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9xMovies: Download Dubbed HD Bollywood Movies Website

In this era full of Movies and Entertainment. We all look for the services that provide us to watch the stream. Movies and other web series are the main sources of entertaining people. Various platforms provide us streaming online. But as usual, we must pay for these services.

9xMovies – Overview

Some people pay for their interest in movies. And they love to take subscriptions. But some people look for the free service because they don’t want to pay unwantedly. 9xMovies is one of the most Popular Websites to download the latest Movies and Series. It is a famous platform to provide free movie streaming and downloading.

When you are enjoying something. You always have been paying for that enjoyment. But there you’re not paying a bunch of money but watching ads. With those popping ads, you’re helping the movies providers to earn money. That is not a problem. Because every person there on the server wants to earn. This website of 9xMovies follows the same procedure. Different kinds of movies are available on the 9xMovies website.

What is 9xmovies ?

9xMovies is the platform that is available on the online server. It gives us facilities to watch movies online and download movies for offline watching. 9xMovies website is one of the oldest websites in the movie piracy world. It served all the newest and oldest movies in different formats such as 360p,480p,720p,1080p. And the simplest thing in 9xMovies is it has an option of 300MB size movies with dual audio.

Here I am highlighting the word “Piracy” which is completely illegal. However, Still many users take advantage of its service. It will give allowance to a user to download all the latest Bollywood Movies for free if cost. This feature of any website that serves free movies is one of the best features. A user will feel an amazing experience.

9xMovies supports various kinds of formats like Mp4, High Definition(HD), MKV, etc. The greatest place to have to explore free time as a user will get all the latest Movies. Even though it can allow a user to stream online or download and watch offline. Where it completely depends on a person that they want live streaming or download for later.

Most people like to download and watch movies later. Whether some of us like to stream Online. There is a bit of a chance of buffering when you’re streaming. And one thing surely going to happen when you’re streaming is the ads pop-ups you’ll face. These buffering and pop-up ads annoy a person. It disturbs you or disinterests you from watching movies. So, we prefer to download and watch.

Altogether if we take around 10 years of data. In general periods of those years, their URL has changed about 30 times where the primary domain is 9xMovies.com. The officials of the website additionally change the domain from time to time with this intention to put it out of sight of Government agencies and Google. The current domain for visiting the website is 9xMovies.land. let’s have a look at other domains below:

  • 9xMovies.com
  • 9xMovies.plus
  • 9xMovies.hub
  • 9xMovies.city
  • 9xMovies.ten
  • 9xMovies.name
  • 9xMovies.green
  • 9xMovies.today
  • 8x movies 9xMovies.in
  • 9xMovies.cc
  • 9xMovies.biz
  • 9xMovies.club
  • 9xMovies.name
  • 9xMovies.net
  • 9xMovies.VIN
  • 9xMovies.in
  • 9xMovies.ws

What Categories are Available on 9xMovies ?

There is a huge collection available of Movies and TV Series on the 9xMovies Website. These are arranged in different types of categories and subcategories. It has a big collection of Free HD Movies such as

  • Hollywood Movies.
  • Bollywood Movies.
  • Hindi Dubbed Movies.
  • Gujrati Movies.
  • Kannada Movies.
  • Malyalam Movies.
  • Marathi Movies.
  • Tamil Movies.
  • Telugu Movies.
  • Bhojpuri Movies.
  • Assamese Movies.
  • Dual Audio Movies.
  • Pakistani Movies.
  • Pre–Release Movies.
  • Web Series.
  • Trailer.
  • Tv Shows.
  • 1080p Movies.
  • 300MB Movies.

9xMovies is vastly popular among this youth. It is an illegal movie downloading website. You can download enormous movies from the 9xMovies website. Using a website like this is under the law of copyright therefore it is banned in various countries. Due to the ban on the website. There are a lot of ways you can use the website. One of the most known ways to use illegal websites and applications is Applying VPN.

List of All Movie Download Websites

Major Features of 9xMovies

In simple words, you can download the latest movies from 9xMovies with help of a search box placed in the interface of its website. You can search for your favorite movie anytime. When you open the front page it will show you all the newest launched movies. If a movie is not available you want to watch. You can Request that movie in the feedback or comment section.  They will upload the movie as soon as possible.

