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9xflix Movies: Homepage Link & Web Series

This article covers all important details about 9xflix Movie site. Learn how to access homepage and easily download web series from official site.

9xflix Movies

Are you the one who keeps on searching about new movies and web series? Then chances are quite high that must have heard about 9xflix .com. Most of the people think that this is the homepage link of website but frankly saying that’s not true at all. This site is mainly used to download latest movies and dubbed content directly from nearest servers.


We all know about torrent sites, where people used to download movies and softwares but now it’s not considered as best method to do that. Because of government regulations things have changed drastically. If you try to open famous torrent sites like kickass and pirate bay then your browser will show some error as it’s blocked in your country. If anyhow you reach the download page then speed will be very poor because of slow server support but that’s not the case with 9xflix.

I have personally used it to stream movies and web series and, my experience was satisfying. Almost all the popular movies are available there on homepage. If you are looking for alternatives to stream video content online then HDHub4u, TamilMV and UWatchFree could be a great option.

Movies & Web Series

Every site have some pros and cons, it all matters what user really wants as per their choice. These days it’s quite easy to find bollywood, hollywood movies but when it comes to dubbed movies you will hardly find any good site. Most of them either show tons of ads or installs malware in your device. Recently admins have added new features to 9xflix like favorite playlist and subtitle search.

Any user can create their favorite playlist as per their wish and criteria. Those facing issues with audio can download subtitle directly from 9xflix homepage and play it while watching movie online.

Their team is working day and night to match the quality of content with other premium players like Disney+ Hotstar & Amazon Prime.

We must appreciate how much hard work they are putting just to serve the audience without expecting anything in return. Here users have the choice to set data quality which works great for those who have limited data access. Hollywood, Tamil and Telugu movies are available in hindi language which is a treat for majority of indian audience as hindi is most spoken language there.

It’s not mandatory to download movie from 9xflix .com, you can even stream it directly from the fast servers and watch online while sitting at couch. This can be great option for those who can’t afford monthly / yearly packages but remember it’s not legal in the eyes of government.

They recommend citizens to use those sites and apps which are paid and works on pricing model as it’s much better and safer option.

That’s the reason you get to see errors while accessing such sites. It happens not because there is issue on site or their server but it’s blocked by your government as they serve copyright protected material. To bypass this issue, site owners keep on changing their domain time to time.

9xflix Homepage

Homepage is of great importance for a website. It is the main page which usually appears when users view it. When it comes to movie downloads and webs series, your homepage should be well-designed and attractive enough so that viewers will come back again and again.

9xflix homepage is great as it’s quite neat and clean unlike other websites. In past we have seen so many sites gain popularity in very less time but most of them failed to keep that pace because of ugly homepage. If you look at reviews of 9xflix website, you’ll see that so many people loved their homepage.

On their homepage you will get to see links of various movies and web series, each of them have thumbnail which makes it interactive. This is how they stick users for longer duration. At the top, there is a menu bar where there are several categories for movie lovers who want to watch movie from specific niche. Below that you have the feature to sort movies by alphabets. Those users who can only remember the first word of movie but don’t know the complete name will find this feature super useful. Scroll down to the bottom to go to next page or jump to any random page as per your wish.

As of now more than 150 pages are there, it’s not possible for a user to go through all the content if there is no pagination system. Below page tab there is disclaimer warning and links of important pages, though they are not much helpful for site viewers but for owner.

Download Movies from 9xflix Homepage

This guide is for those who don’t know how to download movies and web series from 9xflix homepage. To protect our viewers from malware and other types of viruses we have published this guide. All you have to do is follow this guide and don’t skip any step. After following below given steps if you face any issue then do contact our team by dropping a comment below this post. Our team will respond to your query within 2-5 hours.

9xflix Movies Guide

  • To download movies from 9xflix Homepage, go to google search
  • There search for 9xflix and open homepage
  • On homepage click on your favorite movie
  • In case if your movie is not there then use search tool which is available at top of the page
  • On movie page you will get to see IMDB Ratings, Quality of Video, Cast
Download Movies
  • Scroll down little bit and head over to download section
  • There you will get to see file links with size and quality
  • Do click on any of them according to your suitability
  • If you are comfortable with torrent and have basic knowledge then click on Torrent Download
  • Now click on Get Download Links
Download Link
  • On next page you will get list of various links of different servers
  • Select any of them and donwload will start in a moment
  • If download don’t start automatically, then click on Start download now which is given at the bottom of page
  • To download torrents use softwares like uTorrent, BitTorrent, Bitport and qBittorrent

9xflix Categories

Latest Movies

Are you the one who always look for new movies on various websites? If your answer is yes then this section is surely for you and if it’s no then do skip it.

You must have that one friend in your school or college who always asks for new movie downloads, no matter how good or bad the movie is. We totally understand their love for latest releases. Such type of people can easily download latest movies from 9xflix homepage.

All you have to do is go to site link and it’s surely not 9xflix .com. On homepage links of latest movies are sorted according to date published. Click on any of the latest movie and follow our how to download guide. Correct site link can be found by doing searches on search engines. We are unable to provide exact link as they keep on changing the link time to time because of security concerns.

Hindi Movies

Majority of audience of 9xflix comes from India, where hindi movies are quite popular. To meet the needs of user Hindi Movies category is introduced on 9xflix. Best part is that if you have limited internet or poor connectivity then you can download movies quickly by choosing low quality rather than going with High Definition format.

It’s surprising to see that high compressed 300 MB Bollywood Movies are also uploaded on 9xflix servers. Bollywood hindi movies which are released between 2010 and 2021 can be found in this section. Site viewers have the choice to download movies and web series in 1080p, 720p or 480p Quality. Selection of quality should be based on few factors like how fast your internet is, is it limited or unlimited.

Dual Audio Movies

This category is place at top of the 9xflix homepage. Beside Epic Collections link Dual Audio category is given. This category is mostly viewed by Indian audience who don’t want to watch english movies with or without subtitles.

9xflix Dual Audio Movies
Dual Audio Movies

For some people, subtitle on the video player takes lot of space and kills the enjoyment out the movie. Such type of user can download dual audio hindi movie as it perfectly satisfies their criteria. They works best with hollywood movies as you get the choice to choose any one language from English and Hindi. What’s amazing is that there is no need to download separate files as both audio are available is that single file.

Remember you should use latest video players which supports dual audio content like VLC Media Player, MX Player, KMPlayer. Most of the dual audio hindi movies available here are those which got released in year 2018, 2019 and 2021. Only two video formats are there in dual category: 720 and 480p. In future we can see 1080p HD, 300 MB Dual Audio Movies on 9xflix.

Web Series Download

Netflix has brought web series revolution in india. They have released some of the epic original web series like Dark, Lucifer, Clickbait and Ray.

You will be surprised to know that all of these web series are available on 9xflix. It’s just not limited to netflix content, you can download web series from some of the reputed OTT players like Hulu. No need to download each episode separately. Users can download all the episodes from various seasons just by following single link. Refer to our 9xflix movie download guide to learn how to do that. Steps are exact same for web series also.

Web Series

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