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AllmoviesHub: Download Hollywood, Bollywood Movies in 360p, 480p Quality

What is AllmoviesHub

We all have the craze of watching movies. There are a lot of platforms available online that give you the allowance to stream movies online but they must ask you to pay some amount for the services. But, avoid spending money.

There are other websites as well that gives you all the entertainment material for free. And one of those websites is AllmoviesHub.Do you know about the Allmovieshub movie downloading website? also, we are going to tell you everything about this website through this article. The Allmovieshub site is an Illegal movie downloading website. The site of Allmovieshub Website is a private website where you can download all the latest pictures in 2022.

The Allmovieshub is a pirated Movie Downloading Website, where You can download the latest Bollywood pictures, Hollywood pictures, latest Tamil pictures, Hindi Dubbed Pictures, and Television Shows at different rates similar as 480p, 720p, and 1080p. You can download pictures as per your internet and space. The Allmovieshub website is a pirated website that allows downloading all the latest and old pictures.

AllmoviesHub 360p, 480p, Movies from Download

AllMoviesHub is not the only website that provides similar content. There are numerous other websites, similar as the KatMovieHD, Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil film, and other types of websites. Allmovieshub is a pirate website platform where you can find different films related to Bollywood and Hollywood.

Allmovieshub website platform provides a complete genre of movie, comedy, action, drama, romantic, love, battle of views, action, WWE shows, where you can download and watch the movie of your choice for free and explore your experience with your mates and with family. Millions of users visit this website every day. It’s a good website platform for downloading free movie material.

There are also high-quality pictures with the same high-quality pictures. The high-quality pictures you want. You’ll need as sufficient internet as possible, from this site you can download 360p pictures, you can also get 480p pictures, you can also have 720p resolution film, not only this but also, if you want, you can any resolution movies from download the Allmovieshub website.

This written information will give you 360p, 480p, 720p, and full HD 1080p, 4k, and BluRay movie downloads. First, go to the authorized website Allmovieshub 2022 Pictures. You can check Allmoviehub and find your favorite movie of all time.

Still, you can download the latest film in some days, and Hollywood films can be downloaded in 1 week on this website If you want to download movies on the Allmovieshub website. From the Allmovieshub website, you can download films of different resolutions or quality. You can download movies of different quality according to your wishes.

This website also has low-quality Movies formats as well and you can choose whether you want to continue with low-quality of pictures or high-resolution pictures.

AllmoviesHub Hollywood/Bollywood Movies 2022

Just like All Movies website providers, there are a lot of websites that are known to promote free downloads of Bollywood and Hollywood movies with double sound. Not this but you also can stream movies online for free.

There are numerous websites like the AllMoviesHub that give their pirate service to download movies for free on the Internet. The AllMoviesHub website has turned the addicts’ favorite website because numerous types of movies have leaked away and people download these movies easily.

Furthermore, AllMoviesHub.com Hollywood Movie is an illegal website and gives you all the illegal material. This website of movies steals movies and puts them on their website, this website works fully illegal. The website has been banned by the government Under the law of copyright. If you want to download movies from this website, also, first of all, You need to get a VPN service.

Allmovieshub Movies Download
Allmovieshub Movies Download

This is why this website is also considered one of the most popular and well-known free movie download websites. Numerous other websites like Allmovieshub are available on the internet where there are links to download pirated films, so there are all pirate websites and torrent websites, on these websites you can also download your favorite movies or in addition download them.

How to download Movies from AllmoviesHub

Additionally, As we all discussed above the AllmoviesHub is a website that gives you the allowance to download and stream movies from their website. There is a category area available on the site, from there you can select the movie from the list of your desire. Also, there are many other lists available as well where you can decide movies to download and stream.

Moreover, The website offers you many features and options to download a movie. It has the option where you can select the movie format you want. Different resolutions are available on the site from 360p to High-resolution movies. Not only this But also a user can choose the size of the movie they want. The AllmoviesHub is the best website to utilize its features.

Downloading a movie from these websites is the toughest part for beginner users. When we visit these websites then it almost gives us every facility that a user needs. As a user, you need to follow some steps to download or stream a movie on this website. read the article to the end to know all the steps to download a movie.

To download a movie, Let’s move to the steps of downloading a movie from AllmoviesHub. We have mentioned below the steps to follow to download a movie as follows are:

Steps to Download

  • First of all, you need to download a VPN service for your device that helps you to visit the website in the countries where it is prohibited.

Do you have a question about What is VPN? then here’s the answer to your question. The VPN service is known as Virtual Port Network.VPN allows you to change your location by hiding your IP address. The countries like India don’t allow you to access it. This illegal website as are giving you content without legal permission.

You can download VPN service from any browser like Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, etc. Go to your browser. Download any VPN like Nord VPN etc. And Install it into your device and enable you to connect it to another country.