Popular Movies on 9xmovies
Popular Movies on 9xmovies

Above all, there are loads of features that 9xMovies offers to a user. The basic feature is generally downloading the movies and giving access to all types of movies. Despite this, there are many other marvelous features they give to users. Some features give below:

Highlighted Features

  • A user don’t have to use their email ids or mobile phone numbers. User don’t have to register to use the Website or explore the website. To put it differently this website allow you to visit and use type. User can easily download or stream.
  • All the contents available on the website’s server is quality based and follow different qualities such as 1080p and upto that – Full HD Movies. If you have good internet connection you can watch all the contents with amazing detailed quality. You just have to make a choice that you want to stream the movue or download the movie.
  • 9xMovies Torrent–based Client. A user need to download the Torrent or Bit–Torrent app in their system. It works on completely P2P(person to Person) Support. You just need to download the torrent file and download it with torrent or bit torrent. It will take few seconds to few minutes to proceed the downloading.
  • Another key point is it has various supportive versions available for your Smart–TV, IOS, PC, and Android. You can use it to of have fun by watching movies with different systems and devices.
  • On the other hand you can watch or stream movies over Mobile data–Internet Connection. But we suggest you to download or stream the movie wirh Wi–Fi Connection because you won’t face buffering over Wi–Fi.
  • On the positive side, there would not be so many advertisement popups. This makes a great different in contrast of other website. This comes with limited ads and wont interrupt you from streaming or downloading the movie.

About 9xMovies 300MB Section

Firstly, some people don’t have much internet and they have a limit on their daily data usage. 9xMovies website has the special feature of 300MB movies and downloads them very quickly. You can enjoy the movie with even in the least data.

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This is the major thing that anyone can download the movie in such a small file. Many people are waiting desperately for the newest movie to come or launch and watch it as soon as possible. Not only but also there’s an option available for 720p Movies and 1080p Movies. You can download any you wish for.

9xMovies is a great platform to enjoy the movies and as you know you can stream the latest newest movies for free of cost. It completely depends on a user whether they want to live to stream a movie or download a movie to watch online.

Latest Leaked Movies on 9xMovies

This Website gives a user a chance to have all the latest movies of any genre or any category. 9xMovies website is vastly popular for Downloading Movies. They made the website astonishing to get all the newest movies from Bollywood to Hollywood any type of movie. You can get all the latest movies up to date even a few days before they launch the movie.

Here are some keywords to search for the latest movies.

  • Latest Movies Download
  • Latest Hollywood and Bollywood Movies Download
  • New Movies 2022
  • New Hindi Dubbed Movies Download
  • 9xMovie
  • 9xMovies 300MB Movies

And many more other genres of Movies. Different types of movies in different languages with many formats of movies and Web Series. You can get all the details of movies and their ratings by searching on Google.

Latest Leaked Web Series on 9xMovies

Currently, with this in mind, you can get many web series streaming platforms and websites legally or illegally. All the web series are available on the 9xMovies Original Website. You can stream or watch your favorite web series on various entertainment applications and other platforms. This generation has a craze to watch web series with this intention having in mind that they are enjoying or having fun. It’s important to realize the story the web series are giving to an individual that impresses them even more.

9xMovies website is popular for leaking numerous amount of movies in various languages. This website offers a user an option of 300MB download. In contrast as per information just because of Pirated websites entertainment industry loses approximately $3.0 Billion worldwide every year.

Not only but also People look for downloading small size files of 300MB. They can Download Hollywood Movies as well as Bollywood Movies. You can watch all the latest web series very sooner online. There’s a segment available for an adult category on the front page of 9xMovies like the “Sacred Games or Mirzapur” Series.

In the meantime they allow you to access international Web Series, dual audios, Hindi, and various types of languages. With this in mind, people are crazy about Downloading websites that are available on different platforms.

How to Download Movies from 9xMovies in PC ?

If you want to download movies on your PC. The criteria would be the same as you use to do in the Android Device. You need to go to the Browser of your PC. Then search the 9xMovies Website. The result would show on the front page of Google on your PC. Visit the official website of 9xMovies. After that have a look on the website and find the search area. The Box will visible on the main page of the website. Search there for the Movies you want to download. The procedure would be the same as you do it in Android.

How do 9xmovies website work ?

To answer the question, 9xMovies is pirated website. In simple words, we can say it is a theft client. It serves us the newest Movies of all genres by having them illegally. In this client, you will see all the most up-to-date movies. It releases the movies even before their official launch.

As an illustration, you are selling a product to earn money. Then another person comes and stole your product. He starts distributing that product for free. This is the answer to how 9xmovies giving us content and the owner would be at loss.

We always have a question in mind that how they earn when they are giving us free content. There’s a strategy for their earning. When we see an advertisement in between scrolling the page. When we click on those pop-ups advertisements and other advertisements this is the process by which they earn. 9xMovies have traffic in Millions. They create huge amounts of money month to month.

How to Download Movies From 9xMovies ?

9xMovies has a popular name in piracy. If you’re familiar with downloading movies from pirated sites. It won’t puzzle you. You just need to pick a movie name you want to download. And go to the 9xMovies website.

