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DBT Bihar Agriculture, Kisan Registration @dbtagriculture.bihar.gov.in

DBT Agriculture Bihar is one of the most famous and interesting sarkari scheme from bihar government. You can access their official site by going to dbt agriculture bihar gov in.

This scheme is not meant for every citizen but only limited to farmers of the state. Government is giving proper focus on the farmers as they are the backbone of any country. We all know how valuable a farmer is to a country. Without them we can’t think of a prosperous country as they are the one who provide food after doing lot of hardwork.

DBT Bihar – dbtagriculture.bihar.gov.in

You must be wondering that there are so many schemes provides in various states of the country then what makes DBT Bihar Agriculture any different. Right? dbt agriculture bihar gov in Through this scheme bihar government wants to uplift and empower the farmers by providing them timely assistance and financial help through kisan registration. If any scheme comes in future for farmers then benefits will be provided to them only through DBT Agriculture Bihar. That’s why it’s must for each bihar kisan. Officials have made it very clear that they will do massive awareness campaigns in various villages to make them aware about DBT Bihar and increase number of kisan registration on the portal.

DBT Bihar

Under dbt bihar agriculture multiple benefits are given to the kisan through various government assitance centres available there. This will also help in deciding the amount and designing various schemes to help farmers. Government aims to transfer assistance money to farmers through direct Benefit Transfer Facility which works in real time and time savvy for everyone. Though DBT came into existence through central government but now states have adopted it to send benefits to their farmers through it.

You have to keep an eye on ongoing state farmer schemes so that you can apply for them through DBT Bihar. For your ease we have updated all the kisan yojana on our blog.

You can visit it time to time and apply for them if interested. Most of the states are already working on top of the DBT Agriculture and some are preparing themselves. Some of the benefits which bihar government is providing are Seed subsidy, benefits of agricultural mechanization scheme, benefits of Prime Minister’s Agriculture Irrigation Grant Scheme, benefits of Diesel Anudan Yojana, benefits of Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme, Natural Calamity Assistance and so on. Incase if you are worried and don’t know how to do kisan regsitration on DBT then do follow our below guide and just do as given in it. You can go to website to have a look of all the services and facilities which they are providing on https://dbtagriculture.bihar.gov.in.

DBT Bihar Services

Many of the users have asked us to post about all the services which they will get on DBT Bihar Agriculture. So here we are on your demand writing this section. Bihar Kisan will get various benefits through dbt scheme and complete list is posted below. We have taken this data from official sources so you need not to worry about the authenticity of the list.

  • कृषि इनपुट अनुदान योजना
  • किसान सम्मान निधि योजना
  • गोदाम निर्माण आवेदन
  • बीज अनुदान आवेदन
  • डीजल अनुदान खरीफ
  • कृषि यांत्रिकरण योजना
  • डीजल अनुदान रबी
  • जल-जीवन हरियाली
  • कृषि इनपुट अनुदान रबी अप्रैल
  • कृषि इनपुट अनुदान
  • कृषि इनपुट रबी 

Not to mention bihar kisan can also apply for those schemes which are upcoming through DBT Agriculture. It will ease the complete process and save lot of time which can be put into other meaningful work.

Documents Required for Kisan Registration

Some documents are required for dbt registration which will help in doing verification of kisan. Make sure that you have all the required documents with you before applying for DBT Bihar. Incase if any document is not ready as of now then work on it so that you can complete the registration.

You can do complete work by yourself just by sitting at your home if you have biometric device to save fingerprints online. Incase if you have not saved mobile number with aadhar card then don’t worry. Simply go to nearest csc centre and they will guide you.

  • Aadhar Card
  • Mobile Number which is registered on your Aadhar (OTP will be sent during Registration)
  • Bank Passbook for Account Holder Name, IFSC , Account Number
  • Copy of Khasra Khatoni

We recommend you to check DBT Bihar Agriculture Portal time to time so that you will be updated with all the ongoing and upcoming schemes. More aware you are more it will be beneficial for you. Now we have covered all the basic details about dbt bihar and also discussed extensively about how it works. Without any delay lets move further and learn

Online Kisan Registartion of DBT Bihar

Though the process is very easy but can be complex for those who are not much ito technology and gadgets. So you are advised to follow all the steps as given below and don’t do it in hurry. Follow this section when you have plenty of time. For your ease we have attached some images, you can follow them as it is.

  • To do Online Kisan Registration, Bihar first of all we have to go to government site of DBT Bihar which is https://dbtagriculture.bihar.gov.in
  • Now प्रत्यक्ष लाभ अंतरण, कृषि विभाग, बिहार सरकार Page will appear in your device
  • You will get to see various options on screen like Home, Registration, How to Guide and so on
  • Scroll the page little bit and look at top of the page
  • There you will see पंजीकरण ( Farmer Registration ) link beside home button
Bihar Kisan Registration
  • Simply click on registration and now three options will popup
  • Do click on पंजीकरण करें
  • Within a moment new page will appear where again three options will come
  • Click on General User image
General User in DBT Bihar
  • You should move further only if you have aadhar card
  • Those who don’t have aadhar card have to go nearest aadhar centre to apply for it
  • You will get data about nearest aadhar centre here: https://appointments.uidai.gov.in/centersearch.aspx
  • Three ways will be displayed by which you can complete kyc. They are: Demography + OTP, Demography + BIO-AUTH, Iris
  • We tried all three ways and believe me firs one is the easiest
  • You have to choose Demography + OTP option
  • In this option otp will come on your aadhar registered mobile for verification
  • If iris scanner or biometric device is there with you then you can go with other options
  • Now enter complete aadhar number and name as given in card
  • If details entered by you are accurate, click on Authentication button
  • Now agriculture department will send otp to your mobile
  • Enter correct otp on site and click on validate button to move further
  • Now a form will appear where you have to enter few details like Name, Father Name, Date of Birth, Age, Address, Bank Details and select district, state
  • Please check all the details once form get filled
  • If all the entries are accurate then submit the form
  • Finally you have applied for किसान पंजीकरण and farmer registration is complete now
  • Take print of confirmation page or keep the file safe in your device for further help

Change Details in Bihar Kisan Registration

ByIf you have gone through our above section then you must have learned about the registration steps. But what to do if something entered by you in registration form is incorrect or there is a spelling mistake? Here you will learn about how to to change or modify details in Kisan Registartion.