Continue to download steps

  • After downloading a VPN, Go to your device browser and search for the keyword “Allmovieshub” and hit the search button for getting the result.
  • It will give you all the results according to your search keyword. Select the very First URL available on the page.
  • It will connect you to the homepage of the Allmoviehub website.
  • On the homepage of the site, you can select your favorite movies.
  • Select the one movie to continue.
  • You can search for a movie by entering the name of the movie inside the search bar. It will save your time as well and give you instant results.
  • Then the page will open for you to select the movie Format and Sizes. You can choose your preferred resolution or size.
  • After that, it will give you a few links to direct download.
  • Choose the link to continue with. Close all the irrelevant pages it shows, and it will start downloading instantly.
Download Links Screenshot
Download Links Screenshot

Note: The direct links given there on the page can be broken. So, you don’t need to worry about it and you can try another link given there. Just try every link available on the page and it will surely work.

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All About AllmoviesHub

The AllmoviesHub is a pirate website that features the newest to oldest movies. From AllmoviesHub You can get all Bollywood, Hollywood movies, and Tollywood Movies online and offline.

Furthermore, AllmoviesHub is one of the well-known websites platforms for Hollywood, Bollywood film, and Television series. Visit AllMoviesHub, a platform for Hollywood HD movies and Television shows. All these websites like AllmovieHub. These websites 2022 is a pirated movie download website. All movie providers platform you can download and watch pictures in your favorite language like Hindi, English, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada.

Allmovieshub 2022 is a movie website that offers its visitors the facility to smoothly visit, explore and download any of the newest free Bollywood, Hollywood, Telugu, or Hindi movies of their choice. Let’s move to know the Features available on the AllmoviesHub in detail.

Features Available on AllmoviesHub 2022

If you are using some website. Then there are some features available there that attract you to the website. Just like that, AllmoviesHub also provides you with loads of facilities that a user can utilize in many ways. You can say Features play an important role for use the particular service.

There are many features available on the site such as category area, genres area, and many more.

Basic Features available on the website

  • Fast Response: The AllmoviesHub gives their user a very fast response whenever they try to open a page.
  • User Friendly: The site is so neat and clean that is why it can be said the site is user friendly as it has all the features available on the front page of the site.
  • Up to Date: All the movies are regularly updated on the site. So, it means you will get all the latest content on the site.
  • Application Version: For accessing easily, The application version of AllmoviesHub is also available where a user can access the website service directly.
  • Unlimited Access: The website gives you Unlimited access to their content where you won’t have to face the “limitation of accessing or downloading movies per day”.

Advance Features of AllmoviesHub

  • Downloading Availability: The site allows you to download movies on their website platform. This is the most amazing feature of AllmoviesHub, that you can download your desirable movies and can watch them online.
  • Streaming Option: Users can stream their favorite movie on AllmoviesHub. If you want to stream the movie online without any charges, then the AllmoviesHub allows you to download movies online.
  • Categories Selection: There are categories are available on the site where you can download movies by choosing from the categories area. It helps you to find movies without wasting so much time.
  • Genre List: The movie is listed on the AllmoviesHub based on the type of the movies. Not only this but also, They Arranged the Movies in the list section where you can find your favorite movies easily.
  • Video Size & Formats: The option to choose Video size according to your preference is one of the best facilities a user can get from a website. AllmoviesHub allows its users to choose video formats and sizes accordingly.
  • Custom Search: If it took so much time to find your desirable movie. Then there is the search bar available on the website where you can create your custom search by entering the keywords of the movie. This helps you a lot to save your time in finding movies.
  • Movie on Request: If you are not able to find movies on the AllmoviesHub, then there is an option available where you can ask directly the admins of the site to upload that particular movie for you. This is one of the best options that AllmoviesHub facilitates for its users.

These are the Basic and major features available on AllmoviesHub. You can say that these can be the reason for AllmoviesHub website popularity. As a user, you can utilize all these options and features by yourself exploring the site. However, the site is not legal to use, it still has so much traffic.

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Working URLs of AllmoviesHub

As we have discussed many times that the AllmoviesHub site is not legal to use. The Government of countries doesn’t allow these sites as they are providing content illegally. So, the government agencies regularly check out these reports and take action against these websites. Most of the time they directly block these sites to remove illegal services platforms.

To Avoid these conditions the authorities of the site created many URLs. What they do is, store their all website data on different domains and servers. They have many URLs working on the server. If one URL gets blocked the other one comes up having the same data.

In addition, they won’t lose the data of their website as they have many backups on different servers. Not only this but also, their users won’t lose access to the website. If they find out the server showing some kind of error, they can switch to another one. All the URLs can be said to the copies of the original ones.

Let’s have a look on what are the working URLs available to access AllmoviesHub. We have mentioned a few of them as follows:

Live Links of AllmoviesHub 2022

  • Allmovieshub.mobi
  • Allmovieshub.org.in
  • Allmovieshub co
  • Allmovieshub.pl
  • Allmovieshub.com
  • Allmovieshub.fm
  • Allmovieshub.net
  • Allmovieshub.in
  • Allmovieshub.nit
  • Allmovieshub.guru
  • Allmovieshub.fit
  • Allmovieshub.com
  • Allmovieshub.cc
  • Allmovieshub.fm
  • Allmovieshub.info
  • Allmovieshub.pro
  • allmovieshub vip
  • allmovieshub cfd
  • Allmovieshub.vp
  • Allmovieshub.org
  • Allmovieshub.club
  • Allmovieshub.click
  • Allmovieshub.nit.in
  • allmovieshub org

Categories Available on AllmoviesHub

The categories section is the option available on the AllmoviesHub website. There you can choose your favorite movie categories by clicking on them. It will show you all the results based on your selection.

