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BOMMA – Download Telugu Movies for FREE

Learn how to download telugu movies from bomma website. We have discussed about various ways and tricks to stream and download HD Content.

Very few people know about bomma website as it came into popularity after the downfall of torrent websites. Few years back most of the people used to use torrent sites like kickass and pirate bay. They got major blow from various countries after complete ban because of serious violations.

Related to it, some arrests also happened, which completely destroyed the torrent empire. Soon after that hundreds of free telugu movie sites were launched and gain huge attraction from all over the world.

One such site is Bomma which is launched by some unknown people to help those who can’t afford subscription plans.

Telugu Movies on Bomma

They are very hardworking in maintaining bomma site. Time to time they upload all the amazing video content there which includes telugu, bollywood, hollywood, hindi dubbed movies. Though on bomma website you will mostly get telugu movies but that doesn’t mean that other content is not available there. Many times their link was blocked by officials because of serious violations.

We hope that they are working on it and soon comply with the criteria of the authorities. Some people tried to use bomma proxy which is not recommended from our side. Such type of proxy sites usually work on free model but we all know that in this world there i hardly anything free except wikipedia. Just Kidding.

Such site owners make money by installing malware and trojans on the devices, which degrades the speed eventually. Bomma website don’t support torrents, here you can download files directly.

Bomma Telugu Movies
Bomma Telugu Movies

Complete steps to download telugu movies from bomma are given below. No one wants to view those crappy websites which shows 404 error while playing telugu movies or server issues. To remove such common issues bomma site came into play. If you look at they user reviews, most of them are positive and appreciating the effort of team. There are very few movie streaming sites where you will see movies along with web series. Bomma is one such website.

BOMMA Movie Website

They got huge attention recently after the first upload of scam 1992 on internet. Their traffic increased 10 to 20 times after that upload. We recommend all our viewers who can afford premium plans should go with it and help the artists as it earns their bread and butter.

If you are the one who is looking for the link of bomma website link then we must tell you one thing. They keep on changing their domain time to time keep up with all the updates. To stay updated with the latest links, you can join their official telegram channel or use search engines like google and bing. Some of the best alternatives of Bomma are as follows: 4MovieRulz, Movierulz, iBomma and Prmovies. On these websites you can easily download telugu movies.

Whereas most of them die silently and that doesn’t help anybody. That’s not the problem with bomma website, they support everyone from small to blockbuster movies of all kinds. It’s good for movie creators, as they got more and more eyeballs because of such websites. There is a rumor that those working for bomma website are some of the most experienced people from movie download industry.

Bomma Website
Bomma Website

Some of them even contributed to the big sites like torrent360 and telugumoviemp4. Our team don’t confirm such claims as their is no concrete evidence.

Bomma have fans from all over the world who support their work and finance them. It looks like they have a proper team which work day & night to make it a success. Almost all the telugu movies can be downloaded next day of release which is real fast.

Why Bomma?

Things have changed at very fast pace in last 5 to 10 years but hardly we can see sites which provides HD content. Most of them uploads low quality videos in then name of High Quality.

Deceiving users to get extra popularity will work for some time, but it will take you no where in the long run. On bomma users can download movies from all kinds of quality including 360p, 480p, 1080p HD Quality and so on.

As per insider info they’re working on 4K Quality and in coming weeks we can see some blockbusters in 4K. Owners of bomma started as a telugu movie website, but by time they made some major additions and added other content also. Now switch off your tv and cable connection.

You can watch some of the popular tv shows on bomma site. In some countries, bomma website is completely banned and they are accused of violating their laws. This is the reason why bomma admins change domain time to time. Piracy of movies has affected a lot and caused huge damage. Millions of dollars go to waste each year just because of piracy.

As per recent data, nearly 30% of the people watch movies and video songs for free directly or indirectly. This shows how deep-rooted this industry is and harming artists financially.

Old Links of Bomma

As we already told you in above part of the article that the domain of bomma keeps on changing time to time. We have observed and compiled the list of the links of bomma website. These are some of the outdated links which are not working now but used to work in past.

  • bomma.co.in
  • bomma.tk
  • bomma.xyz
  • bomma.gx
  • 4bomma.com
  • 3bomma.pro
  • bomma.online
  • bomma.cc
  • bomma.tax
  • bomma.ai
  • bomma.ch

BOMMA Homepage

Killer looks and clean UI makes bomma homepage different than others. One can easily see the hard work of graphic designers in it. To make it more beautiful, designers added pungy colors in images of movie titles.

