap” on it to continue.
  • The pop up will shows up on your screen for asking permission to install.
  • Click on “Install” and wait for few seconds, It can take up to a minute. So, wait patiently.
  • Your FieWin Application is ready to use in your mobile device.
Fiewin App Installation
Fiewin App Installation

These are the options that we have mentioned above. You can follow the steps to install the FieWin application into your device. Just explore the Fiewin app and earn money by completing different task or referring it to your friends.

How to Use FieWin App?

As we already discussed about it. There are approximately of 6 games in this FieWin app, It is possible that in the future period they add more interesting games. For giving you the best review, we personally have played 2 – 3 games with the investing Sign up Bonus.

All of those games are based on predicting that a user have to assume all the aspects of the game before entering into it. And If you are good at observing and predictions. Then this platform can help you a lot and this is right you can easily Earn money from Fiewin Otherwise, It will take you to the loss.

As of now Most of the users playing games with FieWin application program by investing their real money into the program. A user have to invest all the money bases on their predictions. They have different terms and conditions that you can read by visiting the site. Lets move to the topic where we let you know about how to use FieWin app.

Steps to Use Fiewin App

  • When you open the FieWin app. The program shows you different types of games that a user can play.
  • For joining into the game a user or a player have to pay for joining.
  • A user can pay money with the help of their Paytm or any other UPI app.
  • On the other hand, A player can invest their sign up bonus or they earn from referrals.
  • All the games available on FieWin App is completely observation and prediction based.
  • If you win the particular game then you earn the amount that you are playing on and you can withdraw it into you bank account.
  • Otherwise, If a player lose the game, they will lose the money they have invested on that particular game.

How to Redeem, Withdraw and Add Money into FieWin App?

On the FieWin app, There is the format whre a user can easily redeem all the rewards and withdraw their money by UPI method. If a an indivdual you are using Google Pay, Paytm UPI, PhonePe or many other apps are available that you can link with you bank account and get money in it.

You just have to link your UPI ID with FieWin application. Then you can get all the winning amount directly into your bank account by using UPI ID.

There is a condition that the FieWin app allows you to redeem the minimum amount of RS.31/-. If you have less than that then you wont be able to reddem the earning or refferal amount. Redeemed amount basically credited in to your bank account directly. But, few times it can take up to 24 – 48 hours.

Steps to Withdraw Money from FieWin App

  • Open your downloaded FieWin app. If you didnt download the app and want to downlaod it the we have mentioned above all the instructions to download the app step by step.
  • On the homepage of FieWin app, There is an option of your profile. Just simply click on that.
  • The other option given there as “UPI ID” and you have to click on it.
  • Add all your UPI ID details to link your bank account.
  • After that, Go bacj to the page of “Total Earning”.
  • You will see the option calling “Withdraw”. Just click on that option to continue.
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw and click to continue. The amount will be credited into your bank account instanly or it can take up to 24 to 48 hours.
  • You can get withdrawal 100% of yout referral earning amount.
  • But, the amount you wont by playing games, you can get only 80% of winning amount for withdrawal.
  • Instantly Amount Credited to Bank
  • Minimum limit is set for Rs.31 only. This means you can only withdraw the amount if you have Rs.31 in your FieWin Wallet.
  • The Maximum withdrawal limit is set to Rs.31,000 per day.
  • Other condittion is you can Withdraw money 3 times a day.

Steps to Add Money into your FieWin account

  • Firstly, A user have to open the app and login or sign up into their Fiewin account.
  • Look for the option called “Recharge” and click on it.
  • Enter the amount you want to add in your FieWin account.
  • There are many option available that you can use to link you FieWin Wallet to your UPI or bank account.
  • Then it will ask the user to enter their valid transaction ID and they have to enter 12 Digit of their transaction ID.
  • After that, it will show to to wait for 2 minutes then it shows “Successfully Added Money” message. Then click on “Go Back” option.
  • The Money you have enter to add in you wallet will be added successfully and you can play games you want.

These are the steps that you can follow to add your money into FieWin or if you want to withdraw the amount then you can follow the instructions that we have mentioned above. Play the games and earn money with the program.

Earn Rs.10/- Daily with FieWin App

Most of the users are saying that the FieWin app is completely fake. But, our sources claims that the application program is not fake. Because a lot of people around us earning money by the FieWin app. Not only this but also, they are withdrawing money as cash into their bank account on regular basis.

There on the FieWin app, A user can go completelt in loss or they can win a good amount of money. This all thing is just based on the observation and prediction of a user or you can say that it can depends on their luck as well.

This Program lets you earn money but, in return they take your 20% of earning. This is the benefit getting criteria by the FieWin program. They give you only 80% of your winning amount. When you withdraw the money from FieWin to your bank account. They ask you to get 20% of you amount this is the only condition that you can transact your money from the App.

On the other hand, The application program is not completely legal to use. We would suggest you to do not invest you money in FieWin app blindly. For more information read this article to end.

Steps to Earn Rs.10 with FieWin app

  • Download the FieWin app by following the instructions that we have given above.
  • If you already have the account on FieWin then continue with “Login” option. But, If you are new to it then click on “Register”.
  • It will ask you to enter your mobile number. Simply enter the one which you are currently using.
  • Then it ask you to enter the OTP (One TIme Password) that they sent to the mobile number you have entered.
  • They ask you to create a strong password fro your FieWin account.
  • After that, your account is successfully created on FieWin app.
  • If you logout from your account, just simply enter your mobile number and password. Then verify the Login by entering the OTP.
  • When you sign up into your account. They instantly reward you with Rs.10/- in your FieWin wallet. This sign up bonus can be use on different games and you can earn money by this amount.

How Does the FieWin app Works?, What is the Earning Source of FieWin app?

So, basically as we have mentioned above. This FieWin Application program earn money from the investments of their users. Just the thing is so simple, Users genrally add money into their FieWin wallet and plays the game. They can earn on the basis of their experience. But during withdrawing the amount into their account. It takes your 20% of winnings.

On the other hand, If users loss the game they will simply loss the cash of their money which they have invested in that particular game.

And the amount they took from the users loss. Some if the amount they get from the users used to paying money to their referral members. And the remaiming amount they take is the earning or can be say that the profit of FieWin. This is the ways that the FieWin application program is working and they are earning by this.


All the information we are giving you in this article is for knowledge purpose only. We want to let you know all about this FieWin application program. We almost give you every single detail of this app. You just have to read the article carefully. And remember one thing to do not put youselves in truoble or a big loss.

The app is not completely legal, but the are claiming to be trusted. You can explore the application with having a lot of enjoyment. It is absolutely depends on you whether you want to use the FieWin app or not. If you have any quries regarding the article then drop your doubts in the comment area and let us solve your issues. Dont forget to leave your feedback.

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