We have mentioned below famous movie and series categories available on AllmoviesHub. You can visit the site and get all the movie categories there.

AllmoviesHub Categories –

  • Bollywood Latest Movies
  • Hollywood Latest Movies
  • HD Movies
  • Bollywood Movies
  • New Punjabi Movies
  • Hollywood Movies
  • South Indian Hindi Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil Movies
  • Telugu Movies
  • Malayalam Movies
  • Hindi Web Series
  • Indian TV Shows
  • Gujarati Movies
  • Bhojpuri Movies
  • web series
  • South Indian Movies
  • 300 MB Movies
  • All-time hit movies
  • Gujarati Movies
  • Ullu Web Series
  • KooKoo Web Series
  • South Indian Movie
  • Dubbed Movies
  • 2022 Release Movies
  • 18+ Movies

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Genres Available on AllmoviesHub

Just like the Categories area, there is a genre option available as well on AllmoviesHub. The movies are listed on the site in the genres section. You can say that genres are known for the kind or type of movies list.

All the users have different tastes in watching movies. Some people love to watch emotional movies and some others love to watch comedy movies. For this, the genres list helps you to choose the correct movie instantly.

We have mentioned below some famous genres loved by people. Let’s have a look at that.

AllmoviesHub Genres–

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Animation
  • Biography
  • Bollwood
  • Cartoon
  • Comedy
  • Crime
  • DC Movies
  • Documentary
  • Drama
  • Family
  • Fantasy
  • History
  • Romantic
  • Other

AllmoviesHub Video Formats & Sizes

The size or format of the movie is important for these websites, as people love to watch movies according to their preferred resolution.

Some people love to watch movies in high resolution as they have broadband connections while some others love to watch low-quality movies. Because they are bounded by internet availability.

So all the people love to choose movies accordingly depending on the requirements they want or limitations they have. Let’s move to the video format and sizes available on the AllmoviesHub mentioned below.


  • 360p Movies
  • 480p Movies
  • 720p Movies
  • 1080p Movies
  • 480p Series
  • 720p Series
  • 1080p Series
  • HD Quality
  • HEVC
  • BluRay
  • CamRip
  • HDrip


  • 300MB Movies
  • Direct Links [460MB]
  • Direct Links [1.2GB]
  • HEVC [770MB]
  • HQ WEB-DL [7GB]
  • Direct Links [2.7GB]

Is AllmoviesHub Safe

When we come to the point of safety and security of the AllmoviesHub. Then there’s definitely a drawback of the site, it is not safe to use. If you are privacy-conscious then try to stay away from the site as it is not a safe area for you to visit. But, How the site is not safe to use is maybe a mystery for you. But let’s discuss it more.

If you are a visitor of the site then you may see the ads running on the site. These ads are affiliated with anonymous people. Most of the ads or popups are for third-party applications. These third-party applications are unknown if you click on the link just by an accident. It will be installed into your device directly and won’t show you again.

These applications could harm your device a lot as they take all the permissions to access the device. If it happens, the hackers can see your all data on your device. Not only this but also, they can destroy your data or can hack your device absolutely.

Besides this, The website contains malware and malicious files as well that can be the reason to corrupt your storage of the device. It continuously gives you irrelevant notifications that irritate you. So, we suggest you do not use these services.

Why AllmoviesHub is not Legal?

The site is not legal, unfortunately, As it has all the copyrighted material available on its website. The country’s government doesn’t allow these websites existence on the server. They ahs all the copyrighted content without the permission of its owner.

Having the copyrighted content without the consent of its owner is known for committing a crime. It refers to the stolen contents. Stealing something comes under the where you have to face punishments. Using or having this content is unlawful without the owner’s permission.

However, most of the AllmoviesHub users know that the site is not legal nor safe to use. they still use the site. In addition, they take privacy protections to protect themselves from being caught in, and on another side, they hide their identity and location so that they can use or run the site freely.


All the information given above is for learning and knowledge purposes only. We strongly oppose piracy and piracy-related websites. We only want to let you know all about AllmoviesHub websites and their features.

Almost we get to know many things about the AllmoviesHub site. The site is so good for a user who wants to watch movies online or wants to download them freely. But the drawback of the site is, it is not legal to use as it has copyrighted material without its owner’s consent. Nor the site is safe to use as it can harm your device.

After knowing all the facts if you still want to use the site, then use it as your responsibility. Don’t forget to take privacy protections as well. If you have any uncertainty regarding the article given above. You can drop your doubts in the comment area. Our team will respond to you as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to leave feedback below.

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