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7Movierulz Telugu Movies in HD Quality

7Movierulz Telugu Site is used by millions to Download Movies in HD Quality. We will learn how to use this Movies website to watch and stream Telugu Movies

7Movierulz is one of those website which is growing rapidly among telugu speaking people. They have got as high as 20 million views in a day which says a lot about this top quality website. It’s easy to get what is already famous.

Like we all know that downloading or streaming bollywood or hollywood is not a complex task these days. We can’t say same thing for telugu movie downloads. Though the industry has improved a lot in years and invested a lot in promotions and research, a lot is yet to come. Even on famous OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, we see more hindi content than telugu. To complete this deficit we have come up here with amazing movies website named as 7Movierulz.

7Movierulz Telugu Movies

I’m sure that you must have heard about it’s parent sites 4movierulz and movierulz. Both movie sites are telugu oriented which brought revolution to the film industry. Now the question is then what is 7Movierulz? It’s an upgraded version of 4movierulz.

It has the capacity to handle huge traffic loads with amazing scalable capacity. Now it’s possible to download multiple movies at same time with resume download support. Moreover, 4K HD Quality Content is also available on 7Movierulz. Looks can be deceptive. Yes, this line is totally true for this website. User will find it same like 4movierulz by it’s theme and colors. But that’s far from reality. It’s quite easy to find hundreds of movie streaming websites. All you have to do is just search and sites will appear on google but it’s very rare to find telugu site which supports multi audio. It takes hell lot of technology and huge team which can do the work of multi audio for your site.

7movierulz Movies
7movierulz Movies

This proves the credibility and confidence of 7Movierulz among users. Though the site is telugu oriented, but the content is available in other languages also. This is the biggest reason why it’s getting so much love from all the states of the country. There are many sites which are working secretly and serving pirated content to users.

7Movierulz Website

We don’t support piracy and recommend people only to not break any law of the country. It’s high time now that we should understand the value of cinema world and artists.

Piracy is one of the biggest reason why telugu film industry have to face a lot. Each year it causes loss of millions, which is why we should uplift them.

Always remember the hard work and investments which goes on making a movie which people take for granted. If you are the one who is doing such kind of work then please stop it immediately. Do remember that few people have arrested in past because of piracy of telugu movies. It allows users to download newly released telugu movies and tv shows in various quality. Your decision of choosing movie quality on 7Movierulz is totally dependent on how good your internet connection is.

Telugu Movies
List of Telugu Movies

Anyone getting more than 10 Mbps can choose as high as 1080p HD Quality, for poor speeds prefer 480p or less. Things are not limited to downloading only, one can watch the latest content in HD Quality for free. They support content in various languages including telugu, tamil, hindi, Bhojpuri, South, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, English.

7Movierulz Categories

We all know the importance of homepage. It’s the first page of any site. Do you know why categories are more important than homepage?

There are hundreds of movies which are uploaded each day on 7Movierulz. Now the question is what to do if you want to watch movies from specific category.

Movie Categories

Like you want to watch telugu movie in HD Quality which is released in year 2020. In such cases categories come into play. Category enriches the user experience and takes navigation to the next level. Otherwise, it’s almost impossible to find your favorite movie from collection of thousands. We don’t recommend such sites to our audience which have very bad navigation system. Below we have discussed in detail about each category of 7Movierulz website.


Featured category is somewhat like homepage of any of the movies site. In this category one can find all the blockbuster, super hit movies only. There is no limitation of language or country. Only requirement is that the movie should have done well in box office. One can find tons of telugu movies in HD Quality in featured category.


After telugu movies category, this category is the most famous one on 7Movierulz website. In india, demand of bollywood movies is unmatchable and people are mad about them. Bollywood industry releases record movies each year in world. Bollywood, which is known as the largest movie industry in terms of output, produced 1,724 feature films in 2013, while the USA released 738 movies.

In this category of 7Movierulz, you’ll see all bollywood movies uploaded on their server. List is sorted according to release year.


