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aFilmywap: Hindi Movie Download in HD at afilmywap.in

aFilmywap website is used to Download Hindi Movie directly in mp4 Format. Millions of people prefer to use afilmywap.in to download Bollywood Movies.

aFilmywap movie website is made for those people who always look to download hindi movies in HD Quality across various categories. This site allows users to stream as well as download movie at a single point of time. You will be glad to know that things are not just limited to hindi movies. Movie Freaks can easily download other content also like TV Shows, Web Series and hundreds of regional movies. Do read the post till the very end to become expert in Movie Downloading from afilmywap.in.

aFilmywap – Download Hindi Movie

These days, it’s quite easy to find various websites which allow hindi movie downloads in HD. The problem is that most of them are filled with malicious links and junk content. aFilmywap calls themselves as top hindi movie downloading website in world.

We don’t want to comment on the authenticity of the statement. It’s up to you to judge it and rate it on the basis of hindi movie downloading.

Hindi Movies in HD

Even if you find an amazing site like aFilmywap that doesn’t mean it serves HD Content to their audience. Not to forget about multiple online frauds which are going on, in which they charges exorbitant fee for each Movie Download.

Each day lakhs of users look for various ways to Download Hindi Movie Online on search engines. Hardly there is any article on internet which will really help you out. To help our visitors and make them aware about various issues, we have written this post.

Still, if there is any doubt in your mind, then please dop a comment below for our team.

Against Movie Piracy

We see it as an opportunity to socialize with our readers. We don’t recommend free hindi movie download sites to our users. Do you know why?

It’s because of piracy. Each year, hindi movie industry suffers crore rupees of loss because of movie piracy. First let’s understand little bit about movie piracy.

aFilmywap Movie

When any person upload copy of copyrighted movies online without consent of movie directors, it’s called as movie piracy. Thousands of people gets employment because of movie industry. Things like this affects the earning and viewership of a movie worldwide. Why would anyone buy ticket if it’s already available for free on internet.

It’s one of the biggest reason behind slow growth of movie theater business. Continuously, they are reporting huge losses in their balance sheets because of free hindi movie download.

This is why movie directors face huge losses and several other artists have to do a lot of struggles to fulfill the needs of their family. We and our team encourage users to support our cinema and uplift them through various means. Watching and Downloading copyrighted movies for free can affect you badly, as it’s an illegal process.

As per the law, he or she can face a jail term of up to 3 years and slapped with a fine of Rs 10 lakhs.

It will be great if you buy plans of netflix, amazon prime or hotstar as they contribute a lot to movie industry worldwide. Users have to buy subscription plans which are valid for a month / year.

Small artists who were struggling are now earning handsome amount because of these OTT Portals.

About aFilmywap.in

If you are big fan of animated, punjabi, dubbed hindi, bollywood, hollywood, bengali movies then afilmywap.in can be a great option for you.

It’s one of the fastest movie site which uploads content almost immediately. Which is why they are getting millions of traffic each day.

Their content is top-notch and served directly to afilmywap.in servers. Great amount of weightage is give to the quality and not on quantity.

Why aFilmywap.in is Best?

There is no use of those thousands of hindi uploads if it’s not in HD Quality. Everyone these days love to watch high-quality content, that should be in 4K or 1080p. Unlike aFilmywap.in, several movie downloading sites make tall claims like uploading hollywood or Bollywood right after the release in theaters. Most of them fails to keep up with their claims, as it’s next to impossible to provide HD Content at this speed.

Many informational blogs call afilmywap torrent website where one can find all kinds of movies. This is totally incorrect, as afilmywap.in have nothing to do with torrent. They provide direct download link of hindi movies from various servers.

aFilmywap.in Hindi Movies

User can choose any of the server as per their wish. It acts like lifesaver when one server stops working as user can choose different one.

Here you can find huge collection of bollywood, hollywood, telugu and tamil movies. In case if you or your friend is getting bored then go to movie categories of afilmywap to watch movies online.

This site is a great treat for those who love to watch regional movies and tv shows. Now no need to search download hindi movie on search engines. aFilmywap is more than enough to fulfill all your needs at one go. No limit on size or video streaming, users are allowed to download unlimited movies from this website.

They got huge popularity at the time of pandemic. This was the time when everyone was searching for movie downloading sites to kill their boredom. Many of the video which are available on Afilmywap gone viral on social media sites like facebook, Twitter, reddit and instagram.

