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Animixplay: Watch or Download Anime Series Online

We all love to watch movies, tv shows and web series online. There are hundreds of medium available these days and one of those is AniMixPlay. People who want premium service, zero ads and top-notch quality go with premium options whereas those who can’t afford such luxury go with free services. On our site we have covered multiple sites from where users can watch free movies, tv shows, web series online.

Animixplay – HD Anime Download Website

We have seen thousands of people shifted towards web series from watching movies online. There are various reasons behind the shift as their story, quality is much better than any top class movie. Now time has changed, people prefer watching anime shows instead of any other type of video content.

Though there are very few sources to watch anime online when compare with movie or web series, but it’s growth in past few years is remarkable. Today we are talking about one such site from where you can watch or download all the popular anime. Yes, it’s AniMixPlay which allows users to watch thousands of Anime online.

What’s best in AniMixPlay is once you have watch few episodes of anime series, you can resume it anytime. All the progress will be stored online for it.

AniMixPlay Website

As of now, millions of Anime fans are there in the world and it’s gaining a lot of traction in very limited time. Using AniMixPlay, anyone can activate reminder so that they will be notified once the anime airs on time. You can set the alarm also which will ring whenever a new show airs on it. There is no chance of missing any anime if you are regular user of AniMixPlay. Complete seasons along with all the episodes are available on AniMixPlay.

Popularity of AniMixPlay

It has lot of room to grow and a big market to capture. Lakhs of people still don’t watch anime because of lack of awareness but things will change in coming years. They have uploaded top anime shows on their portal which includes Fullmetal Alchemist, Hunter x Hunter, Clannad: After Story, One Piece, Gintama and so on. Some of the most epic anime series helped AniMixPlay to get new users in very less time which is exceptional. The interface is quite good-looking and contains very limited ads, as their main priority is to give utmost importance to the anime lovers.

Several sites charge exorbitant amount for each anime download which is not good in my opinion. When you have better option available like AniMixPlay, then what’s the need of going anywhere else. It’s always better to go with pocket saving options as one can watch same anime at low rate. In most of the cases people are clueless that which anime to watch or which not to.

This problem has been solved by AniMixPlay developers. On their database one can watch hundreds of superhit anime which are of high quality. It’s amazing to see that it supports all kinds of devices and recently they have listed their mobile app on app store.

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Why AniMixPlay is Better?

Within few days they got approval from their and now any apple user can download it from there. It removes the boundary of buying expensive device as one can use it directly from their phone. There are various sites and apps where we can watch or download anime. Some notable apps in this category are Hulu, Netflix, Hotstar, Discovery and so on.

It’s wrong to expect that everyone can afford premium plans as earning of each of us are totally different. This is the reason why we are talking about AniMixPlay app. Once you go to AniMixPlay, you will get access to thousands of shows and series. Also, there is no issue of country.

Anyone from anywhere can use this app to watch anime series online. This is a big issue with other sites as most of the streaming sites, app don’t work outside US which makes things difficult. Admin team of AniMixPlay have created several categories so that users won’t face any issue in finding anime of their wish. Those who are in love with anime and want a lightweight, user-friendly site, will surely love it. Most of the shows are available for free while some are paid.

Anime Series
Anime Series

Only new and trending anime are paid as they charge huge amount before allowing anyone to upload it online. Several categories are available on AniMixPlay which includes Isekai, Horror, Harem, Ecchi, Demons, Historical, Cars and so on. These days it’s very hard to find High Quality anime series but not impossible. This is what makes AniMixPlay different from others.

It’s Free or Paid?

Do remember one thing that if you watch anime series in HD Quality then you have to pay the price of it which means it will take lot of data then normal anime. All this is available absolutely free which is hard to find on any other streaming site.

You can even look on top popular site but their content is unmatchable when compared with AniMixPlay. Some people may get irritated because of ads but one have to understand that’s how they earn money otherwise getting free anime is nearly impossible. In the end they have to pay server cost, hosting charges, employees salary and so on.

What’s more surprising is that their app is free to download whereas others are charging hefty amount for same. It contains all kinds of anime including animated series, series, episodes, and many streams. Also, users can download Animixplay app if they are android user but it’s not available on Google Play Store. Their request is in pending which is we have posted a trick in this article for same.

