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9xflix Movies: Homepage Link & Web Series

This article covers all important details about 9xflix Movie site. Learn how to access homepage and easily download web series from official site.

9xflix Movies

Are you the one who keeps on searching for new movies and web series? Then chances are quite high that must have heard about 9xflix .com. Most ofople think that this is the homepage link of the website but frankly saying that’s not true at all. This site is mainly used to download the latest movies and dubbed content directly from the nearest servers.


We all know about torrent sites, where people used to download movies and softwares but now it’s not considered as best method to do that. Because of government regulations things have changed drastically. If you try to open famous torrent sites like kickass and pirate bay then your browser will show some error as it’s blocked in your country. If anyhow you reach the download page then speed will be very poor because of slow server support but that’s not the case with 9xflix.

I have personally used it to stream movies and web series and, my experience was satisfying. Almost all the popular movies are available there on homepage. If you are looking for alternatives to stream video content online then HDHub4u, TamilMV and UWatchFree could be a great option.

Movies & Web Series

Every site have some pros and cons, it all matters what user really wants as per their choice. These days it’s quite easy to find bollywood, hollywood movies but when it comes to dubbed movies you will hardly find any good site. Most of them either show tons of ads or installs malware in your device. Recently admins have added new features to 9xflix like favorite playlist and subtitle search.

Web Series on 9xflix
Web Series on 9xflix

Any user can create their favorite playlist as per their wish and criteria. Those facing issues with audio can download subtitle directly from 9xflix homepage and play it while watching movie online.

Their team is working day and night to match the quality of content with other premium players like Disney+ Hotstar & Amazon Prime.

We must appreciate how much hard work they are putting just to serve the audience without expecting anything in return. Here users have the choice to set data quality which works great for those who have limited data access. Hollywood, Tamil and Telugu movies are available in hindi language which is a treat for majority of indian audience as hindi is most spoken language there.

It’s not mandatory to download movie from 9xflix .com, you can even stream it directly from the fast servers and watch online while sitting at couch. This can be great option for those who can’t afford monthly / yearly packages but remember it’s not legal in the eyes of government.

They recommend citizens to use those sites and apps which are paid and works on pricing model as it’s much better and safer option.

That’s the reason you get to see errors while accessing such sites. It happens not because there is issue on site or their server but it’s blocked by your government as they serve copyright protected material. To bypass this issue, site owners keep on changing their domain time to time.

9xflix Homepage

Homepage is of great importance for a website. It is the main page which usually appears when users view it. When it comes to movie downloads and webs series, your homepage should be well-designed and attractive enough so that viewers will come back again and again.

9xflix homepage is great as it’s quite neat and clean unlike other websites. In past we have seen so many sites gain popularity in very less time but most of them failed to keep that pace because of ugly homepage. If you look at reviews of 9xflix website, you’ll see that so many people loved their homepage.

On their homepage you will get to see links of various movies and web series, each of them have thumbnail which makes it interactive. This is how they stick users for longer duration. At the top, there is a menu bar where there are several categories for movie lovers who want to watch movie from specific niche. Below that you have the feature to sort movies by alphabets. Those users who can only remember the first word of movie but don’t know the complete name will find this feature super useful. Scroll down to the bottom to go to next page or jump to any random page as per your wish.

As of now more than 150 pages are there, it’s not possible for a user to go through all the content if there is no pagination system. Below page tab there is disclaimer warning and links of important pages, though they are not much helpful for site viewers but for owner.

Download Movies from 9xflix Homepage

This guide is for those who don’t know how to download movies and web series from 9xflix homepage. To protect our viewers from malware and other types of viruses we have published this guide. All you have to do is follow this guide and don’t skip any step. After following below given steps if you face any issue then do contact our team by dropping a comment below this post. Our team will respond to your query within 2-5 hours.

9xflix Movies Guide

  • To download movies from 9xflix Homepage, go to google search
  • There search for 9xflix and
  • On homepage click on your favorite movie
  • In case if your movie is not there then use search tool which is available at top of the page
  • On movie page you will get to see IMDB Ratings, Quality of Video, Cast
Movie Details
  • Scroll down little bit and head over to download section
  • There you will get to see file links with size and quality
  • Do click on any of them according to your suitability
  • If you are comfortable with torrent and have basic knowledge then click on Torrent Download
  • Now click on Get Download Links
Download Link
  • On next page you will get list of various links of different servers
  • Select any of them and download will start in a moment
  • Just wait for 5 to 10 seconds
  • If download don’t start automatically, then click on Start download now which is given at the bottom of page
  • To download torrents use softwares like uTorrent, BitTorrent, Bitport and qBittorrent

Download 9xflix App

Most of the people these days prefer using 9xflix app rather that website. Main reason behind it is that mobile apk are generally faster and smoother than websites. You must have seen several errors while accessing the website but it rarely happens with mobile app.