This helped them in gaining name and fame in just few weeks. Though aFilmywap.in is started in 2017 but got popular in 2020 because of hard work and patience.

Recently, they have worked very hard on the mobile version of aFilmywap. Now it’s mobile friendly and all the buttons and links are accessible because of responsiveness of site template.

Users can download highly compressed movies directly from aFilmywap servers, there is no compromise done with video quality.

Any visitor who is not happy with their website can download Afilmywap apk for mobile phone. Their apk is quite lightweight, uses very limited resources of mobile phones. Little disappointment for apple users as their app for iphone is not ready yet but yes they are working on it.

Download Hindi Movies from aFilmywap

We will learn how to download hindi movies from aFilmywap. Those who already know about it can skip this section. Below guide is quite useful of novice users who have never download hindi movies.

Simply follow the process for 4-5 times, and you will get used to it.

Download Hindi Movie
Download Hindi Movie

In past, several changes has been made by their developer team, and we have updated the section accordingly.

We will continue to do so by providing timely updates to our viewers. Take help of attached images for better understanding. Without any delay, let’s move further and learn the download process.

First Part

  • To download movie first go to aFilmywap website
  • Now homepage will appear on your screen
  • All the latest movie will be there
  • Look for movie which you want to download
Search Movie
Search Tool
  • In case if your favorite movie is not there then make use of search button
  • Search tool is placed at top of aFilmywap

Second Part

  • Once you are on movie download page, do scroll down
  • Various important details of movie can be seen there
  • Details like movie name, director, cast, source of file, video quality are given there
  • Below that there is download section
  • Screenshot link is there to view movie scene
  • Now all you have to do is click on movie link
  • User will be redirected to next page
  • Click on Download from best server
  • Do wait for a moment and movie download will start in a while
  • Try different server link in case if you are not satisfied with previous one

Watch Movies on aFilmywap

When a user downloads a movie, the it doesn’t complete in a second. Sometimes it takes few minutes, or it may take up to few hours, that totally depend upon the internet speed. Moreover, there is one more downside of movie downloading, it uses a lot of disk space of your device.

That device can be your mobile or a laptop. Some HD Movies takes a lot of device space because of top-notch quality, and same goes for web series.

This is why some people prefer to watch movie online directly from aFilmywap. Very few people know the exact procedure to stream movie online. Do follow below given steps to learn streaming process. Things will go wrong if you skip any of the below given step.

  • Go to official website of aFilmywap
  • On homepage look for desired movie
  • Make use of search button to get best results
  • Now go through all the reviews and ratings of movie to make accurate decisions
  • After that, scroll down and click on watch in HD
  • Now 10-second advertisement will appear on the screen
  • Click on skip ad after 10 second
  • Do select video quality and click on Play button

aFilmywap Alternatives

We understand that everyone can’t be satisfied with a single website. Some likes few features of other sites, while some like few of aFilmywap. There are much better alternatives present if you are looking for non-hindi content.

Like, If someone wants a site which is completely dedicated to telugu movies then iBomma is the best option as they have beaten some top sites like 4Movierulz and Tamil Play.

aFilmywap.in is top-notch site for hindi movie downloading. No other site have such big collection and information of hindi cinema.

Do refer to below alternatives if you want to try your hands with some other sites. Keep in mind that no movie site is perfect. Each of them have some advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on the need and desire of user that which suits best to them.

aFilmywap Categories

Plenty of movie categories are available. Categories play a major role in creating a user-friendly system for users. It improves accessibility and navigation of a website.

Through category’s, user can easily find a movie of their choice. Let’s understand it with an example. A user is looking to download hindi movie named as Love Mocktail on aFilmywap. Now, there are various ways to do that.

Movie Categories
Movie Categories

The first and easiest one is to go to website homepage, then look at categories. Just click on hindi movie category. Now list of all the hindi movie will appear. Click on Love Mocktail and start it’s downloading.

Follow same process for other category movies like Telugu, Tamil, Hollywood, Punjabi, Marathi. We have made a list of some of the most important categories.

Latest Movies

One of the most used category of any site is Latest Movies. Usually, people come to movie download sites to download newly released movies. All the movies which are released in last 50 days are present under this category. No matter in which language the movie is, if it is released recently then it should be there in Latest Movies category.