  • You have to select a movie you want to download.
  • Go to the browser in your android mobile.
  • Then search 9xMovies movie download.
  • There will be search result shown in the search panel.
  • Then you’ll see official page of 9xMovies and click to open it.
Download Links
Download Links
  • In the 9xMovies website page there’s a search box placed in the upper area.
  • The click search the movies you want to download.
  • It will show you results on the basis of your search.
  • Simply,  you need to pick the movie and start download.

Note: In the process of downloading a Movie. This is obviously that some pop-up of advertisement will interrupt you. Just use your fingers and exit those pop-ups.

Furthermore, 9xMovies gives you a pirated version of the newest Hollywood Movies, Bollywood Movies, regional Languages Movies, and TV Shows, Pakistani Movies, and TV Shows are also available.

Why 9xmovies Famous ?

9xMovies is free movies services provider. It fulfills today’s generation’s streaming need. We all are so fond of movies such as Bollywood Movies, Hollywood Movies, Malayalam Movies, Tamil Movies, Telugu Movies, Tamil Dubbed Movies, Hindi Dubbed Telugu Movies, South Dubbed Movies, Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies, and Many Others Available.

9xMovies Website popularity is worldwide. It facilitates a user to download a movie in dual audio and Captions in Different Languages. Whether after all these things it is unlawful to have movies with piracy in India.

9xMovies started this service when we have to pay more money to buy tickets. Some people think before buying. some others want to watch the movie because of their favorite actors.

Why 9xMovies not Opening?

It’s explicitly very simple to Answer the Question “Why 9xMovies Website not Opening ?”. As we Discussed above these Prirated sites come under the law of copyright Act 1957. We know that piracy is a crime. Therefore various countries don’t allow these websites such as Movierulz, 9xMovies, TamilRockers, etc. Not only but also the websites get banned or block due to the Law.

How to Open 9xMovies website

As we know piracy comes under the Law of Copyright Act 1957 in India. It is banned Banned by Government Agencies and Google. However, there’s a solution with the advanced technology of VPN. It helps you to hide the IP address of the device. By using this you can protect yourself from being caught by officials. Users can avoid penalties by this type of few tricks. In the final analysis, we still advise you to don’t use piracy although you might be in huge trouble.

Is using 9xMovies illegal ?

The 9xMovies website is illegal. It is unlawful to use this website. A lot of pirated websites are available on the server that is banned by the government. furthermore, it continuously gets blocked by Google or government agencies. As they know restrictions presences are obvious. They extend their different domains to save the data and website. It is a punishable Act to use piracy.

After all, stolen contents without the permission of the owner are restricted. If you are caught in these websites. You will be punished for using theft content. You will be liable to pay a bunch of money in lakhs and crores. Therefore this is important to do not use copied contents or do not copy contents without permission.

However, websites like KatmovieHD, TamilRockers, Isaimini are also famous on Torrent in India. These websites allow users to download all the movie content from servers illegally. It even downloads all the content of Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, etc. And other OTT platforms.

as can be seen, 9xMovies follow the illegal method to give us free access to movies. In terms of copyright law in India using someone’s content without having their consent is a punishable offense. as shown above, It will put a fine on you about a minimum of 50,000 and 2,00,000.

Is Streaming on 9xMovies Safe ?

Given these points, streaming on 9xMovies is not safe for people. As it comes under strict law of countries. Government can take dangerous action which puts you in trouble and the site gets blocked. It is unlawful to encourage these websites which are not safe for visitors.

in addition, we can use 9xMovies but it is not legitimate as we think it is. It can cause your device malicious files. Your system could be hacked if you regularly use these Websites. On the other hand, Piracy Websites are never safe as they favor hackers. They can steal all your data in seconds.

It can watch all the confidential information of yours which you don’t want to show to others. Even so, these pirated websites have viruses and malware which can corrupt your data on the systems. It popups third-party advertisements which are not good for your device input your device into trouble.

Alternatives of 9xMovies Website


TamilRockers website is a well-known platform to download pirated movies as well as 9xMovies. It is a free movie downloading website. The TamilRockers website’s rank was degraded by Google which is why you won’t be able to access the website on Google. Like other pirated websites it also keeps changing its Domain to avoid restrictions and blocking.

Although the countries’ Governments blocked the TamilRockers Domain and it keep changing Domain to other Dynamic Domains. Despite all the fact that it comes illegal, it has millions of users. TamilRockers has different movies categories such as Malayalam Mp3 Video Songs, A–Z Tamil Movies, HD Tamil Movies, Malayalam Dubbed Movies.


Filmywap is another website that gives allowance to users for Downloading copyrighted content and Movies illegally. It specifically gives facilities to watch movies, TV series even before they release. It gets huge success in piracy verse. It contains various types of genres in Dual Audio with Captions.

This website is one of the oldest websites in the piracy world. Filmywap 2022 has a vast collection of Movies. You can also download the Dubbed version of many movies. Even though Government restricts this website. You can’t access it many times as officials of the website continuously change the URL to avoid being caught. You would still be able to access it and download one of your favorite movies.