  • First you have to go to official site of DBT Agriculture Bihar
  • Now homepage will come infront of you
  • Look at top of the page and click on विवरण संशोधन 
  • Three options will be displayed under विवरण संशोधन 
  • You have to click on first option which is kisan registration
Bihar Kisan
  • After that you will be allowed to make changes either in mobile number or bank details
  • Choose authetication type as per your need from three available options
  • Now enter aadhar number and OTP
  • Click on authentication button
  • Modification form will appear where you can make changes accordingly

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PM Kisan Yojana Recovery list 2021 – DBT Bihar

Recently 9th installment have been given to kisan of india. Indian goverment has said that they working on recovering the amount from those who have taken benefits of scheme by doing wrongful activities. Strict action will be taken if such people deny to give recovery amount. Our agriculture minister Narendra Tomar has said that it’s not our responsibility to check such people but of state. Nearly 40 lakhs kisan are found in the investigation and now they have to pay back the amount to Indian government.

If you want more information regarding PM Kisan Yojana Recovery then go through this article of Zee News. You must be thinking how to check if your name is in that list or not. Do follow this link to check if your name is there in PM Kisan Yojana or not. You can also follow below given steps to check your name.

Check PM Kisan Yojana Recovery list 2021

  • Go to DBT Bihar website by follwoing this link https://dbtagriculture.bihar.gov.in
  • Now scroll little bit on homepage and look at top menu bar
  • Click on आवेदन की स्थिति/आवेदन प्रिंट link
  • After that various links will popup in a list
  • All you have to do is click on PM-KISAN आयकर आयोग्य किसान link
  • PM-KISAN योजना अंतर्गत आयकर भरने वाले अयोग्य किसानों की सूचि will be displayed on your web browser
  • On that page you have to enter 13 Digit Registration Number or 10 digit registered mobile number
  • Then click on search button
  • If your name is in the recovery list then it will be displayed below along total recovery amount
  • Also your full name, registration number and mobile number will be displayed

Total Recovery amount is that amount which kisan have to pay to indian government as they got that amount by fraud. अयोग्य किसानों द्वारा अब तक प्राप्त राशि वापस करना आवश्यक एवं अनिवार्य होगा 

If your name is given in the list then you can return the amount to government to be on safe side. You can pay recovery amount by going to https://bharatkosh.gov.in or contact कृषि समन्वयक/जिला कृषि पदाधिकारी/बैंक शाखा. Your name will be removed from the list after updation if you pay the pm kisan recovery amount.

Check DBT Bihar Payment Status

If you applied for kisan scheme through dbt bihar website and it has been processed by them then you can check payment status now. Remember that money will be credited to your bank account through direct bank transfer which we also called as dbt. To check status of bihar kisan payment you have to go to PFMS Portal. Complete guide is given below.

  • First of all go ro PFMS Website which is pfms.nic.in or follow this link
  • After that you will get to see public financial management system homepage
  • Now you have to click on Know Your Payment Status
  • A form will appear on your screen
DBT Payment Status
  • There enter your bank name, Account Number, Word Verification and click on Send OTP on Registered Mobile Number
  • Finally your payment status will be shown on screen
  • Complete details will be given about when amount is credited or when it’s going to be paid to you

PFMS portal is meant to manage all the financial issues and it has nothing to do with Kisan scheme or Bihar agriculture.

How to Register for KRISHI INPUT AAVEDAN

  • First you have to go to dbt bihar site: https://dbtagriculture.bihar.gov.in
  • Now on homepage click on csc user login
  • Do enter your login password and pass image captcha
  • Now your account will be logged in
  • You have to click on apply now button and then click krishi input yojana
  • There enter 13 digit registartion number and click on submit
  • Now your details will be shown on screen
  • There enter details about your land by entering 1 to 100 acre
  • After entering all the details do recheck all the details and click on submit button
  • Fially your KRISHI INPUT AAVEDAN is completed
  • Further details will be send to you via sms
  • Agriculture Officer will go through your form now
  • Take print of confirmation page for future usage

Check Beneficiary Kisan List – DBT Bihar

If you want to check complete list of Check Beneficiary kisan then do follow this section. Users who are accepted, rejected or in pending state will be shown here. Also no. of installments paid to someone or how much is due will be given here.

  • First of all go to DBT Bihar site: https://dbtagriculture.bihar.gov.in/
  • Now look at top of the page and click on लाभान्वित किसान सूचि link
  • Then click on pmkisan link
Bihar Kisan List
  • You will be redirected to Pm Kisan website
  • There choose your state, district, sub-district
  • After that choose your village and click on show button
  • Now data will be presented in which total farmers registered and how many have recieved their payment
  • Also aadhar status and online registration status is also shown there
  • Now click on Payment status to check complete list of kisan who have got their payment
DBT Bihar Agriculture
  • Registration period and No. of installments paid will also be given
  • Click on click for more detail link to view bank name, credited amount, UTR No.

Keep in mind that aadhar card is compulsory for each bihar kisan and there is no other alternative for it. If you don’t have one then do apply by going to neares centre. You can easily get address and contact details by doing a google search.

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