Do you know that 9xflix has recently hired few techies to monitor the condition of their app. Using their app you can watch and download HD Movies in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Web Series.

User will get some bonus features and offers on the app time to time.

These days buying big screen devices is quite costly, whereas mobile phones are affordable. Investing huge amount of money just to watch HD Movies don’t make sense. One can easily buy good smartphone under 5000 but not big screen devices. For big screen devices one must have Rs. 15000 in hand. Below we have discussed in details about downloading 9xflix app.

Currently, they are completing all the formalities required for Movie Downloading on Apple Store. We don’t encourage any viewer to download or stream content on 9xflix as it can be copyrighted. All the information available in this article is only for educational purpose.

Steps to Download 9xflix App

  • First go to 9xflix official website
  • Click on Click here to Enter button
  • After that scroll to the top and look at the menu bar
  • In menu bar you will see various link
  • You just have to click on 9xflix app
  • Now it will redirect you to new page
  • Various links will appear in your device
  • You just have to click on Start App Download
  • Now server links will be generated
  • You can go with any of the server, all of them are good
  • Now wait for 5 seconds and let download start automatically

Additional Information

App Name9xflix App
File Size12 MB
Last Updated on2 November 2021
Current Version5.2.2
Total Downloads8,00,000+
Requires AndroidNot Older than 5.1.1 – Android Lollipop

9xflix Categories

Latest Movies

Are you the one who always look for new movies on various websites? If your answer is yes then this section is surely for you and if it’s no then do skip it.

You must have that one friend in your school or college who always asks for new movie downloads, no matter how good or bad the movie is. We totally understand their love for latest releases. Such type of people can easily download latest movies from 9xflix homepage.

All you have to do is go to site link and it’s surely not 9xflix .com. On homepage, links of latest movies are sorted according to date published.

Do select any of the movie from the list, use pagination feature to go to next page. Most of the latest movies are available in HD Format. If few movies are not in HD quality then please wait for a while so that better quality will be released.

Hindi Movies

Majority of audience of 9xflix comes from India, where hindi movies are quite popular. To meet the needs of user Hindi Movies category is introduced on 9xflix. Best part is that if you have limited internet or poor connectivity, then you can download movies quickly by choosing low quality rather than going with High Definition format.

It’s surprising to see that high compressed 300 MB Bollywood Movies are also uploaded on 9xflix servers. Bollywood hindi movies which are released between 2010 and 2021 can be found in this section. Site viewers have the choice to download movies and web series in 1080p, 720p or 480p Quality. Selection of quality should be based on few factors like how fast your internet is, is it limited or unlimited.

Dual Audio Movies

This category is place at top of the 9xflix homepage. Beside Epic Collections link Dual Audio category is given. This category is mostly viewed by Indian audience who don’t want to watch english movies with or without subtitles. Only requirement is that the movie should have done well in box office. One can find tons of telugu movies in HD Quality in featured category.

9xflix Dual Audio Movies
Dual Audio Movies

For some people, subtitle on the video player takes lot of space and kills the enjoyment out the movie. Such type of user can download dual audio hindi movie as it perfectly satisfies their criteria. They works best with hollywood movies as you get the choice to choose any one language from English and Hindi.

Remember you should use latest video players which supports dual audio content like VLC Media Player, MX Player, KMPlayer. Most of the dual audio hindi movies available here are those which got released in year 2018, 2019 and 2021. Only two video formats are there in dual category: 720 and 480p. In future we can see 1080p HD, 300 MB Dual Audio Movies on 9xflix.

Web Series Download

Netflix has brought web series revolution in india. They have released some of the epic original web series like Dark, Lucifer, Clickbait and Ray.

You will be surprised to know that all of these web series are available on 9xflix. It’s just not limited to netflix content, you can download web series from some of the reputed OTT players like Hulu. No need to download each episode separately. Users can download all the episodes from various seasons just by following single link. Refer to our 9xflix movie download guide to learn how to do that.