Telugu Movies Download

It decreases the workload of users as one can find all the top blockbusters right on the bomma homepage. Also, there are multiple pages through which you can easily navigate across the website. Moreover, if you are unable to find the movie then use bomma search tool. This tool is available at top of the homepage. All you have to do is search for your favorite movie and click on search button.

In india, piracy is not allowed, and severe punishment is there in the judicial system to fight against it. Various governments are trying to beat the piracy by awarding severe punishments. Recently we have seen mass ban on various illegal websites which used to serve pirated content.

Some people who have good knowledge about technical stuff try to break the blockage using VPN or Proxy. If user is downloading freely licensed, copyright free movie from movie download sites, then it’s totally legal. On the other hand download of copyrighted content is strictly not permissible. Many people think that there is nothing wrong in downloading movies, as they can’t afford expensive plans.

How to Download Movies from Bomma

No other website has such amazing features like bomma. Here you will get full comfort while watching telugu or other movies. Do make sure that you are on fast internet connection as movie download takes lot of data. User can change the quality of video while watching movie online. Without any delay let’s move further to learn about movie downloads.

First Part

  • First go to official website of Bomma
  • You can do a search on search engines to check latest url
  • After going to bomma site it will ask you to select your country
  • Do click on India and move forward
Choose Country
  • Now attractive homepage will appear on your screen
  • Several movies and web series will load in your browser
  • From there click on your favorite movie
Search Movies
  • If your favorite telugu movie isn’t there then go to telugu movies category
  • Use search tool to manually search for any movie

Second Part

  • Now movie page will appear, there you will see all the details
  • This page will help in judging the quality of the movie
  • You can see movie reviews, story, names of artists and images of movie on that page
  • Drop a comment on that if you have something valuable to say
  • Now scroll down little bit and jump to Download Links section
Download Bomma Movies
  • There various links will appear, you just have to click on download in HD
  • If you are comfortable with torrents, then copy magnet link and paste it
  • Now user will be redirected to a new page, click on Generate link
  • Now wait for 5 seconds and download will start after that

Categories on BOMMA

There are several categories given on bomma. Categories is mostly used by those who are very particular about their interest. If someone wants to download only telugu movie then it’s not possible to view all the telugu movies right on the homepage.

For that one have to go to telugu movies category and then all telugu movies will appear on that page. Use pagination feature to move to next page.

To view all the categories on Bomma look at the top of the homepage. At top, you will see a menu bar, in that menu bar all the categories are visible. Several categories are already there on bomma movie site and in future they are planning to add 4K Movie category which will give almost cinema level quality. Below is the list of all the categories which are available on Bomma website.

  • Featured Movies
  • Telugu Movies
  • Telugu Movies in HD
  • Hindi Dubbed Movies
  • Web Series
  • Request Movies
  • Dual Audio Movies
  • Bomma Special
  • Evergreen Movies

These categories may change by time as admin update the site on daily basis. You may or may not find all the categories on Bomma website. New categories are coming in future and we will update this section once it’s done.

FAQ – Bomma Website

Is it Possible to Download 4K Quality Movies on BOMMA?

No, as of now 4k Content is not available on Bomma website. In coming weeks we can see a major update in which 4K Movies will be there. We will keep you updated will all the events through this article.

How to Watch Hollywood Movies on BOMMA?

To watch hollywood movies, first go to bomma official website. After that, select your country, then move forward. Now user will be taken to a new page. On that page, look at the top menu bar and click on Hollywood category. Finally complete list of all the hollywood movies will appear on your device.

How to Watch Telugu Movies in Hindi Audio?

It’s possible to watch telugu movies in hindi on Bomma. Be aware that not all movies are available in hindi language. Go to dubbed hindi category and stream any of the movie from the list. If you don’t know where categories are placed, then refer to first question of FAQ.

What to do if my Desired Movie is not Available on Bomma?

This can happen because of multiple reasons. Use search tool given on the homepage to find your desired movie. If getting not found error then go to menu bar and click on Request Movie section. There drop a comment and do mention movie name along with release date. Within 48 hours your request will be fulfilled. Please don’t put another request as it will increase the workload of admin team. After 48 hours user is allowed to request for another movie.

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