This is the most viewed category on 7movierulz website. Each year it receives lakhs of views from all over the world.

In this category there are vast list of telugu movies which are uploaded. Properly managed and filtered list is there in which you can download movies on the basis of released year. If someone want to watch a telugu movie of mahesh babu which was released in year 2019 then it’s possible through categories. Simply go to Telugu Movies in 2019 to download or watch that movie.


This is the fastest growing category on 7Movierulz. All the movies released in 2019, 2020 and 2021 are available under this category. Best part about tamil movie is that they are also available in 4K Quality.

Movies of big actors like vijay, rajnikanth, dhanush, suriya, ajith, samantha, shruti and kajal are available here. Some films are dubbed in tamil language, which is a great treat for tamil speaking people. In recent years we have seen tamil cinema have given us some of the best indian movies. Some of them have bagged multiple international awards in various events.

7Movierulz Apk App

Have you ever checked indian unicorns carefully? There is one thing in common. All of them have their android and iOS apk. In past few years we have seen that massive people ae shifting from laptops to android phones.

Basically what it means is that if you want to build your brand then it’s must have 7movierulz apk. We can’t expect everyone to have expensive machines just to watch and download movies online.

Still it’s very hard to find such telugu movies website which offer mobile app like 7Movierulz.

The biggest benefit of having mobile app is that now anyone from anywhere can access your movies website.

7movierulz Apk

All they have to do is just download mobile android app and install it in their phone. Even on our site we see more than 80% traffic comes only from mobile devices. It’s enough to show why it’s important to have 7Movierulz app. Apk is just a installation file for android mobiles. Below we have published complete steps to download 7Movierulz app in your mobile phone. There are several sites which come in same league with this website.

Download 7Movierulz Apk (Part -1)

  • To download 7Movierulz apk app, first go to official website
  • Now scroll little bit and go to the top of the homepage
  • Below menu bar you will see Download 7Movierulz Apk
  • You just have to click on that link to download mobile app
  • Once you click on that link, a popup ad will appear
  • Simply close that ad and now go back to apk page
  • Now links of various servers will be shown from which you can download apk file

Download 7Movierulz Apk (Part -2)

  • Choose any of the server as per your wish
  • Here we have used Mediafire servers
  • Check below attached images
Mobile App Download
  • Now that server site will be opened
  • There click on Download button
Download Apk
  • Finally, 7Movierulz apk download will start
  • Once installation is completed, open the app
  • Allow and give all permissions to let it complete app installation on your mobile
  • After a moment installation will be completed
  • Now open the app and use 7Movierulz directly in your mobile phone

So this is how you can easily download 7movierulz apk app for your mobile phone. For your ease we have divide the guide in two parts and used few screenshots for better understanding.

Use the app for few days, and you will never go back to their website.

These are some of the outdated links which are not working now but used to work in past.

The experience which it provides is next level. People usually love clean and robust interface which it provides perfectly to the audience. Still have questions in mind? Please drop a comment below for our team to help you out immediately.

Download Movies from 7Movierulz

Now comes the main part. Everything is useless if one don’t know how to download telugu movies from 7Movierulz. If you already know the complete process, then feel free to skip this section. Those who are inexperienced and have zero technical knowledge can go through this article.

Process of downloading web series and tv shows is also same like telugu movies. In future if admin team of 7movierulz makes any changes then we will update this section also. You don’t have to worry a bit about it. Without any further delay let’s learn about downloading movies.

Download Links
Download Links
  • First user have to go to official website of movierulz
  • Use search engines like Google and Bing to get website link
  • Now homepage will appear on your browser
  • There you have to choose your country
  • Now various telugu movies will appear on homepage
  • Click on any of the movie or use search tool to find manually
  • Once you are on the movies page, scroll down
  • Basic details of that movie will be shown
  • Simply click on Download Now button
  • After that a new page will appear
  • There links of various servers will appear
  • Choose 7movierulz or any other link
  • Wait for 5 seconds to let download start

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