Hindi Movies

aFilmywap was first started as a full-fledged hindi movies website, but things changed after the success. By time, they have added movies from other category also. Here you can find thousands of hindi movies which are available to stream and download.

Hindi movies are most watched movies in india. Though the craze of telugu and tamil movies are increasing at very fast pace but comparison with hindi movies is unmatchable.

Hollywood Hindi Dubbed

Many users face language issues while watching foreign movies on their device. This is one of the biggest problem which is faced by movie freaks. Director of aFilmywap website have taken it seriously and tried to address the issue through this category.

In earlier days it was next to impossible to watch epic movies like The Shawshank Redemption (1994), The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003),  Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975), The Silence of the Lambs (1991), It’s a Wonderful Life (1946), Léon: The Professional (1994) and Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991).

We are living in digital era and things have changed rapidly in last few years.

Thanks to huge investment in infrastructure and dubbing technology that made it possible now.

By going to this category on aFilmywap anyone can easily download dubbed hindi movies now. Hundreds of dubbed movies are available and more will come by the end of 2022.

Animated Movies

Fan base of animated movies is very different from bollywood and hollywood. One can find most loyal and trustworthy fans under this category. Most of them are young people.

We have seen many times that animated movies bagged top awards of cinema industry.

This is one of the biggest reason why animated movies are part of aFilmywap website. Free Birds, Pokémon, Asterix and the Big Fight, Dragon Rider, The Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf are part of Animated Movie’s category on the website.

Animated Movies have registered highest number of viewers in 2020 from South Korea and Japan.

Is it Safe?

As of now, we have received zero complaints regarding piracy or security. Most of the users who use aFilmywap on daily basis are happy with it.

Movies from various categories are available here including Bengali, Bollywood, Hollywood and Telugu Movies. Any user can make use of category to find their desired movie. aFilmywap has ssl certificate which is why you will see lock icon while watching movies. SSL Certificate make sure that user data is not going to third party without prior consent.

Though, some people accuse aFilmywap of uploading copyright protected content. As of now the claims are not verified by any authority, so we have to wait for the result.

Apart from this there is no issue and it’s totally safe for users. If you have fast internet then do stream movie without any hassle. If still have any questions regarding privacy then do contact admin team on telegram. They will surely address your concern as soon as possible.

Download aFilmywap Apk

Look at all the top movie sites of the world. One thing is common in all of them. That’s Apk. Yes, that’s true. Even hardcore pc users are shifting to mobile, as they are easy to handle and are smarter than ever.

If you are in movie download business without apk then you are losing great number of visitors on daily basis. To make it more clear, ask yourself how much time you give to laptop and mobile daily. I’m sure most of you have given most of the time to mobile.

And that’s understandable. Prices of iPad and Laptops are touching the sky. Buying costly gadgets just to download hindi movies is not at all sensible. Thanks to android and iOS, now most of the work can be done direct through your mobile. Decision of launching aFilmywap Apk has helped them in gaining lakhs of users.

More than 60% traffic goes to aFilmywap Apk and rest of them go to Desktop and Tablet. Do follow all the below given steps to download aFilmywap Apk in your device.

  • First go to official website of aFilmywap
  • Now homepage will appear in your browser
  • Do scroll down and look at below categories
  • There you will see various links
  • Simply click on Download aFilmywap Apk Link
aFilmywap Apk
aFilmywap Apk
  • Wait for few seconds, then click on Allow button
  • Now apk file download will start
  • Once download is completed then open apk file
  • After a while, app installation will start
  • After few seconds, app will be installed in your mobile phone
  • Now you are ready to use aFilmywap in your Android Mobile

In the future, if developer team makes any changes, and you are unable to download aFilmywap Apk then take help of telegram channel. Join their telegram and message admin team to send apk file to use aFilmywap in mobile phone. Within 24 hours you will get reply from their team. Those who are not comfortable with telegram can drop mail to them.

Movies Available on aFilmywap

Each month, hundreds of movies are uploaded on aFilmywap. Though most of them are in hindi but it includes other languages also like telugu, tamil and english.

Most viewed web series and tv shows are also available on the website to keep their large user base happy. Everyone shared download links of scam 1992 and Shershaah on facebook and twitter. It played a major role in bringing lakhs of users to aFilmywap from social sites. In this section we are listing few top movies which are available on afilmywap. Please note that all movies are not included in below list and author have chosen only super hit movies.