KatmovieHD is on a different level in the pirated world and is one of the oldest websites. It features every kind of movie on its website. Not only but also it has the fastest response as you request them to upload the movie you want to watch. It has many categories from kids’ movies to the Adult section.

In Addition to say it is illegal to use the KatmovieHD website. Despite the fact of piracy, the website has millions of users a day. They earn millions in money just by featuring the advertisement pop-ups on their website. There are many categories. It depends on a user what they want to watch.


In general, the Isaimini website specifically featured Tamil Movies. It is a popular Torrent website that supports piracy. This website leaked the Tamil movies and facilitates people to download them from their website. Not only Tamil movies but also Hindi Movies, Telugu Movies, and other Various languages of India are available on this website.

When we discuss competition then Isaimini gives strong competition to TamilRockers. This website gives you all types of Indian languages and English Movies. However, it is also illegal to use the Website. As they are providing copyrighted material to the public.


123Movies is especially known for giving a user High–A quality Streaming facility. Whether it is not legal to provide those contents. 123 Movies supports piracy and helps you to stream online without paying off. Moreover, its contents are refreshed on daily basis and give you the latest content.

123Movies has a great collection of Movies and TV Shows that you want to watch. They provide you with movies quality and Sound Quality on Excellence. Whether you use your PC or your Smart Phone the quality of picture and sound will remain the same. You can change the video qualities to use the least of your mobile data.


Netflix is the most popular OTT platform around the world. It has over 221.8 million subscribers. It provides you with online streaming legally. Netflix was founded in 1997. They sold rented DVDs by mail. It has the largest Entertainment Media and ranked 8th as the most trusted platform globally.

The leading entertainment platform where you have to pay to watch movies and web series legally. It will ask you a few amounts for subscription and enjoy the stream. Netflix provides licensed content which is completely safe. In other words, it means they have permission to use the content with the movie’s owner’s consent. Even more, Netflix has its Original Series or Movies which are completely owned by Netflix.

Amazon Prime Video

This OTT platform offers you a selective collection of astonishing web series and Movies. You won’t find Amazon Prime Video Content anywhere else.

Amazon’s Streaming service is one of the top platforms. It features movies and series in thousands of numbers. A user has to pay for watching a bit of amount which is completely okay. You’re not getting pirated content here and are completely safe. You just have to take membership to use the service.


HBO is known as the house of Shows and Movies. It has a staggering collection of movies. The stories and Actions of the HBO Collection are bewildering. It is part of Warner Media. HBO is also one of the most trusted and respected platforms around the world. There’s no comparison with the contents of HBO. However, you must have to pay for streaming on HBO but it will provide you fabulous and licensed content.

HBO is known as Home Box Office. HBO Original also features the MiniSeries such as Band of Brother. It includes many documentaries and Air Programs of events such as matches.

Is there any Apk available for 9xmovies ?

Although like any other website with huge traffic. 9xmovies is one of them. It is suitable to have an Application such many others. At the same time, you will enjoy the application to download Movies, Shows, Web Series, and many more. After all these discussions we know it is an illegal application and we can’t download it from Google Play Store. You can only download this from Different Websites and Unknown Sources.

Specifically, 9xMovies comes in the Application Market with V3.0. It has particularly 2 different languages options of Hindi and English. At present, 9xMovies asks you the compatibility of your device which should be minimal “Android 4.0”. It is a completely free Application but with loads of ads as usual.

People are more excited when the latest movie launches. There are many websites we can use for Downloading or streaming movies such as KatmovieHD, Movierulz, etc. And they are as illegal as 9xMovies. It should land you in trouble as well for going against the Law in India under the Copyright Act 1957.


After all the things that we have discussed above. We get to know that the 9xMovies offers you all the content that a movie addict needs. You can watch all the movies of every genre in any type of pictures qualities and sound qualities. It allows you all the content for free. You don’t even need to fill the forms or sign-ups and logins. It is like plug and play platform where you can just visit and stream the movie you’re looking for.

But 9xMovies encourages piracy and it won’t be safe to use these pirated websites. The pirated Contents are theft contents that have been taken unofficially. It is unlawful to have the contents without the owner’s consent. In addition to saying that you might be in Trouble and may face imprisonment which is shameful. We are not suggesting you use piracy sites and get you in danger. Meanwhile, there are VPN solutions to protect your selves.

Despite piracy, There are legal options to stream your favorite movies where you have to pay the amount. As we have discussed above there are platforms that provide you with extremely valuable content that is licensed, respected, and trusted. You can watch contents that won’t disappoint you. It completely depends on you how you want to watch legally or illegally. But don’t forget to protect yourselves. If you have any queries regarding this article. Write down below to ask in the comment area and don’t forget to give it feedback.

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