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E Sathi UP: Registration, उत्तर प्रदेश ई-साथी पोर्टल

E Sathi Portal of Uttar Pradesh Government is here. उत्तर प्रदेश ई-साथी एप – www.esathi.up.gov.in. Yogi government in UP State ha launched online website named as e-sathi. This portal will act as a friend for normal citizen of the state as it will provide baisc facilities like income certificate, caste certificate up, birth certificate up, death certificate up, etc. Along with website there is also a app, you can use it if you have mobile phone with you. As digitalization in India is picking up the storm many states in the country have already such portals in their state. To make use of E Sathi portal you must have to register yourself on it. It will show the status of various certificates along with delivery update.

People can do online verification of their certificates through this newly launched portal. As cm yogi adityanath said that it will empower many people of the state by providing all the certificates and other government schemes at single place. It will eradicate corruption which happens between officers when a citizen applies for his certificate. Using E Sathi anyone can apply for multiple certificates and download them.

It comes under the Uttar Pradesh e- District Project which works on the guidelines given by e-Governance to all the UP citizens. After the success of e-district projects we hope that it will do charm as well, future of india is digital. Whole government working and systems should be digitalized which will bring transparency to the working.

E Sathi UP – Overview

  • Behind backdoor it will work on e District which will be managed by District Service Providers and give service at panchayati level
  • All the certificates uploaded on the E-sathi UP Portal will be connected with Digital Locker, already a working project of indian government.
  • The state government has offered types of assistance identified with e-district projects ie e-sathi UP portal, certificates, public distribution system, complaint, exchange, pension, Khatauni, revenue suit, and registration in employment workplaces.
  • To make this project a reality the government has assigned various service centres in all the districts of the state which will work and complete the tasks so that customers will get nonstop service.
  • You can easily download the app by going to Google Play Store and search for E Sathi UP App
E Sathi UP
E Sathi UP

E Sathi Login 2021

  • First of go to official website of the E-Sathi Portal:
  • Now look at right side of the page there you will see login box
  • Just enter your username, password, bypass captcha and click on Submit button
  • If you are doing log in for the first time after registration then do enter OTP in place of password
  • Now your account will be displayed on the UP Government website
E Sathi Login
E Sathi Login

UP E – Sathi Portal Benefits

  • Through sathi portal any citizen who is from UP can take benefit of various government services just by making use of internet and everything will be on your fingertips
  • You can access various government departments through it, more will be added as time passes
  • One can download, apply and verify the certificates. You just have to scan the QR printed on the certificate and it will tell if it’s genuine or not.
  • Various government schemes about which normal citizen don’t know will now get all the updates through this portal.
  • All you need is just internet connectivity at your home and all the government department services is now at your fingertips.
  • Now no need to join the never ending queue, just go to the portal and apply for certificates

Using this portal one can apply for below certificates as of now. This list will increase in size as time passes by.

  • Birth Certificate (जन्म प्रमाण-पत्र)
  • Death Certificate (मृत्यु प्रमाण-पत्र )
  • Residential Certificate (अधिवास प्रमाण-पत्र)
  • Caste Certificate (जाति प्रमाण पत्र)
  • Domicile Certificate
  • Income Certificate
  • Farmer assistance schemes
  • Birth certificate UP (urban and rural)
  • Death certificate UP(Uran and Grameen)
  • Application for Khatauni
  • Application for Scholarship (General and SC / ST)
  • Application for Legal Aid for Dowry Victim Women Scheme
  • Application for Financial Assistance for Re-marriage of Distribution
  • Application for financial assistance on the marriage of your daughter
  • Dampatipurskar Scheme
  • Copy of family register
  • Application for employment registration
  • Application for renewal of employment registration

E Sathi UP Service Departments

Services of all 8 departments of UP can be available to users now through E Sathi Portal. Below is the list of all the 8 Departments:

  1. Panchayati Raj Department
  2. Medical Health and Family Welfare Department
  3. Revenue Department
  4. Women Welfare and Child Development Department
  5. Social Welfare Department
  6. Agriculture Dept.
  7. Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities

Department wise services

Revenue Department

  • caste certificate
  • income certificate
  • Domicile Certificate
  • Copy of Khatauni
  • Daily revenue suit table
  • Revenue suit court order view
  • Revenue suit statement

Urban Development Department / Panchayati Raj Department

  • Birth certificate
  • death certificate

Panchayati Raj Department

  • Application for copy of family register

Home department

  • Permission to use loudspeaker
  • public address system
  • sound amplifier

Training and employment department

  • Application for employment registration
  • Application for renewal of employment registration

Ration card related services

  • Application for new ration card
  • Application for Ration Card Amendment
  • Application for surrender of ration card

Social Welfare Department

  • Application for scholarship (General and SC / ST)
  • Application for Marriage and Illness Grant
  • old-age pension