Steps are exact same for web series also. Some of the web series are highly compressed on 9xflix. Highly compressed files take less time to download without compromising with video quality. Use winrar software to unzip rar and zip files.

Web Series

Join 9xflix on Telegram

We recommend all the lovers of 9xflix to join them on telegram. Don’t take it in wrong way. We are not affiliated with them nor getting any rewards for promotion.

We are saying this so that users won’t face any problem when it get’s inaccessible. Many times in past we have seen that such sites stop working suddenly because of change of their domain. Outage can happen because of multiple reasons like hosting errors, code issues in site or unexpected huge traffic. This may lure hundreds of users and they get trapped. It’s better to be aware and stay away from such type of online scammers.

You can ask why a reputed, well established movies site will do such stupid things. They do this to solve the issue of inaccessibility. This generally occurs because of many reasons like backend crashes, corrupt files or DDOS Attacks.

On that channel site admins update everything on daily basis. User will get notification one each new movie upload. This is how no user will feel disconnected and isolated. On telegram channel you will interact with like-minded people which leads to peace of mind. Moreover, request upload of a particular movie to admin team.

Different Options of 9xFlix Movies 2022

The 9xflix website platform is well known because it has vast options that a user can utilize and have many contents from the website. It helps you to get Motion Picture material from the 9xflix with ease. It is Offering Pictures in various categories such as dubbed movies. This website is used by numerous active users on daily basis.

One of the best features of the website is you can stream dwell movies quickly. You can stream the movies anywhere at any time. This allows you to watch movies according to your mood where you don’t have to worry about any timing deadline like theatres.

In the event of if you love watching English or Hollywood movies, the 9xflix movie’s website is the best streaming and movie downloading platform for you. You can have all the newly launched movies on the 9xflix movies as soon as they release.

A user can have all the movies available on the 9xflix in full HD resolution. The website permits a user to watch movies in their preferred resolution format. The most of the people love to watch movies in 720p & 1080p and the good news is these both formats are available on the 9xflix website.

Another most loved option Available on the 9xflix website is they offers a user absolutely free service. You don’t have to pay any cost for streaming or downloading latest movies from the 9xflix website.

There’s a most important options of 9xflix website is they allows user a sorted index. Even a user can filter movies result according to their need such as net sequence, Animation Movies, TV series, Movies, Cartoons, and others. A user can use the option to filtering the list of movies.

How Does 9xflix works?

9xflix movies website is not legitimate just like Netflix or Amazon Prime nor it is authorized by the legal agencies. Even they don’t take any permission from content’s owner. They uploads the data on their website without permission. You can say that they theft the content and then update it on their website.

In addition, they take every Original Content and make it a pirated copy then transfer it to their website. After doing that they set the uploads for the public so that the visitor of the website can watch movies or download movies from their website. For avoiding to get caught they continuously change their domain URLs and move their complete database to another server.

To earn money they affiliate with third party application ads. When the user goes to the website. On a single click, the new page shows up that irritates a user a lot. But they are making money from it and with every single click, they get to earn. When you stream the movie a lot of advertisements will pop up between streaming.

What are the working Domains for 9xflix

9xflix movie streaming and downloading platforms is known for promoting piracy. They have many different domains in terms of storing the data of the website. As the 9xflix website is popular so the legal agencies look through the website on regular basis.

As soon as they catch the authorities take action against the piracy websites and the 9xflix gets banned or blocked. By avoiding loss of data they create multiple domains to copy the database. When their website gets blocked they launch their new domain so the user won’t lose access to the website.

Furthermore, there are numerous URLs of the 9xflix website because the website has huge traffic they won’t afford to lose such as the good audience. You can have different URLs of 9xflix. Here below down we’re mentioning one working domain –

  • 9xFlix.org
  • 9xFlix.trade
  • 9xFlixvip
  • 9xFlix.com
  • 9xFlix.live
  • 9xFlix.cc
  • 9xFlix.asia
  • 9xFlix.wiki
  • 9xFlix.win

If you’re aware of the legitimacy of the website service then you surely don’t want to use the 9xflix movie’s website as they provide torrent content. In that case, if you want to be protected and watch films without any problem. Then there are other legal options available that give you quality content with legitimacy. You don’t need to worry about your privacy protections as the legal services assure you the license of protection.

We are suggesting you some legal Alternatives of 9xFlix that can be used by a person to stream movies online. As we told you do not go to the pirated websites options as they follow torrent protocol. Then a user looks for good legal options that can be replaced with 9xFlix. Below down we are mentioning some good alternatives of 9xFlix that you can use with security.