  • Spyder
  • Furious 7
  • Soorarai Pottru (2020)
  • Johnny English Strikes Again
  • Kumbalangi Nights (2019)
  • Little Women
  • Pariyerum Perumal (2018)
  • The Irishman
  • Sarpatta Parambarai (2021)
  • Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya (2019)
  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Top Features of aFilmywap

It’s not because of luck or coincidence that lakhs of people visit aFilmywap on daily basis. Users love the quality and service which they get on this website. Always remember that alone luck can’t do wonders for anyone.

In past we have seen multiple hindi movie sites which did well for few months but unable to keep that growth.

What users want is huge collection of movies, fast servers and friendly support system. All these features are available on aFilmywap. Personally, what I love most is that they take customer feedback very seriously. It’s the foundation of future improvements of aFilmywap. Their team is full of talent, energy and creativity which can do wonders.

Our team is constantly working on it to understand all the features which are available for movie lovers. Below is the list of top features which are present on aFilmywap.

  • They upload new movies very quickly. One can watch or download it directly from their site just after few days of release. Lakhs of users search for new movie downloads on aFilmywap.
  • Immediate file download is available along with resume download function. It means tha if hindi movie download is stopped in between because of any reason then no need to worry. User can resume the download anytime. Everything is available on their own servers, which is why user won’t be redirecte to any other third party website.
  • All the movies available on aFilmywap have combo feature. User can watch and download the same movie at a single point of time. Not so easy these days to find such great sites which supports both.
  • Superfast and lightweight servers are available on aFilmywap Movie. Users can see big difference while downloading content from other sites. Currently, very few movie sites support cache filter feature, which compresses videos in real-time.
  • Minimalistic design of homepage is what make them different and attractive at the same time. No one cares about flashy images and animated characters if it’s not fulfilling the purpose. Their design works best for those who just want to watch HD Movies online.
  • Tons of categories are available on aFilmywap. Each category is made for a specific purpose. If you are in mood of watching Bollywood movie then simply go to homepage and look for that particular category.
  • Mobile App is available for all the users who want to stream content right from their mobile phone. Quite helpful for those who don’t have Laptop or iPad with them.
  • Freedom to choose from various movie quality and servers. It works like charm for those who live in remote area or have poor internet connectivity
  • Highly Compressed movies are available to download. Best part is that there is no compromise done with video quality, yet they are available in smaller size
  • In most of the pages of aFilmywap there is no ad placed. This not only improves the speed, but also saves the time and disk space of users. Many users have reported that too many ads on a webpage irritates them and affects their attention time.
  • Are you unable to find your desired movie? Don’t worry, to solve the issue their team has come up with an idea of request movie feature. Using this, any user can request for any movie upload which is not available on their server. First check properly if it’s available or not, only then submit a request,

How aFilmywap Makes Money?

Want to know source of income of afilmywap movie website? We have done our research and ready to tell you in a detailed manner about all the sources from which aFilmywap earns handsome amount each month. Most of their earning comes from display ads.

Display Ads

When you open the website, you must have noticed various ads on it. Some pops up while some are placed within the content. Whenever you open the page having ads on it, the site owner earns some amount each time. Now, earning varies from country to country.

If your visitor is coming from countries like the United States, Australia, Switzerland, New Zealand then earning will be much higher on each view / click. If Movie Freaks on aFilmywap are coming from China, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and Nigeria then earning will be much lower.

A big chunk of their earning comes from sponsored posts. Many production houses and artists contact them to promote their movie and talent on their platform. One can earn as high as $2500 from a single sponsored post in the entertainment industry.

As millions of people visit their site each month, so it’s not a big deal for them to get 10-20 sponsored posts each month. Little earning comes from survey. They send links to users to fill survey forms of reputed brands.

Many of the brand pay well for survey if your site is popular enough. According to earning calculator website the earning of aFilmywap is somewhere around $5500 / month.

is aFilmywap.in and aFilmywap.com are same?

Generally, people around us sometimes get confused about aFilmywap.com and aFilmywap.in that these sites are similar or different from each other. It is obvious when you type and search on your browser “aFilmywap in” it will open up a page with loads of similar URLs of it. Then you have confusion about which website should you continue with.

The rudimentary purpose for differentiating between aFilmywap. in and aFilmywap. com, these sites are controlled by the same organization, People and Associations. Let’s be clear in this point that aFilmywap. In and aFilmywap. com are different websites having different domains but containing the same media content.