Women Welfare and Child Development Department

  • Application for post-death guarded woman (widow) pension of husband
  • Financial assistance for women under dowry scheme
  • Legal assistance to women in dowry harassment
  • Grant Scheme for Marriage of Daughter of Widowed Destitute Women
  • Couple Award Scheme to Promote Widow Marriage
  • Widow pension

Handicapped welfare department

  • To apply for a loan by a person with disabilities
  • Application for marriage grant for a disabled person
  • Assistance and equipment application for a disabled person
  • Disabled pension

Police Department

  • Complaint registration
  • FIR Status
  • Application for tenant verification
  • Domestic Servant Employee Verification Request
  • Employee verification request
  • E-FIR
  • Character certificate request

E Sathi UP Registration 2021

To take benefits of this amazing portal one have to t be registered on it. After successful registration you will get access to e-district services. Below is the list of steps, just follow it and don’t skip any of it as all are very important.

  • First of all go to Official E Sathi Uttar Pradesh Portal which is http://esathi.up.gov.in/citizenservices/login/login.aspx
  • Now homepage will open in your browser
  • Scroll little bit on that webpage and look for link which says: New User Registration? ( नवीन उपयोगकर्ता पंजीकरण?)
  • Just click on that link and move further
  • Now you will get to see online registration form which says ऑनलाइन पंजीकरण करने हेतु प्रपत्र
  • Just fill that form completely and enter all the details correctly in it
  • Create your fresh Login ID which can be of 6 to 8 characters
  • Enter name, select gender, Date of Birth, ज़िला, Mobile Number and so on
  • If you are facing difficulty or have some doubts regarding the online registration the do download E Sathi User Manual. It’s direct download link is given in the post below
  • Once you filled all the details do scroll down little bit and click on blue colored Save (सुरक्षित करें) button
  • The department will send OTP on your entered mobile number
  • On next page enter OTP which you have received and user id , password to login
  • When logging in for the first time on E Sathi you are required to create new password of your wish. From now onwards you have to use that password. This is just another security layer to protect citizens of Uttar Pradesh from hacking and spoofing.

Download User Manual – E Sathi

E Sathi Registration
E Sathi Registration

E-District Login on E-Sathi Portal

  • First of all go to this link of edistrict page: https://edistrict.up.gov.in/edistrictup/
  • Now on that page look at top, there you will get ई-डिस्ट्रिक्ट लॉगिन Link
  • Just click on it and select your login type and enter username, password
  • In the end bypass captcha by writing words which are given in the image
  • Click on blue colored Submit button
  • Finally your E-District account will appear
E-District Login

Check Application Status

  • Open E-District portal of Uttar Pradesh by going to: https://edistrict.up.gov.in/edistrictup/
  • Now click on the link which says आवेदन की स्थिति
  • It will ask you to enter application number
  • Just enter it and click on blue colored search button
  • Your application status is now visible on the screen
E Sathi Application Status

E- Sathi App | उत्तर प्रदेश ई-साथी एप

Don’t worry if you don’t have laptop or computer with you. As UP Government has launched the mobile app of E Sathi. Through app it will be easy for users to get connected with government services. Through app you can do all the works like the website which includes applying for certificates, download application forms, verification of documents and other services. As of now nearly 20 citizen services are available on E Sathi App which will increase to 140 soon.

The major services available on app are as below:
1. Income Certificate
2. Domicile Certificate
3. Caste Certificate
4. Handicap Certificate
5. Birth Certificate (Urban& Rural)
6. Death Certificate (Uran& rural)
7. Application for Khatauni
8. Application for Scholarship (Genral& SC/ST)
9. Application for Marriage & Illness Grant
10. Application for Loan to handicap person
11. Application for Grant on marrying with handicapped person
12. Application for Aids & Appliances to handicapped person
13. Application for Financial Assistance to women suffered due to dowry
14. Application for Legal Assistance to Dowry Sufferers Women Scheme
15. Application for Financial Assistance for Re marriage of destitutewidows
16. Application for Financial Assistance to destitutewidows on her daughter’s marriage
17. Damppatipuraskar scheme
18. Copy of Kutumb Register
19. Application for Employment registration
20. Application for Employment registration renewal

Download E- Sathi Mobile App

To download the eSathi app in your mobile phone first you have to go to the edstrict portal of UP. Downloading the app is one of the easiest task which one can do just by following some steps.

  • Open link of E-District Portal, Uttar Pradesh: https://edistrict.up.gov.in/edistrictup/
  • Now on edistrict page scroll little bit down
  • Look for section which says: महत्वपूर्ण डाउनलोड
  • In that section click on link ई-साथी यू.पी. मोबाइल एप (Ver 3.1) from the list
  • Now apk file download will start immediately
  • Open the apk app in your device and installation will start

There is another way through which you can download UP E Sathi App. In this process you have to go to google play store of your mobile phone. You have to open Google Play Store and search E Sathi UP App or follow this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eSathi.administrator.xmlparsing. Click on Green colored Install button to start the installation. Follow attached images of this article for better understanding.

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