List of All Movie Download Websites

Animixplay Homepage

If homepage of any website is quite good, have all links / categories then it’s sure that users gonna like it. Sites like Animixplay contains thousands of video content which is why it’s very important to have a great homepage so that user can navigate and go through the content easily.

So if you are looking for alphabetical list then it’s given on the website’s homepage. We have discussed features and options available on Animixplay website. So without any further delay scroll down to go through all the features.

Filter Movies by Alphabets

Users can go to Animixplay and sort movies based on their alphabets. We have already said that they have vast collection of anime. Discovering or Finding movies on any website is very critical.

Once user click on A-Z List link, list of all the movies will appear now on the basis of alphabets. Anime series having name with A letter will appear first and end with Z. On the A-Z Page user will see various buttons through which one can go to any letter page. Apart from that user can filter result on the basis of Stream and Sub / Dub. Different types of stream are available on Animixplay including Gogo, API, AL and RUSH Stream.

Random Anime Series

There is one surprising feature on Animixplay Homepage which is of Random Anime. When you click on it, one random anime will appear on screen. It’s quite helpful if one is confused about their choices and feeling bored.

Various Categories

Having category on any website which serves content to users is very important. It helps in discovering the content as per user’s interest. Without category it’s almost impossible to find desired anime. Suppose if one love to watch historical anime then they can go to Anime category which will show Ousama Ranking.

We all know that Ousama Ranking is one of the top-notch historical anime. Categories on Animixplay Homepage are as follows: Action, Adventure, Anti Hero, Cars, College Comedy, Demons, Drama, Ecchi, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Mecha, Military.

Weekly Top Anime

Once you go through Animixplay homepage you will see a widget. Weekly Top Anime widget is placed at bottom of the page at right side. It’s a great source to know that which anime is getting lot of love from users. Generally top anime scores better in box office and their storyline is amazing.

Top Anime Series
Top Anime Series

Under Top anime widget user can see top 10 anime of the week which is viewed most. What i personally loved in it is that it also showcase rating of each anime which makes things quite interactive. As of now Kimetsu no Yaiba: Yuukaku-hen is at top in the charts followed by Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season Part 2, One Piece and Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru.

Multiple Options on Homepage

On Animixplay Homepage one can see various links which are quite helpful in discovering new anime series. After going to homepage all you have to do is scroll down little bit then some options will appear. Click on New episodes link if you are interested in watching new anime. List of all the new anime will appear and you have to click on Load More button to view complete list.

Next option is of followed, users must be logged in for this feature. It contains all anime which is followed by a user so that they can watch it again.

Many anime lovers love to watch recently released anime series. Such kind of viewers can go to Recent tab. It contains all anime which are released recently. Next option is of popularity, it contains all the anime which are highly popular or in trending. Top Airing – Top All Time are available under the popular category. In the end there comes movie category which contains all the anime movies.

Register or Login

No need to follow multiple links as most important details are already given on homepage. User can create account directly from their homepage. While registering yourself all you have to do is enter username, password and other important details. User can also login directly by entering username and password.

Animixplay App

Recently their admin team have released Animixplay app. You will be amazed to know that it’s already available on Google Play Store. It’s better than their website as it’s having multiple features which are not available on website.

It contains all the episodes, anime series and streams. It’s a stable app and works very well after multiple updates. They have got huge love from fans in form of feedback, rating and positive comments. Currently, they have got more than 600 ratings on their app in which around 80% are of 5 stars. In the article we have shared direct download links so that user won’t face any issue. Unlike other apps there is no age limit on it. No matter if you are a kid or old aged, anyone can watch it.

Download Animixplay App

Features of Animixplay App

All the anime categories which are given on website are also given in app. As we already said having categories is very important as some like action while some like historical anime. During lockdown period they have got millions of downloads in a day which is fantastic achievement. There is no need to pay anything as all the content is available for free.

Animixplay App
Animixplay App

Anime Player is already embedded on app which is why there is no need of separate application. User can look for subtitles directly from their video player. It also support multi language which means user can watch a single anime in multiple languages.

Time by time, they push updates so that it will remain bug free. There is a unique feature in Animixplay that user can request for any anime without going to any random page.

But on website what user can do is drop a comment and ask for anime upload right from there. Most of the secure certificates are available in the app which makes it secure this is why it got listed on Apple App Store. As of now Version 1.0.2 is the latest. We will update all the important details in the article if needed.

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