The service of the Crackle offers a user to stream online. The library of Crackle contains all the original content and acquired programs. Its service is currently available in 21 different countries. You can use Crackle on mobile, Tablets, Smart TVs, Gaming Consoles and desktops. Crackle offers a user free service by including ads in the platform with limited features. However, you have to take subscriptions if you want to use the premium features and don’t want to watch ads.

Amazon prime

A user can replace 9xflix with Amazon Prime as they are offering high-quality content with loads of features. However, the service of Amazon Prime isn’t free. If you want to use the platform and want to stream there, then you have to pay a low amount of money for per month subscription. You can take a yearly subscription as well where you’ll get a free discount as well. The current users of amazon prime have reached above 200 million as they have the best content.


The streaming platform of Netflix is popular around the world. However, a user must have to pay for a monthly or yearly subscription. The offers them the best content in the world. It pledges to provide you entertainment platform. No matter whatever your taste is or wherever you are living, you can access Netflix a lot easier. Now Netflix has over 222 million worldwide subscribers.


This is another replacement of 9xFlix that is legal. HBO doesn’t come with a free trial when you subscribe to the service. It asks you to pay based on a monthly or yearly plan. This platform is part of the f WarnerMedia Family. It’s known for decades for giving excellent service to a user. HBO is known as the most innovative entertainment platform in the world as they create the best series and movies.


Popcornflix LLC is a website platform that is offering OTT (Over The Top) service. The platform is free for streaming with supporting ad streaming. It is owned by Screen Media Ventures. The website is 100% legal with absolutely free streaming. No subscription is required. However, the website supports ads but there are not many ads that won’t irritate you. Even a user can Live Stream on IOS, Android, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Smart TVs etc.

Is 9xflix safe to use ?

When it comes to the matter of security then we suggest you stay away from these pirated websites as they are completely illegal. On the other hand, the website includes ads pop-ups that are affiliated with third parties. Most of the third-party applications running by anonymous hackers can harm you without even you knowing.

9xflix website promotes pirated Content so the official brands won’t advertise on their website. To earn they start affiliation with unofficial advertisements that are supported by hackers. How hackers can harm you with those advertisements? This is a common question. The website continuously shows you irrelevant pop-ups that could irritate you a lot.

In addition, if a user even clicks on the pop-up just by an accident. It can install into your device and even corrupt all your data. The hackers can see what you’re doing and they can access your private data as well. A user starts having notifications in the notification area. That can disturb a person a lot. If you’re using the website then beware of its cons as well.

We all know in India and other various countries around the world. Using pirated websites is unlawful and called an illegal service. 9xflix movie streaming and downloading websites is also working with torrent protocol there it is also an illegal website. If authorities of the country caught you using pirated websites. They have got right to arrest you instantly under Anti Piracy Act.

Streaming on the 9xflix movie website or downloading from the website and any other pirated websites is comes under an unlawful Act that you’ve made. Catching you downloading the movies from pirated websites would take you to prison for years. It’s illegal and supporting having content without the consent of its owner that refers to theft content.

Moreover, it is absolutely out of legitimacy to stream the movies and films as quickly as they release. The 9xflix website does the same. They upload all the movies on the same day they release and all the public can watch movies for free. As a result, the owner of the content material might have to face a huge loss. It’s shameful to go to prison for just a small act of watching movies. We suggest you stay away and protect yourselves as much as possible.


At the end of the result, we come to know all about 9xflix. The website works as a piracy website and follows torrent protocol. It allows a user to stream their special movie and offers a facility to download movies as well. There are many different categories available on the website such as movies. TV shows, Animation Movies, etc. There are different languages contents available as well. It offers a user to get the best format they want to watch and users can sort the list by their interested relevance. And the best part is all the services they are giving is free of cost.

On the other hand, there are negative aspects as well of using the website. All the content that 9xflix contains on their website is theft content. They are using the copyrighted content with the consent of its owner. As a result, if a person is caught having or using the pirated content is punishable or might have to face imprisonment for years.

The website is not secure as we think. If you still want to use the website then use it at your own risk. You can take privacy protections and beware of those things that break your privacy and puts you in danger. Always protect yourselves first. If you’ve any queries regarding the article then you can ask in the comment area. Our team will contact you with the solution as soon as possible and don’t forget to share your feedback with us.

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