The arrangements of movie and web series on aFilmywap. In and on an aFilmywap .com both allows you to stream content online and download them to watch later. The website is specifically designed to download Hindi language content.

Not only this but also there are dozens of domains available for aFilmywap. The officials of the website created many different databases on various domains. In other words, having a database on different servers lets them never lose the data of content they have uploaded.

Working Links of aFilmywap – Movie download/streaming website

As we mention above there are various URLs of aFilmywap available on the server. It is because the authorities of the website want to have a database on different domains. aFilmywap is an unofficial platform that is supported by a torrent which means it is not legal to use.

On regular basis, the legal agencies take care of the legalities of the internet verse. When they caught websites or platforms having such copyrighted material without owners’ consent, they directly block the website. On a different point as the government of the country doesn’t allow piracy then they banned the platforms that promote piracy.

So these websites create the backup of the database and use other websites as security. In terms of having different domains, users won’t lose access to the website as well and they can utilize the website regularly. Below down we’ve listed the working links of aFilmywap as follows

  • aFilmywap.ph
  • aFilmywap.news
  • aFilmywap.in
  • aFilmywap.in.nic
  • aFilmywap.in.punjabi
  • aFilmywap.bhuj
  • aFilmywap.com
  • aFilmywap.haha
  • aFilmywap.television
  • aFilmywap.celebrity
  • aFilmywap.me
  • aFilmywap.one
  • aFilmywap.watch
  • aFilmywap.co.in
  • aFilmywap.com.in

aFilmywap movie streaming website – what Govt is doing to stop Piracy

The government of India has taken a few steps against piracy. There’s a law created for Cinematography Act 2010, if anyone gets caught using copyrighted material they would have to face troubled punishment.

For an instance, if a person gives his 100% to create content. They invest their time, their money, they create a team for the production of the content, and in the end, they face such a huge loss. This is not acceptable for an individual that anyone theft their content and then sell it on their brand name.

Just like that piracy does the same to makers of the content. To capture these types of crimes the authorities of the countries set up cyber agencies to catch all of the websites that are stole content and create them as their profit source. This is known as such an unacceptable Act.

No matter if you are the owner of the piracy website or you are a user of the piracy website are both committing the same crime. On a perspective one side, these people Steal content and run their pirated websites on the other hand people are using pirated material. this means the user that is using the pirated website is promoting their act and they are appreciating the crime they are doing. Both are unlawful in India

To minimize these types of unlawful acts. what government of India is doing?. In reality, They can’t do anything as India is known as the most 2nd populated country in the world. If the authorities of the Indian country even get successful in catching the users they cant able to punish them as there is no such space for crores of people in the prison. In the end, what they are doing is they are charging a fine on those people who get caught using pirated material around 50,000 to 3,00,000 INR. This is such a huge amount and people at least avoid pirated websites to save 200 INR when they get to know about punishable charges.

What is the Speciality of aFilmywap 2022?

There are so many reasons that made an aFilmywap super pirated website. aFilmywap allows their user to get many facilities on single website such as movies downloading and streaming content online. A user can watch all types of contents on aFilmywap movie downloading ? Streaming website. There are all various categories formed in the category’s area such as Hollywood Hindi dubbed Movies, Bollywood Movies, South Indian Hindi Dubbed Movies, Tamil Movies, Telugu Movies,

You can explore many things in a single website just by visiting it. However, it shoes you load of ads, but it doesn’t irritate you re movie maniac and want free movies.


We have discussed almost all topics about an aFilmywap movie downloading and streaming website. Specifically, come through the highlights about how an aFilmywap website works? why the website is not legal to use? what are the categories available on aFilmywap and many other topics? In the final analysis, we have come to know about the ground result that you can say aFilmywap is one of the best well-known movie streaming platforms where you can stream many different movies.

On the negative aspect, the aFilmywap website is not legal to use and you can even switch with other legal Alternatives to it. But still, aFilmywap is an unbeatable free service. However, you might face punishment if you’re using the website’s services. There are many different genres available that you can choose according to your taste. The best part is aFilmywap supports different types of sizes and formats including subtitles.

After knowing about negative aspects and what circumstances you could face. In the end, it depends on a person whether they want to use the website or not. But if you’re continuing with utilizing the website take privacy protection to protect yourselves. If you’ve any queries regarding the article then you can ask us in the comment area. Our team will respond to your question as soon as possible. Don’t forget to share your feedback.

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